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Royal Ashburn Golf Club is pleased to bring you our very own in-house hosted special events and offers. We love celebrating special occasions and holidays just as much as you do! When you’re looking for something fun to do with the family, look no further than our in-house special events.

We like to celebrate the seasons with events such as Easter Breakfast, Mother’s Day Brunch, Canada Day and a huge fan-favourite, Breakfast With Santa! Keep your eye on this page, or subscribe to our newsletter, to find out when we release these special event engagements.


We are so excited to announce that it’s BACK again! Our annual FoodMRKT TRUCKLOAD SALE is on. With restaurant quality food at wholesale prices. Just in time for the September long weekend. Stock up and SAVE! STOCK UP FOR THE LONG WEEKEND, STOCK UP FOR BACK TO SCHOOL, STOCK UP FOR DELICIOUS DINNERS, STOCK UP TO STOCK UP!!

There are a ton of delicious options to select from. Please note: there are limited quantities for each item, so once the sale begins you may not want to wait as you could miss out on some of your favourite items. 




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