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Why Golfing is Great for Your Health

Feeling the pull of Durham golf courses and keen to open yourself up to something new? If you are looking for a sport that can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace (by anyone, regardless of age), yet is also still great for your health, then you simply cannot go wrong with golf! Below, we examine a few reasons why this age-old game of skill fits so well into a healthy lifestyle as well as why you should definitely consider taking it up as a new hobby! 

It Gets You Outdoors

One of the main reasons why golf is such a great health booster is the fact that it gets you outdoors, into the sunshine while ensuring plenty of fresh air. Did you know that sunshine and a good dose of Vitamin D are proven to improve your mood? Plus, there is nothing better for a hearty endorphin release than sinking that difficult putt! 

It Is Decent Exercise

Walking 18 holes (or even half that amount) equates to some pretty impressive exercise. Better yet, you will be enjoying playing the game so much, you probably will not even notice that you are starting to break a sweat. The best type of exercise is the exercise that does not feel like exercising at all! 

It Improves Muscle Tone

If it is your goal to get fit, strong and perhaps shed a few extra pounds in the process, golf is the way to go. Golfing is known to improve muscle tone and endurance. When played in conjunction with an otherwise healthy lifestyle (in other words eating in moderation, getting plenty of sleep, and so on), it is also known to boost weight loss over time. 

So, which Durham golf courses should you be visiting if you want to take up the game? The Royal Ashburn Golf Club is the place to be! For more information on learning how to play, custom club fitting, memberships and more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us

8 Tips for a Special Maid of Honor Speech for Sisters

Your sister’s wedding is a happy moment that’ll only happen once in your life. But, if you’re also your sister’s maid of honour, you have double duty. First, as the sister of the bride, you’re a natural choice to support the bride and groom in every way you can. But as maid of honour, you have more ‘official’ duties too. And a special maid of honour speech for sisters may be one of the most important.  

8 Tips for a Maid of Honour Speech For Your Sister’s Wedding

First, trust in yourself. A great speech comes from the heart and you’re uniquely qualified to do so for your sister. Here are some things to consider for a great wedding speech.

  1. Share Memories – Especially funny memories from when you were children, but also stories from school or when you socialized together.
  2. Tell How Your Sister Inspires You – Whether you’re a younger sister or older, mention ways and times that your sister got your admiration and appreciation for setting a good example.
  3. Reveal a Secret You Kept Together – It could be something you hid from your parents, or a secret nickname you had for each other.
  4. Include the Groom – Maybe with a funny story or say when you knew the groom was the right partner for your sister.

Other Bridesmaid Speech Tips

  1. Don’t Make it Too Long – In addition to needing to leaving time for other speeches, you don’t want your speech to be longer than the bride’s speech. Try to keep it to five minutes or less.
  2. Write a Good Introduction – Introduce yourself. Don’t presume everyone knows that you are the bride’s sister. Thank the bride for giving you the privilege of being the maid of honour. Also consider thanking the bridal party, and the families of the bride and groom.
  3. Avoid Embarrassing Stories – Even if it’s a funny memory you share with your sister, avoid telling a story that could embarrass her.
  4. End on a High Note – Make it a happy or upbeat story; offer best wishes for a life together to your sister and new ‘brother-in-law’, and toast the bride.

It’s natural to be nervous about making a speech as a bridesmaid for your sister’s wedding. One way to help calm them is to visit the wedding venue in Durham Region with your sister beforehand to familiarize yourself with the room and staff who are there to help you.

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3 Creative DIY Bridesmaid Gifts

Like you need one more item on your list of things to do before your wedding day. But some things are more important than others. Showing your wedding crew some special love is one of them, and these DIY bridesmaid gifts will help you do that in a very personal way.

Try these DIY Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

A gift is a great way to show your appreciation and commemorate your wedding day. A DIY gift makes it so much more personal and meaningful.

