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What stretches to do before golfing | Royal Ashburn Golf Club

4 Warm-Up Stretches to Do Before You Tee Off

Whether you do or you don’t, warming up, or improving your warm up, before a round of golf can have...

Perfect golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

8 Gorgeous Golf Course Weddings at Royal Ashburn

Spring and summer aren’t just golf season, they’re golf course wedding season too. Many people are surprised to learn that...

Weather factors affecting your golf game

How the Weather Affects Your Golf Game

We sure have had some wacky weather this winter and spring here in Whitby and the Toronto area. It started...

What is trackman radar tracking | Royal Ashburn Golf Club

Trackman Radar Tracking

It has arrived! Our Trackman radar tracking is here! We have recently taken delivery of our Trackman radar system, and...

Tips for first-time golfers lessons | Royal Ashburn Golf Club

6 Tips for a First-Time Golfer

The biggest mistake anyone who wants to learn the game of golf can make is to avoid taking up the...

Perks of Golf club membership | Royal Ashburn Golf Club

Golf Club Membership is More Than Joining a Club

If you’ve been considering a golf club membership as the next stage of your enjoyment of the game, your thoughts...

What are the guidelines for golf course etiquette | Royal Ashburn Golf Club

7 Guidelines for Golf Course Etiquette

Golf might be the most unique sport in the world. First, unlike almost every other team or individual sport we...

What are some Ideas for golf tournament games | Royal Ashburn Golf Club

5 Ideas for Golf Tournament Games

As the new golf season approaches, you might be in charge of planning and managing a golf tournament for your...

What is all the buzz on Tiger Woods about | Royal Ashburn Golf Club

The Buzz on Tiger Woods

From just about the moment he joined the PGA Tour. (he turned pro in August 1996 and go his first...

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