You’ve said yes and now the planning begins…

…except you’re not exactly sure where to start! The list of things on your bridal to do list seems daunting, and you want to select the best vendors to suit your style and your budget. That’s where a wedding show comes in. Aside from being a treasure trove of inspiration, a wedding show brings together a diverse array of wedding professionals under one roof. 
1. Tour The Venue
Photos can only capture so much, and being on-site helps you assess the ambiance, layout, and overall atmosphere. This firsthand experience ensures that the venue aligns with the aesthetic and mood you have in mind for your special day, helping you make an informed decision that resonates with your wedding vision. A wedding show or open house offers the perfect opportunity to provide inspiration

2. Meet The Team
Building a personal connection with your wedding manager is vital as they play a pivotal role in bringing your vision to life. Meeting face-to-face allows you to gauge their personality, communication style, and level of enthusiasm for your wedding. Establishing a rapport ensures that you feel comfortable expressing your ideas and preferences, fostering a collaborative and positive working relationship.

3. Find Trusted Vendors
Discover a variety of wedding vendors from florists, bakers, decorators, DJs, photographers and so much more! As a newly engaged couple, you can begin to form connections with potential vendors and get a firsthand look at different services. This face-to-face interaction is invaluable for building a wedding a team that aligns with your vision.

Join us at our Winter Wedding Show on Sunday, January 14th 2024

We understand the stress of planning a dream wedding, and we’re here to help! Join us on January 14th between 11AM and 4PM for the Royal Ashburn Winter Wedding Show.

Come tour our beautiful venue, meet our experienced team of highly-rated and dedicated wedding managers, and discover the ultimate wedding inspiration from our curated selection of preferred vendors.

We are offering the opportunity to pre-book your a personal 15-minute Venue Tour – the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions about our  Wedding Packages and venue. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are excited to meet you.

As an added value bonus, many of our vendors will be promoting a show special exclusively for Royal Ashburn couples. 

We hope to see you there 🙂










Weddings, To Postpone or Not Postpone?

That is the question couples who have been engaged during the pandemic have been asking themselves. There is a tremendous amount of stress on couples, their families, and the entire events industry. No one planned for a pandemic. It’s not something you think of during your planning process, “OK but also, what do we do if there’s a pandemic?” When couples are engaged they live in that moment of exhilaration and bask in all the emotions of spending their future with this amazing person they love wholeheartedly. So what happens now?


Up and Down and All Around

It’s now 2021 and you have been engaged for over a year. Possibly only a couple of months or maybe just recently! You may have also updated your guest count – well, more times than you can count or wish to recall. There’s no doubt that it has been an emotional journey and although your plans may have changed (many times) it’s important to hold on to the feelings from that moment you said “YES!” Remember, this day is still YOUR day! Whether you want to postpone it or say “LET’S JUST DO IT” it will be the most epic day of your lives. If it’s most important to stay true to your vision, then you should stick with your gut feeling. Don’t forget to find a venue that has been accommodating and developing creative ways for couples to tie the knot. Things change quickly. You want to find a location that will be accommodating to these changes.


At Royal Ashburn Golf Club we have been working with our couples throughout this pandemic
to make their wedding dreams come true.


That’s Trendy

If you’re wondering how couples have been choosing to celebrate their wedding day, we can tell you! We have seen no shortage of unique and extremely beautiful celebrations. From backyard ceremonies, to venues hosting wed-now and party-later options, to live action combo weddings with immediate family onsite and the rest of the guests present virtually. Your best bet is to speak with a wedding or events manager. Get all the details on all the possibilities with current restrictions in place. They will be your best guide to make your wedding day not only finally come to fruition, but be truly spectacular no matter the circumstances. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that dreams really can come true when you have the right people by your side.


