6 Great Themes for a Milestone Birthday Party


Are you planning a milestone birthday party? Have you considered a themed party?! It can be difficult at times to create an event that stands out from any other. When it comes to birthdays that mark the passage of important eras in our lives, it’s worth staging something unforgettable. Here are six themes to help stimulate your creativity. Each one has lots of room for variation and ideas of your own.

World Travellers

We’ve all been to Paris and New York-themed parties. They have been done to death, and they’re not what we mean here. There are thousands of other destinations that can serve as the basis for a fresh, fun and interesting theme. Why not Moscow, Cairo or Tahiti? Every place presents opportunities for inventive costume, decor and activity ideas. Pick one location that appeals to you, and then pull out all the stops to recreate it. You could even generate some variety and invite guests to represent their favourite travel destinations.

Festive Cosplay

This one’s for the movie, book or gaming nerds. Science-fiction, horror, anime and fantasy – film, television, gaming and literature. They’re hardly new ideas for parties…  But, how would you personally execute them? Choose something that really appeals to you. Instead of a basic cosplay, ask guests to come as characters from your favourite novel or movie. If your guests are all of the same minds, you could even turn it into a role-playing party, with each guest playing their character in a scenario you devise. 

Golden Era

‘Roaring 20s’ or ‘80s’ parties have perhaps become a cliché. You can always choose another era. Perhaps one you’re particularly interested in. Why not play at jousting (a safe recreation of it, of course) and feasting in a recreation of the age of chivalry? Or have people don coats and wigs as they get into the spirit of the Age of Enlightenment, complete with Mozart and Haydn accompaniments and minuet lessons? Think big and do your research – you can come up with something unforgettable. 

Celebrating Your Cause

Is there a cause or charity that’s close to your heart? Why not make your themed party all about that? Go green with a lamp-lit, electricity-free party – either indoors or under the stars. Ask guests to substitute gifts with donations to your favourite charity. Turn your cause into a celebration.

Field of Play

Sports parties are not uncommon, however, you don’t see quite as many of them as some other themes. You can stage your party around a local, national or international sporting event taking place around the same time. Be it a major clash between your favourite hockey team and their biggest rival, the FIFA World Cup or the PGA Tour. You could even ask guests to represent their favourite sports teams. There’s plenty to play with here.

The Month of my Birth

Why not commemorate your birth by celebrating the month and year in which it took place? Do some research about the month you were born. What were people wearing, what music was in the charts or were there any significant world events? Who was the Prime Minister? Popular movies and TV shows? It could be great fun to recreate that era at your milestone party, to see how far both you and the world have come.

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