  1. A Personalized Makeup Bag – The can use this one for the big day, and forever after. Pack the bag with items you know they’ll use, or that you would like them to have. You can take it to whatever level you want, including items like skincare products, a monogrammed necklace or a handful of chocolates.

    You can just label the bag “Bridesmaid”, but if you want to make it totally personal, use calligraphy to write their name on the bag.

    If the makeup bag doesn’t work, you can try the same idea with a personalized jewelry box.

  2. Handcrafted Mugs – This one works well if you want to keep it quick and simple, yet give your ladies something you created just for them. Get a variety of plain white coffee mugs and some metallic sharpies. Use the sharpies to turn each mug into a personalized work of art for each member of the wedding party. It can be something as simple as polka dots, or you can take it wherever your imagination takes you.

  3. Glitter Champagne – If you want to give something decadent and different, this one will do the job nicely. All you need are some miniature bottle of champagne (or keep it sober with cider), spray glue and glitter. You can add to it as you like with a decorative straw and gift ribbons.

Want to check one more thing off your to-do list? Get in touch with us here at Royal Ashburn Golf Club and let us show you the most beautiful wedding venue in Durham Region!
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Choosing A Set of Golf Clubs: Hybrid, Fairway Wood, Or Utility?

There are many different considerations when choosing the makeup of a set of golf clubs. With so many options on the market, it can feel overwhelming. These days more and more golfers are moving away from the standard set makeup of a driver, one or two fairway woods, maybe a hybrid, then their iron set. Instead, golfers are picking equipment that suits their swing type and playing preferences.

Some may choose to have only one fairway wood or even none at all. Instead, they may elect to use a hybrid or a low lofted utility iron because of their increased playability or flight characteristics. For some it’s a preference, for others it’s because they simply have a harder time hitting one club over another.

As a rule of thumb, a player with a steeper angle of attack may find that a hybrid or long iron is a better option for them, while a shallower player (or sweeper) may find it easier to hit fairway woods. Whatever your swing; your set should be chosen to enhance your game and limit your frustration.

The pros at Royal Ashburn’s Pro Shop can help walk you through the differences and even schedule a golf club fitting to measure your swing and recommend the perfect clubs to optimize your game.

Which Driver Should You Choose?

Every driver on the market today is regulated by the governing bodies of golf on its allowable performance as far as ball speeds off the face and size of the head. However, these varying drivers perform very differently from one another when put in a head to head scenario. Some spin more than others, produce more ball speed, are more forgiving on off-center strikes, have larger sweet spots and aerodynamic properties to name a few of the many differences.

So, how do you choose a driver then?

Firstly, It begins with how it looks. If you don’t like the look of a driver it should be crossed off the list right away. A good looking driver promotes confidence while a driver doesn’t fit your style and aesthetic feels wrong and instills doubt.

After that, overall performance is the next major consideration and is of paramount importance. A golf club that spins more or less for the golfer that needs it, produces the most ball speed, mitigates the golfers most common misses, and feels the best are all measurably different amongst the top manufacturers wood lineups.

The best and most efficient way to get the optimal driver for you is to test them all in a comparison based golf club fitting session. Launch monitors today let us clearly see these performance differences and choose the correct equipment for your particular game and achieves your goals for your new club.

If you are in the market for a replacement driver, give us a call for a golf club fitting. This will help recommend the perfect club for your unique swing!

Understanding Spin in Golf

Until recently, spin in golf was an often misunderstood concept amongst the general golfing public. With the advent and improvement of launch monitor technology and the subsequent distance and control gains seen by golfers with new low spin drivers, it is starting to be on more people’s minds when looking at the proper equipment for their games.  

It was in the early beginnings of golf that players began to realize that their new smooth golf balls didn’t fly as far or as true as their used balls that had been nicked and scuffed through their use. It wasn’t long until golf balls were then intentionally beaten up to improve their performance. This was the early beginnings of what later became the dimples on the golf ball.