Royal Ashburn Golf Club – Outdoor Wedding & Events Space

Royal Ashburn Golf Club has been busy building opportunities to continue celebrations safely and comfortably with a new large outdoor events space. This event space was created to provide a way to continue supporting celebrations by creating an outdoor environment and event space where guests feel safe, comfortable and can really enjoy the celebration. The 40’ x 80’ outdoor tent is 3200′ of spectacular outdoor covered space that can accommodate weddings and special events of up to 250 guests (100 socially distanced with a dance floor). Surrounded by beautiful gardens this outdoor space makes the perfect location for outdoor bridal showers, ceremonies and wedding receptions.


Building opportunities for Outdoor Celebrations.
Outdoor Wedding & Special Events Space at Royal Ashburn Golf Club.



More about Royal Ashburn Golf Club and our  Wedding Packages can be found on our website. We’d be happy to answer any questions regarding this post or any questions or concerns you may have in regards to wedding planning during the pandemic. Take care!


Small but Spectacular Weddings!

Does a spectacular wedding have to be BIG to be amazing? Do you need to invite your Dads, brothers, cousins, nephews barber? During these uncertain times, we are staying positive and hopeful that things will be back to normal sooner than later. Unfortunately, there is always that voice in the back of our heads that tries to reason with the unknown. But that’s just it, we just don’t know. We can only prepare with the information we have in front of us right now. Our hope is that other venues continue to work with their couples, like we at Royal Ashburn Golf Club have been doing, to provide the best solutions without compromising our couples overall wedding vision.


One of the most challenging and most debated items on the wedding to-do list is the dreaded guest list. “Well if we invite Aunt Jill we have to invite cousin Marge.” “But, if we invite Aunt Jill and cousin Marge then we have to invite Uncle Alex, Aunt Bess and their kids.” Sound familiar? We’ve heard these conversations and most of us have lived them. We’ve heard the concerns of our couples and we’ve been working towards alternative solutions to try and relieve some of the stresses that go along with wedding planning, let alone the stresses of wedding planning during a pandemic. If a big wedding isn’t for you, and analyzing every grand detail just isn’t your style, that’s ok! For couples looking for a more intimate, unique, economical and adventurous wedding experience, we are proud to introduce the Ready-Set Wedding Package, smaller guest count, but mighty beautiful.


To provide an answer to the posed question above, does a wedding have to be BIG to be spectacular? Definitely not. The trend in smaller sized weddings such as Pop-Up Weddings and Micro-Weddings isn’t something new. It means more in the budget for celebrating your wedding day with the people who are closest to you. Or maybe using some of those savings towards a new house, a snazzier honeymoon, extra savings for well, saving! The point is, you’ll be saving money and celebrating what truly matters, love united. More intimacy, less planning and more time to enjoy your wedding celebration. When the time is right and you have worked with your wedding venue to coordinate all the details that bring your vision to life, it will be, what it should be, the most beautiful day of your lives. 

Furthermore, we’d love the opportunity to work with you on creating a wedding day that speaks directly to who you are as a couple. Whether that is a WED NOW, PARTY LATER package you are looking for or just a ceremony in our beautiful gardens we’d love to talk about your options. For more information on our Ready-Set Wedding Package, Ready-Set Married Ceremonies, or any of our wedding packages, please reach out to our events team here at Royal Ashburn Golf Club. It would be our pleasure to help you create a truly magical wedding day, that you and your guests will remember always.



How to Plan a Christmas Winter Wonderland Wedding

It is the ‘sparkle’ season and the perfect opportunity to say ‘I do’ surrounded by stunning, snowy scenery. If you are planning a winter wonderland wedding, you will undoubtedly be wondering how to make it as special and memorable as it can possibly be. You will be investigating various Whitby wedding venues, thinking about colour schemes, and dreaming about the occasion. Here are three tips to keep in mind to ensure that your winter wedding is everything you hope it to be and more. 

The Colour Scheme 

Most brides who opt to have their wedding during winter will opt for a classic ice blue and white or silver colour scheme. Others who are combining their special day with the Christmas season may opt for more Christmas-y colours, like red, green and gold. However, it is your big day, so do not let traditions force you into selecting a colour scheme that you are not happy with. You can make anything work if you put a bit of effort into it! 

