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Tell us a little bit about your game and what you’d like to improve and one of our Club Fitting Experts will provide you with a complimentary assessment.



A proper club fitting is the most important investment you can make when purchasing golf clubs. 

The fitting center at Royal Ashburn is brand agnostic and specialize in Titleist, Callaway, Ping and TaylorMade.  All four manufacturers make top of the line equipment, but every golfer has a personal preference as to the brands they play.  What is most important is not the name on the club but ensuring that club is built to your unique swing and therefore promoting maximum distance and optimal performance. 


Royal Ashburn Certified Club Fitter Meet Rob Baker. Rob started working at Royal Ashburn golf club as a pro shop assistant. In 2018 Rob will be taking on an additional role as our certified club fitter, trackman University, Titleist University, Ping University. Questions? Email Rob clubfitting@royalashburngolfclub.com

Fitting Notes Arrive 20 – 30 minutes prior to club fitting to check in, and get warmed up on the driving range. Range balls are included for both warming up and the club fitting. Please bring your current equipment for comparison. 
Support Your Home Club If you prefer to support your home club, please let us know upon booking and we’ll send your fitting specifications to your Head Professional.

Driver, Fairway Woods & Hybrid Club Fittings

  • All models and shafts available in various lengths and flex
  • Outdoor club fitting on full length driving range with the ability to see full flight of golf ball
  • Trackman Launch Monitor
  • Certified Club Fitter

$100.00 + hst  (Approximately 1 hour)

Iron & Short Game Fitting

  • Long, Mid, Short Iron and Wedge Fitting to ensure proper gapping between clubs
  • Outdoor club fitting on full length driving range with the ability to see full flight of golf ball
  • Trackman Launch Monitor
  • Certified Club Fitter

$100.00 + hst (Approximately 1 hour)

Full Bag Club Fitting

  • Full club fitting for Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Iron Set & Wedges
  • In depth comprehensive club fitting to match entire set and ensure proper gapping
  • Outdoor club fitting on full length driving range with the ability to see full flight of golf ball
  • Trackman Launch Monitor
  • Certified Club Fitter

$200.00 + hst (Approximately 2 hours)


Book a club fitting today and we’ll have you hitting the ball longer, straighter and more consistently than ever before!



While we fit for several different variables including both lie and loft angle, our primary focus is on the efficiency of the key terms below.  Understanding these terms and why they are important allow our club fitters to maximize the performance from your equipment.


Is concerned with club head speed and resulting ball speed. 
The smash factor is a calculation which shows how efficiently energy is transferred from the clubhead to the golf ball during impact.  In a driver fitting session we are working towards achieving a smash factor as close to 1.50 as possible.  That means for a swing speed of 100 mph, the golf ball should leave the clubface at a speed of 150 mph. 

Increased ball speed equates to increase distance.  For every 1 mph increase in ball speed your gaining approximately 2 additional yards in distance. The higher the smash factor, the farther you’ll hit it!


One of the most important variables in club fitting. 
There are many variables affecting spin rate including swing speed, shaft flex, shaft kick point and attack angle and finding a shaft that creates an optimal spin rate will allow for superior performance.  Too much spin and the ball will fly too high and perform poorly in windy conditions and too little spin and the ball will fly too low. Both issues will cause a significant loss of distance from your driver and fairway woods as well poor performance from iron shots into the green.


Is the angle at which the ball initially leaves the clubface after impact.
In concert with the correct spin rate and ball speed, the launch angle is crucial in determining how far the ball will carry and roll after landing. For example, we are looking for a launch angle between 11 and 15 degrees for the average amateur male golfer. This ensures maximum carrying distance in the air as well as landing at an angle that will promote a big first bounce and yardage gains through additional roll. 


Dynamic loft is the angle of the club at impact.
There are many factors that contribute to determining the ideal dynamic loft including club head speed, angle of attack, and the release of the clubhead though the ball and there are several variables that affect this position including shaft flex, weight and kick point. While this sounds complicated, it’s easy to do with a proper club fitting and allows for optimal trajectory, ball flight and carry.

Robert Baker

Robert Baker

Head Club Fitter

I would like this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Robert Baker and I am the new Head Club Fitter here at The Royal Ashburn Golf Club. Golf club fitting is a mysterious subject for a large portion of modern golf public. Until very recently, and due to advances in launch monitor technology, fittings were mostly performed by the trained eye of a golf professional and used very minimal measurable data. Though those techniques were capable of providing positive results when performed correctly, the human eye is just not capable of seeing all the details of a golf balls launch and flight. Trackman takes a radar signature 40,000 times per second and provides 26 detailed data points that allow us to clearly see performance differences between equipment. With so many choices for todays golf consumer, a fitting with Trackman can provide immediate feedback to find the proper club and shaft that performs best for your particular swing. Just as a marathon runner with size 10 feet wouldn’t buy size 9 runners and expect to be able to perform to a high level, the same is also true for golf clubs and golfers. We understand that new clubs are a large investment and you can rest assured you are buying the right ones that will last for a long time. Along with increased distance, properly fit clubs provide golfers with what I like to call the three C’s: Comfort - A club should be sized correctly to your body and setup so that you aren’t modifying your swing or setup to conform to club. Confidence - Properly fit clubs can help eliminate misses and provide a more consistent shot shape that you can rely upon to play your best. Consistency - Newer equipment is designed to improve misses across the club face and a fitting allows us to choose the equipment that manages your misses appropriately and makes the most of of your best shots. The idea being that your shots all go closer to where you intend. The Royal Ashburn Golf Club located just north of Whitby, in Durham Region and is fully stocked with all six major brands: Titleist, PING, Taylormade, Callaway, Mizuno and Cobra to ensure you are getting the best fit with the best equipment in the game.


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