Dimples are important because they rely on the same aerodynamic principles that allow planes to take flight. The principles of lift and drag, and a physics phenomena called the Magnus Effect which, without trying to get too technical, is the result of a spinning object in a liquid or gas (called the medium) that has the object pull the medium (air) in one direction and has the medium (air, again) push the object in the other. This creates both high pressure and low-pressure environments around that same object. In the case of a golf ball or airplane wing, it creates high pressure below and low pressure on top which produces lift. Too much spin, therefore, equates to too much lift and soars the golf ball too high in the air and significantly decreases the distance.

Managing spin rates is a key fundamental in modern club fitting and is a sure way to increase both accuracy and distance.

Come visit our pro shop and we’ll be happy to discuss which set of balls might work best for your shot.

When Should You Take Lessons Versus Get A Golf Club Fitting

After being golf fitted, the result is clubs that are sized correctly and perform in such a way that they control a golf balls flight. Whether it’s to manage various missed shots or in order to alter launch, trajectory, and control spin, a golf club fitting identifies your needs and the most appropriate equipment is recommended to achieve the desired result.

A golf club fitting is a process that attempts to make the best out of the swing you currently have, while lessons set out to improve your swing. Both are valid strategies for playing better golf.

This is most effective when a golfer has a somewhat repeatable golf swing (not necessarily a perfect one) and a consistent miss or ball fight. Golfers with a two-way miss or erratic club delivery may benefit more from lessons in order to groove in a more consistent swing. There are few things more frustrating or penalizing than a golfer thinking a shot will go in one direction but having it end up flying in the total opposite one.

If you think you’d benefit from a gold club fitting, give us a call and we’ll make an appointment for you to make the most of your game!

5 Guidelines for Good Golf Etiquette

With golf season underway, you’re probably chomping at the bit to get onto the course at your favourite Whitby golf club for a few early-season rounds to get rid of the cobwebs. But sometimes that eagerness can make us forget our manners. That’s why we like to start each season with a reminder to follow the rules of golf etiquette and make the season more enjoyable for everyone.

Good Golf Etiquette Guidelines

We’ve covered a number of basic golf course etiquette rules in a previous post, including keeping the pace of play, golf cart etiquette and the golden rule on the greens, don’t step in anyone’s putting lines.

Here are five more good golf etiquette rules all golfers should observe on the course.

  1. Arrive Early at the First Tee Ready to Play – At very least, this means to not be late for your tee time and be ready to step into the tee box well before your tee time. You’ll get a lot more out of your golf game if you arrive early enough to take a few practice swings with both your drivers and irons, and a few practice putts too.
  2. Stay Out of Sight – Last year, we told you that silence is golden. The same is true for invisibility. As much as possible, stay out of the sight lines of your fellow golfers. On the tee, that means staying well behind the person who is teeing off – and that’s for your own safety as much as anything else.

  3. Practice Flagstick Etiquette – When’s the last time you brushed up on your flagstick etiquette? Here are just a few basics. If you are first onto the green or closest to the hole, it is good etiquette to offer to tend to the flag. Lift the flag from the bottom of the cup and let it rest in the cup so you can pull it out of the way quickly. Once it’s out of the hole, either hold the flag upright or lay it down flat on the ground, off the green.
  4. Mark Your Ball – If you are closest to the hole or at all close to anyone’s putting lines, you should offer to mark your ball.
  5. Stay Cool – Golf can be at once a highly exhilarating and highly vexing sport. However, while expressing some frustration may be expected, but uncontrolled outburst, including damaging the course with your club, throwing clubs, swearing, or being loud is absolutely unacceptable.

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How To Make DIY Wedding Bouquets

Every bride and groom want to make their wedding extra special and unique. One of the best, least expensive and most affordable ways to do that is to make your own wedding bouquets.

Not only does it add a uniquely personal touch, but it can help you save money for other parts of your celebration.   