The Dress 

If you will be conducting your winter wedding outdoors, you will need to choose a wedding dress that provides extra warmth. One with sleeves is obviously a better selection than a sleeveless princess dress! Also, remember to pay attention to the fabrics used to make the dress. Silk mikado, faille, gabardine, brocade, moire and velvet are much warmer options to consider. 

The Wedding Venue

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a wedding venue for a winter wedding. Having said that, one of the best-loved Whitby wedding venues is that of the Royal Ashburn Golf Club. A Royal Ashburn wedding offers you the chance to maximize on the beautiful winter scenery, along with providing an indoor function venue for you to get the party started after you have exchanged rings and said ‘I do’. We offer winter wedding packages that cost as little as $99 per person, and we are able to accommodate up to 240 guests. 

Would you like to learn more about a golf course wedding at one of the finest Whitby wedding venues? Then get in touch with Royal Ashburn Golf Club today!

6 Great Themes for a Milestone Birthday Party

Are you planning a milestone birthday party? Have you considered a themed party?! It can be difficult at times to create an event that stands out from any other. When it comes to birthdays that mark the passage of important eras in our lives, it’s worth staging something unforgettable. Here are six themes to help stimulate your creativity. Each one has lots of room for variation and ideas of your own.

World Travellers

We’ve all been to Paris and New York-themed parties. They have been done to death, and they’re not what we mean here. There are thousands of other destinations that can serve as the basis for a fresh, fun and interesting theme. Why not Moscow, Cairo or Tahiti? Every place presents opportunities for inventive costume, decor and activity ideas. Pick one location that appeals to you, and then pull out all the stops to recreate it. You could even generate some variety and invite guests to represent their favourite travel destinations.

Festive Cosplay

This one’s for the movie, book or gaming nerds. Science-fiction, horror, anime and fantasy – film, television, gaming and literature. They’re hardly new ideas for parties…  But, how would you personally execute them? Choose something that really appeals to you. Instead of a basic cosplay, ask guests to come as characters from your favourite novel or movie. If your guests are all of the same minds, you could even turn it into a role-playing party, with each guest playing their character in a scenario you devise. 

Golden Era

‘Roaring 20s’ or ‘80s’ parties have perhaps become a cliché. You can always choose another era. Perhaps one you’re particularly interested in. Why not play at jousting (a safe recreation of it, of course) and feasting in a recreation of the age of chivalry? Or have people don coats and wigs as they get into the spirit of the Age of Enlightenment, complete with Mozart and Haydn accompaniments and minuet lessons? Think big and do your research – you can come up with something unforgettable. 

Celebrating Your Cause

Is there a cause or charity that’s close to your heart? Why not make your themed party all about that? Go green with a lamp-lit, electricity-free party – either indoors or under the stars. Ask guests to substitute gifts with donations to your favourite charity. Turn your cause into a celebration.

Field of Play

Sports parties are not uncommon, however, you don’t see quite as many of them as some other themes. You can stage your party around a local, national or international sporting event taking place around the same time. Be it a major clash between your favourite hockey team and their biggest rival, the FIFA World Cup or the PGA Tour. You could even ask guests to represent their favourite sports teams. There’s plenty to play with here.

The Month of my Birth

Why not commemorate your birth by celebrating the month and year in which it took place? Do some research about the month you were born. What were people wearing, what music was in the charts or were there any significant world events? Who was the Prime Minister? Popular movies and TV shows? It could be great fun to recreate that era at your milestone party, to see how far both you and the world have come.

Need a venue for your incredible themed party? The Royal Ashburn Golf Club has beautiful banquet and special event spaces to choose from. Contact us to find out which one of our event halls will be best suited to your celebration.

Plan Your Own Party at a Stunning Banquet Hall

Looking for the perfect banquet hall to host your party? The Royal Ashburn Golf Club is one of the leading venues in the Durham Region. Our team of dedicated event managers are excited to help you plan a party to remember!

