Thanksgiving Dinner at Royal Ashburn

Join us for Thanksgiving Dinner Service

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and what better way to spend quality time with family and friends than
over a delicious meal. Even better when it’s one you don’t have to prepare yourself!
The culinary masterminds at Royal Ashburn have put together a mouth-watering menu for you to enjoy, solo
or with loved ones, right here in Butler’s Pub & Grill. 

Friday, October 6th

Saturday, October 7th
Sunday, October 8th

Seatings are available each day after 4PM.

Reservations are required. To make a reservation, please email
with your name, preferred date and time, number of guests, and phone number.

We look forward to hosting you!

Royal Ashburn Job Fair is Jan 22!

Are you looking to join a dynamic and passionate team at a family-run golf club?

The Royal Ashburn Golf Club Job Fair is here! At this point,
Royal Ashburn Golf Club has been operating since 1962 and we pride ourselves on providing a spectacular experience to all our guests.


We understand the key to delivering this experience starts with our employees. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for great people to join our growing team. This job fair, we are looking for enthusiastic and passionate individuals! The ideal candidate will be a pleasure to work with and are dedicated to providing exceptional service.

We are excited to announce that we will be holding a hiring fair on January 22nd, where you can drop off your resume and cover letter outlining your experience and the position you would like to apply for. This is a great opportunity to meet with our hiring managers and learn more about the various roles we have available. During the job fair, you will be able to ask any questions you may have. Find out more about what it’s like to work at Royal Ashburn Golf Club.
Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to join the Royal Ashburn Golf Club team! We look forward to meeting you at the hiring fair on January 22nd. See you there!

Plan Your Thanksgiving Dinner at Royal Ashburn


It’s almost that time again! Summer is starting to fade away. We’ve already started to notice the days getting shorter, the sun setting so much earlier. But with the end of the summer season, we welcome the cooler air and bright colours of the fall. Which then gets us thinking… there are only a few short weeks left until Thanksgiving!

Have you begun planning your family get together this year? Maybe you’re looking for options on how to lighten the workload so you can sit back and enjoy some well-deserved family time. We can help!

We are excited to announce our Thanksgiving menu options for 2022. For two glorious days we will be offering our annual Thanksgiving dinner menu available right here in Butler’s Pub & Grill.

Our team of culinary masterminds have put together a grouping of delicious options for you and your family to choose from. And that’s not even the best part! We’ll do the prep, the cooking, the serving and THE CLEAN UP! Hooray! All you need to do is gather your family and friends and make a reservation by calling us at 905-686-1121 ext 1.

Reservations are available after 2:00PM on Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, October 9th. So go ahead and gather the family, call us to get your table reserved and enjoy your family time!

See you soon!

Thanksgiving dinner

Valentine’s Day Ideas the Two of You Will Love!

It seems like the year-end holidays were just here, but now February the 14th is just around the corner. And that means time to come up with a Valentine’s day gift for your special someone. This year, instead of the regular gift ideas, we thought we’d help you out with some Valentine’s Day ideas that go beyond chocolates in a heart-shaped box.

3 Valentine’s Date Ideas

We don’t want anyone thinking that there’s anything wrong with the usual gifts. After all, it’s the thought that counts. But your relationship is unique and putting some thought into something a little more special this year can help reflect and celebrate that.

  1. Write a Love Letter – Considering that you probably text and email each other many times a day, the idea of writing something might not seem so unusual. But taking the time to express your feelings in a handwritten letter, on romantic stationery, is not as common as it once was and will surely be appreciated by your partner.
  2. Plan a Unique Date Night  – You’ve been to the movies. You’ve been to restaurants. You’ve been to the clubs. This Valentine’s Day, it’s time for a date like you’ve never had before. Your personal tastes can be your guide, but there are options like ‘paint & sip’ classes where you enjoy a glass of wine while you learn to create your first masterpiece. Or you could try indoor rock climbing or visit a comedy club.
  3. Have Dinner at Your Favourite Whitby Golf Club – If you just love going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day dates, then why not make it extra special by joining us here at Royal Ashburn? You can even visit our Events page to choose what you’d like from our delicious Valentine’s menu. Don’t forget to RSVP!

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5 Great Reasons to Golf in the Fall

Do you pack up your golf clubs after Labour Day? Do you hate golfing in anything other than nice, warm weather?

You don’t know what you’re missing.

Not only are you missing out on some great golf, but you’re missing out on some great golf advantages too.

Here’s Why You Should Try Golfing in the Fall

  1. More Chances to Play – If you’re exclusively a summer golfer, you might think that getting a great tee time is always difficult. But, considering that many golfers have called it a season, you’ll find those ideal tee-off times are much easier to get now.
  2. It’s Not as Uncomfortable as You Think – Recent advancements in golf and athletic wear mean you don’t need a parka to stay comfortably warm on the course. Today, with just three layers (a base, wicking layer; a warmth layer and an outer shell) you can golf comfortably even in single digit temperatures. And your swing isn’t cramped by bulky jackets.
  3. It’s Beautiful – If you think looking at all the fall colours in and around Whitby is a treat, wait until you play a round of golf among them.
  4. You Might Play for Less – As demand for tee times decrease, there’s a good chance you’ll find discounted rates for a round of golf.
  5. A Great Time to Invest in Your Game – This might be one of the best advantages of golf in the fall. Many golfers choose the spring, when the season starts, to buy new golf equipment and/or take lessons. But that’s when equipment manufacturers launch new models at higher prices. And with everyone looking for lessons, you might not get the time slots you want.
    But buying new equipment in the fall is less expensive, and you’ll find more openings for lessons. Perhaps best of all, you’ll be making those investments in your game when your swing is in peak form; when the investment can offer the highest pay off.

To find out just how great golfing in the fall can be, book a tee time here at Royal Ashburn.

How To Keep Playing Golf in Cold Weather

We’re always optimistic about playing golf as long as we can each year. But any way you look at it, colder weather is on the way. We’ve had a long, hot summer (though it had its share of rain too) and it can be difficult to be ready for the change in weather when it arrives.

But there’s no reason you can’t keep playing golf comfortably in the cooler weather this fall.

How to Dress to Play Golf in Colder Weather

Of course, the basic idea is to stay warm and not let the cold get to you. You could wear a parka, but, well, that’ll play havoc with your swing dynamics. Layering is the answer and you only need three of them.

  • Base Layer – The layer closest to your body may be the most important. It should do two things well. In addition to helping you stay warm, it should also keep you dry from sweat. Look for compression wear that wicks moisture and dries fast.
  • Second Layer – This one should do most of the warming. A fleece or performance jacket works well. It’s always difficult to predict how cold you will be. A full zipper will let you adjust ventilation as needed.
  • Outer Layer – It’s important to remember that this layer is about keeping the cold wind out, versus adding another layer of warmth. A non-insulated, water-repellent windbreaker or rain jacket will do the trick nicely. A hood will be helpful if it starts to rain or get extra chilly.
  • Headgear – You lose more body heat through your head than any other part of your body. A compact, not tight, beanie-style toque that covers your ears will do a better job than your summer golf hat.
  • Cart Gloves/Mitts – You’ll want to make your shots wearing only your golf gloves, so keep a pair of warm gloves or, even better, mittens with hand warmers inside, in the cart for between shots.
  • Waterproof Golf Shoes – We don’t get any more rain in the fall than we do at other times of year. But cooler temperatures mean damp course conditions linger for longer. Even the most dedicated golfer doesn’t like playing with cold, wet feet.

When you’re ready to try all your cold-weather golf gear, we’ll be ready to book your tee time here at Royal Ashburn.


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