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5 Great Reasons to Golf in the Fall


Do you pack up your golf clubs after Labour Day? Do you hate golfing in anything other than nice, warm weather?

You don’t know what you’re missing.

Not only are you missing out on some great golf, but you’re missing out on some great golf advantages too.

Here’s Why You Should Try Golfing in the Fall

  1. More Chances to Play – If you’re exclusively a summer golfer, you might think that getting a great tee time is always difficult. But, considering that many golfers have called it a season, you’ll find those ideal tee-off times are much easier to get now.
  2. It’s Not as Uncomfortable as You Think – Recent advancements in golf and athletic wear mean you don’t need a parka to stay comfortably warm on the course. Today, with just three layers (a base, wicking layer; a warmth layer and an outer shell) you can golf comfortably even in single digit temperatures. And your swing isn’t cramped by bulky jackets.
  3. It’s Beautiful – If you think looking at all the fall colours in and around Whitby is a treat, wait until you play a round of golf among them.
  4. You Might Play for Less – As demand for tee times decrease, there’s a good chance you’ll find discounted rates for a round of golf.
  5. A Great Time to Invest in Your Game – This might be one of the best advantages of golf in the fall. Many golfers choose the spring, when the season starts, to buy new golf equipment and/or take lessons. But that’s when equipment manufacturers launch new models at higher prices. And with everyone looking for lessons, you might not get the time slots you want.
    But buying new equipment in the fall is less expensive, and you’ll find more openings for lessons. Perhaps best of all, you’ll be making those investments in your game when your swing is in peak form; when the investment can offer the highest pay off.

To find out just how great golfing in the fall can be, book a tee time here at Royal Ashburn.

Royal Ashburn

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