How Many Guests Can You Invite?

The banquet rooms at Royal Ashburn offer the flexibility to seat any number of guests, from small intimate groups up to 240 in a variety of seating arrangements. So go ahead and invite all the guests who mean the most to you.

Special Event Packages

Our special event packages include a professional event manager, uniformed staff, floor-length white table linens, choice of coloured overlays and napkins. You can’t forget the Royal Doulton china and sparkling stemware, microphone and podium, and more. You’ll have all you need to help set the stage for a fun and successful party.

Our elegant banquet hall rooms include the following:

  • The Compton Room: 
    {seating capacity 240} 
    Completely devoted to entertaining, The Compton Room on the upper level features an adjacent sundeck, glassed-in terrace and walk-out patio. Each space boasts a spectacular view of the golf course. 
  • The Ashburn Room: 
    {seating capacity 160} 
    The Ashburn Room has sweeping banks of French doors that lead you to the solarium. In there, you’ll find the ornate fireplace overlooking your private outdoor terrace. This room has charm to make your pre-dinner reception memorable. 
  • The Butler’s Pub & Grill: 
    {seating capacity up to 115} 
    Excellent for entertaining, the Butler’s Pub & Grill is an ideal location for your next social event. With private seating available for up to 115 guests, allow our events team to assist you with planning your next corporate function, birthday party, anniversary dinner, shower or milestone celebration.

End The Year in Style

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and we want to help make it a party to remember! We have a spacious and comfortable clubhouse with many amenities, which is the perfect setting to leave interruptions behind and welcome the New Year. Contact us if you want to book a tour and see the Royal Ashburn difference.

Start Planning Corporate and Charity Golf Events for 2020!

The new year is around the corner. If you want to make sure that your organization hosts a few great corporate and charity golf events in 2020, then it is crucial that you start planning now.

Golf events are not only a great way to raise money, but these events are also a great way to reinforce relationships with existing clients, supporters, staff and stakeholders. When you invite people to a golf event, they will be together for around five to seven hours – a lot of time and opportunity to cement existing partnerships and relationships.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you kick-start your planning:

Location, Location, Location

Location is very important because your stakeholders need quick access to the facility. It is also important to opt for a golf course that has a good reputation, a great layout, friendly staff and all the facilities you need.

When you visit a few Durham golf courses, pay attention to how the staff operates. Are they looking forward to being a participant in the event? Or are they merely taking orders? Also, make sure that the facility has adequate food and beverage space and that it is convenient if the weather turns.

Plan in Advance

Allow enough time to plan and execute the event. Corporate and charity golf events usually take at least three to six months to plan well.

Gather a Team

Identify potential committee members, staff and volunteers to support your event.

An unbelievable tournament experience awaits you at the Royal Ashburn Golf Club. We offer beautiful banquet rooms with picturesque views of the golf course, talented chefs for outstanding meals and an exceptional golf course that your golfers will love. We offer packages to help your event go smoothly. Contact us for more information today.

4 Simple Tips for Better Golf from Jason Day

Jason Day has an impressive resume in professional golf. A former World Number 1 with 12 PGA Tour wins, a PGA Championship and a Players Championship under his belt, he also set the record for the lowest score in a major, 20 shots under par, in his first major win at the 2015 PGA Championship. Along with Tiger Woods and Geoff Ogilvy, he is one of only three players who are multiple winners of the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship.

So when a golfer of his calibre offers tips for better golf, we should all listen carefully.

Jason Day’s Tips for Better Golf

With the idea of simplifying the execution of main shots, so you can concentrate on your game, not just your swing, Day offers the following three keys to better golf.

  1. Position Yourself for a Good Drive – We all want to walk up to the tee and crush the ball with all everything we have. To improve your chances of doing exactly that,  Day stresses the importance of three elements of your positioning and swing before you actually hit the ball.