6 Steps to Creating Your Own Wedding Bouquets

First, they are your bouquets and you can do anything you like. The following step by step guide will help you learn a bit about flower arranging and how to put together a well designed bridal bouquet that will stay intact throughout the day.

  1. Get Your Flowers Together – If you have a favourite florist, or local grocery store, or even someone you know with a green thumb and a garden in bloom, they all can be sources for the flowers in your bouquet. Seasonal flowers can add even more unique character to the bouquet. You can choose colours to match your wedding colours or even the setting of the wedding (like if you choose a golf course wedding venue!).
  2. Organize a Work Space – Your kitchen is a great place, especially if you have lots of counter space. You’ll need clippers, floral tape, bouquet pins, a bouquet wrap (unlike the floral tape, this is seen by everyone, so it should look good and match your colours – ribbon always works), paper towels and a bucket or two of water.
  3. Prep the Flowers – Remove all the leaves from the stems, dethorn your roses and make sure to cut the stems to about the same length, you can adjust them later as needed.
  4. Start Arranging the Flowers – The first step is to think of a focal point as a base for the bouquet and choose two to four flowers to play the part. Warp together the stems off the base flowers of the bouquet with floral tape, leaving four or five inches of stem visible below the tape.
  5. Fill Out the Bouquet – Starting adding flowers around the base. Think about mixing and matching colours and textures. Be careful not to make the bouquet too big. Use floral tape to attach the flowers you add to the base, always wrapping the tape around the bouquet at about the same point.
  6. Wrap the Bouquet With Tape and Ribbon – When you finish adding all the flowers you want, wrap the bouquet one last time with floral tape. The bouquet should be quite sturdy by this point. Finally, wrap the exposed floral tape with your ribbon, pinning the ribbon to the tape as you go.

That’s it! Your very own bridal bouquets are all done.
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4 Simple Tips for Better Golf from Jason Day

Jason Day has an impressive resume in professional golf. A former World Number 1 with 12 PGA Tour wins, a PGA Championship and a Players Championship under his belt, he also set the record for the lowest score in a major, 20 shots under par, in his first major win at the 2015 PGA Championship. Along with Tiger Woods and Geoff Ogilvy, he is one of only three players who are multiple winners of the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship.

So when a golfer of his calibre offers tips for better golf, we should all listen carefully.

Jason Day’s Tips for Better Golf

With the idea of simplifying the execution of main shots, so you can concentrate on your game, not just your swing, Day offers the following three keys to better golf.

  1. Position Yourself for a Good Drive – We all want to walk up to the tee and crush the ball with all everything we have. To improve your chances of doing exactly that,  Day stresses the importance of three elements of your positioning and swing before you actually hit the ball.

    First, use a good solid stance, including even weight distribution between both legs and your toes and heels. Second, position the ball so it’s not too far back or too far forward. Third, use a slow takeaway which helps you be more aggressive through the ball.

  2. Be Consistent with Your Irons – “No matter what iron I’m swinging, my process stays the same,” says Day. First, his set up is neutral, including his grip on the golf club. Then, to hit down on the ball with the centre of the club, Day uses a shorter three-quarter swing. Finally, you should finish in the classic post-swing wraparound position, which is a sign of a good swing tempo and rhythm.

  3. Go Big with Your Short Game – Again, Day recommends consistency in your shots, saying “no matter what iron I’m swinging, my process stays the same.” Focus on a spot in front of the ball for a clean hit. Minimize wrist action for easier contact and a square clubface. Use your big muscles, or whole body, to power your shot, instead of mostly your arms and hands.

  4. Putt Sensibly – “My process on the greens has helped me become one of the best putters in the game. This is one area where the right type of practice will allow you to focus on line and speed when you play,” advises Day.

    Eye and hand positioning are key when you address the ball. Focus on the projected path of the ball and the face of the club, ensuring it is square to the path. Overestimate the distance to the hole before you swing.

Now that you’re stoked with tips from one of the top professionals in the game, why not book a round at the top golf course in Durham Region!

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