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One of the great things about golf, is that it’s a game that can be played for life. No matter what stage in your life, what age you decide to take up the game, or if you’re new to the game altogether, the Royal Ashburn Golf Academy will help ensure your game is as enjoyable as possible and that includes playing your best golf now and for many years to come. Lead by the Director of Instruction, Jon Blomme PGA of Canada Professional, below are some of the programs to take your game to the next level.



This Program is designed for: All golfers of any skill level who want to improve.

Our coaching program and private lessons are run by award winning, certified PGA of Canada Golf Coach, Jon Blomme. The coaching program is a holistic and customizable coaching program built around your preferences.  We evaluate what areas of your game need improvement and provide you the support you need to reach your goals. The first session of each program will be an evaluation where you will be given a personalized Playbook. The Playbook contains your Trackman stats, physical imbalances, technical changes and outlines short game improvements. This will help give you a clear picture of how we will help you reach your goals.

Each program is customized based on your personal preferences and will be made up of three different types of coaching sessions. You can choose to work solely on technique or do a combination of any of these coaching sessions. Individual coaching sessions can be purchased separately as well.  We use Trackman, pressure matts, experts and skill tests to assess what is going on with your body and swing. Our coaching sessions aim to improve your game by improving biomechanics, mindset and playing skills. All the improvements you will make are backed by sports science. 




Build a more repeatable and powerful swing pattern by improving the biomechanics of your swing.  Swing Coaching sessions include technical instruction that will be enhanced by our physio team. If your body moves better, you will swing better.  You will see your trackman and pressure mat data to clearly see your improvements.



These coaching sessions focus on sharpening your short game skills within 100 yards. This includes shots that rely more on accuracy than power. Our coaching will improve your technique and mental game to lower your scores. We guarantee to help increase your accuracy by measuring and refining your skills.



Take your coach on course with you to assess and correct any mistakes that cost you the most shots. These 2-hour sessions will take place during 9-hole play. You will learn the correct course strategy for your game and improve your mental game as well. Playing well on the course introduces playing skills, which are different from making a good swing.

Learn more about these great programs!

Game Improvement Program

This Program is designed for: Golfers who are determined to improve.

Program Fee: $2500

In this program you will have unlimited access to our practice facilities and will have 3 hours of coaching each month from May to September.

15 Coaching sessions
Unlimited Practice membership

Total Game Assessment

This Program is designed for: Serious golfers.

Program Fee: $275

The total game assessment will include 3 sessions.  One with our Director of Instruction to assess your golf skills; One with our professional club fitter to assess your equipment and yardages; and one with our physiotherapist at Brooklin Physio who will assess your body.  At the end of your three sessions you will get a playbook highlighting your results, how they are connected and what will be your best path forward.




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