    First, use a good solid stance, including even weight distribution between both legs and your toes and heels. Second, position the ball so it’s not too far back or too far forward. Third, use a slow takeaway which helps you be more aggressive through the ball.

  2. Be Consistent with Your Irons – “No matter what iron I’m swinging, my process stays the same,” says Day. First, his set up is neutral, including his grip on the golf club. Then, to hit down on the ball with the centre of the club, Day uses a shorter three-quarter swing. Finally, you should finish in the classic post-swing wraparound position, which is a sign of a good swing tempo and rhythm.

  3. Go Big with Your Short Game – Again, Day recommends consistency in your shots, saying “no matter what iron I’m swinging, my process stays the same.” Focus on a spot in front of the ball for a clean hit. Minimize wrist action for easier contact and a square clubface. Use your big muscles, or whole body, to power your shot, instead of mostly your arms and hands.

  4. Putt Sensibly – “My process on the greens has helped me become one of the best putters in the game. This is one area where the right type of practice will allow you to focus on line and speed when you play,” advises Day.

    Eye and hand positioning are key when you address the ball. Focus on the projected path of the ball and the face of the club, ensuring it is square to the path. Overestimate the distance to the hole before you swing.

Now that you’re stoked with tips from one of the top professionals in the game, why not book a round at the top golf course in Durham Region!

If you enjoyed this post, check out our recent article on how to increase your club head speed in your swing.

The Buzz on Tiger Woods

From just about the moment he joined the PGA Tour. (he turned pro in August 1996 and go his first PGA Tour victory at the Las Vegas Invitational in October 1996) Tiger Wood’s career unfolded in an unerringly forward path. Of increasingly more wins, higher earnings and even greater speculation about whether he is the best golfer ever.

Unfortunately for Tiger, for the PGA, for golf’s popularity, for golf fans everywhere and, well, for just about anything to do with golf. Once that career started hitting some bumps, starting with injuries Woods suffered in 2008, the trajectory has almost completely reversed. With the exception of a couple good seasons in 2012 and 2013, Woods has been off the leaderboards, inconsistent in his play and, generally, uninspiring. Couple that with the almost simultaneous unraveling of his personal life. Today instead of wondering if he’s the best-ever, you can’t be blamed for wondering what else can go wrong.

But, if you’re a real fan of the game, both as a player and watching a great match on TV, you probably wonder something else too. Actually, it’s more of a hope rather than a wonder. You remember all of the edge-of-your-seat moments Tiger gave us, the seemingly impossible approaches landing in eagle range, the putts that seemed to carry for hours, over hill and dale, never knowing it was going to sink until it did. (OK – we gotta bring up the fact that perhaps Tiger’s most amazing approach shot was right here in the GTA at the 2000 Bell Canadian Open at Glen Abbey. If you haven’t seen what he did after landing in a fairway bunker on the 18th hole, over 200 yards, and a water hazard, from the pin, check it out here.

Those memories are what give you hope. Hope that you can once again live moments like those. And it all comes down to the question “will Tiger be able to compete, at least in a couple tournaments, like he did before and show us glimpses of his brilliance as a golfer?

Is This the Year of the Tiger?

Early in January, the golf news was abuzz once again with the news that Tiger is back from yet another surgery. But we’ve heard it all before. Like last year when Wood’s hoped-for return was once again sidelined with more back surgery, his fourth since 2014.

With the approach of the Farmers Insurance Open, which ran from January 24 to 28 at Torrey Pines, (where Tiger won the 2008 U.S. Open after a 19-hole playoff against Rocco Mediate), media speculation was running wild about Woods’ chances for yet another comeback, this time after back-fusion surgery last April.

If you managed to catch any of the tournament on TV, the first thing you would have noticed is that Woods hasn’t lost any of his ability to attract a crowd. Never in the history of golf have so many been so interested in a player so low in the rankings. Before the tournament, Woods’ world ranking was 668, which is up from 1,199 after his performance in December’s Hero World Challenge. A performance that fueled much of the pre-tournament buzz around Tiger.

So, how’d he do?

On paper, not bad, as Tiger Woods’ comebacks go. Tiger finished the tournament at -3, tied for 23rd, one shot ahead of Canadian Corey Conners. Woods might have even been a shot better if not for an enthusiastic fan who shouted ‘get in the hole’ in the middle of Tiger’s back swing for a birdie putt.

Following the tournament, the media pundits seem to agree that there’s more reason for optimism in this return of the Tiger than the previous comeback tries. While there were signs of the wince-inducing struggles he’s faced in recent years, there were at least as many signs of the sheer brilliance, confidence and power (with at least one wind-aided shot approaching the 350 mark) that was almost enough to make you feel nostalgic

No one knows if Tiger will finally return to some form similar to what we all remember. But, so far so good, and that means it’ll be a lot more fun to watch any early-season tournaments that Tiger enters. They could be historic.

5 Tips for Planning a Corporate Holiday Party Your Staff Will Love

If there’s one break that corporate event planners and human resources teams catch from the calendar. It is that you get lots of warning about the approaching holiday season. Once Thanksgiving is over, there’s nothing until the year-end holidays.

Still, despite the massive lead time, the ‘company party’ seems to always turn into logistical hornet’s nest of solving questions like “where do we have it?”, “when will we get the best turn out?” and “what different dietary requirements do we need to cover?”.

The downside of all those logistics, the costs involved and the fact that many staff either can’t attend or choose not to, is that many companies have decided to not throw holiday parties.

It’s a shame. The company holiday party is usually the only time of year when everyone gets together in a social setting to share a meal and talk about something other than work. And the benefits of that shouldn’t be underestimated.

It Shows Gratitude

The best leadership comes through example. While a holiday bonus and extra time off are great ways to show your appreciation for everything your team does throughout the year, a holiday party adds a level of gratitude with a personal touch.

It’s Great for Morale

As job roles carry more and more responsibility and time pressures, businesses can lose sight of the ‘fun factor’ and the benefits it has for overall productivity. A holiday party is an opportunity for everyone to relax and enjoy each other’s company without the pressures of a deadline.

It’s Builds Teamwork

When your staff experiences a fun and exciting social event, it increases their familiarity with each other familiarity and the common experiences they share. That shared experience helps bring people closer and breaks down some of the barriers that can get in the way of working well together.

Considering all the benefits to be enjoyed, it makes sense for businesses to overcome the hurdles of having a company party and focus on hosting a year-end celebration that staff will not only want to attend, but one that will maximize the benefits.

Tips for planning a successful corporate holiday party

With that in mind, here are a few tips for making this year’s corporate holiday celebration the best ever.

1. Location, Location, Location

The basis for any great event is its setting. Creating the right vibe by choosing a location that people want to visit, one with the right facilities, amenities and services, is your first step in having a successful gathering. And the sooner you book the venue, the better.

2. Food & Refreshments

Whether you choose a full-service meal or a buffet. You need to cater to your guest’s tastes and every dietary need. Finding a venue that can do that for you is an added bonus. And while you want everyone to enjoy themselves, remember to encourage them to do so responsibly.

3. Engage Employees

Consider ways to get all your staff involved even before the event. From planning a fun awards ceremony to getting playlist submissions for the entertainment, the more input everyone has, the more likely they are to attend and enjoy themselves.

4. Get Social

In addition to printed and emailed invitations. Create an Event on Facebook for the party, set up a #HolidayParty hashtag. Use images from past events to build a buzz on social media.

5. Extras

Think of ways to really set your event apart. Things like providing transportation to and from the event. Having a photo booth, a friendly “Our Company’s Got Talent” competition and gift bags. Use your creativity; there are lots of ways to make the year-end celebration truly fun, exciting and memorable.

Get the Help You Need – It’s not easy to plan such an important gathering on your own. When you are choosing venues, look for those that can offer ideas and the help you need to make them happen.

Check out the Royal Ashburn Golf Club Events page to learn more about planning a successful holiday party and experience.


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