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How to Plan a Christmas Winter Wonderland Wedding

It is the ‘sparkle’ season and the perfect opportunity to say ‘I do’ surrounded by stunning, snowy scenery. If you are planning a winter wonderland wedding, you will undoubtedly be wondering how to make it as special and memorable as it can possibly be. You will be investigating various Whitby wedding venues, thinking about colour schemes, and dreaming about the occasion. Here are three tips to keep in mind to ensure that your winter wedding is everything you hope it to be and more. 

The Colour Scheme 

Most brides who opt to have their wedding during winter will opt for a classic ice blue and white or silver colour scheme. Others who are combining their special day with the Christmas season may opt for more Christmas-y colours, like red, green and gold. However, it is your big day, so do not let traditions force you into selecting a colour scheme that you are not happy with. You can make anything work if you put a bit of effort into it! 

The Dress 

If you will be conducting your winter wedding outdoors, you will need to choose a wedding dress that provides extra warmth. One with sleeves is obviously a better selection than a sleeveless princess dress! Also, remember to pay attention to the fabrics used to make the dress. Silk mikado, faille, gabardine, brocade, moire and velvet are much warmer options to consider. 

The Wedding Venue

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a wedding venue for a winter wedding. Having said that, one of the best-loved Whitby wedding venues is that of the Royal Ashburn Golf Club. A Royal Ashburn wedding offers you the chance to maximize on the beautiful winter scenery, along with providing an indoor function venue for you to get the party started after you have exchanged rings and said ‘I do’. We offer winter wedding packages that cost as little as $99 per person, and we are able to accommodate up to 240 guests. 

Would you like to learn more about a golf course wedding at one of the finest Whitby wedding venues? Then get in touch with Royal Ashburn Golf Club today!

8 Gorgeous Golf Course Weddings at Royal Ashburn

Spring and summer aren’t just golf season, they’re golf course wedding season too. Many people are surprised to learn that for three generations the Royal Ashburn Golf Club has helped brides and grooms celebrate their love and union in the unique beauty of a golf course setting.

And the setting is just the first feature of a wedding at Royal Ashburn. From your choice of landscaped bridal gardens for an outdoor ceremony, to beautifully appointed reception rooms and complete catering services for weddings of all sizes, everything you need for a dream wedding is right here at Royal Ashburn.

Here are just a few gorgeous weddings and receptions held here at Royal Ashburn to give you an idea of how you can celebrate your nuptials.

Montana & Lucas

Spring time golf course weddings | Royal ashburn golf course

When your engagement photos were shot at a conservation area. The setting of your wedding better turn it up a notch on the natural setting. Our beautiful Cedars Garden provided the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

Jaycé & Brady

 Winter golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

Not all weddings can happen in warm months. But a snow-covered setting can be be just as beautiful. You can schedule your wedding year-round at Royal Ashburn.

Jake & Laura 

Golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

The rain held off for Jake and Laura’s outdoor wedding ceremony at Royal Ashburn. The clouds and pink blooms made for a dramatic backdrop for photos on our beautifully manicured grounds.

Gerry & Monica 

Golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

June has been the preferred month for weddings since Roman times. A little more recently, Gerry and Monica enjoyed a perfect June day. For the outdoor wedding ceremony and indoor reception at Royal Ashburn.

Sarah & Mike 

 Outdoor golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

We talked about enjoying year-round wedding celebrations at Royal Ashburn and September is no exception. Just ask Sarah and Mike.

Valene & Kyle 

Beautiful chapel for golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

A picturesque setting for your wedding is just one benefit of holding your ceremony and reception at Royal Ashburn. Having everything in one place, from a wedding garden. To stunning settings for your wedding photography and well-appointed reception rooms. This gives you more time to enjoy your special moment, instead of travelling all over town.

Camille & Rob 

Golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

The colour green was present throughout this beautiful ceremony. From the beautiful green bridesmaids dresses, set against the natural greenery of a golf course, to the colour scheme for the reception.

Brian & Jacqueline 

Sunset golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

Imagine celebrating your union with your family and friends among the trees, flowers and beautifully maintained grounds here at Royal Ashburn. Brian and Jacqueline did, and then they made it happen.

If you would like to learn more about enjoying your special day in the special setting of a golf course wedding ceremony here at Royal Ashburn, get in touch with us today.


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The Unforgettable Beauty of a Golf Course Wedding

Think about all the great modern conveniences that help make life easier. From being able to do your banking without ever having to stand in line at a bank, to starting your car without a key, new technologies seem to come along daily to help us do things faster and/or easier.

So when will someone make it easier to plan a wedding?

Anyone who’s been involved with wedding planning knows. That with the sheer number of options available today for every aspect of the wedding. The job of choosing the best ones for you seems more difficult today than it ever was.

Before, when you were ready to go ahead with your wedding, you had an engagement party and sent out invitations. Today, you need a website, Facebook page, Save-the-Date announcements, #hashtags – and still send the invitations and plan a party. And then the real work starts.

Finding the Right Setting

One of the major tasks of any wedding planning is choosing the setting for the nuptials and reception. If you’re planning a more religious ceremony, you’ll likely exchange vows in a house of worship. But many couples are choosing options like garden weddings, or ‘destination’ weddings in exotic locales, where the ceremony and reception happen in the same place.

The combination of the natural setting and reception facilities on-site is an attractive option that transforms the ceremony and reception into a single, continuous celebration.

The beauty of a golf course in the spring

The Beauty of a Golf Course Wedding

The first thing most couples need to know about planning their ceremony and/or reception at a golf course is that it doesn’t have to have anything to do with golfing. A beautifully groomed golf course (like the one we have here at Royal Ashburn!) gives you a stunning, natural setting for your ceremony all year round.

In addition to the beautiful surroundings, there are many more advantages to choosing a golf-course wedding. And some of them are exclusive to Royal Ashburn!

1. Bridal Gardens

If you prefer a garden wedding ceremony, Royal Ashburn gives you the option of two gardens designed and built specifically for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The Cedar Garden features a custom-built pavilion nestled in a grove of trees. Entrance to the Woodland Garden starts under a unique. Covered entryway to a winding path that all make ideal backdrops for wedding photographs.

2. The Right Rooms

Larger golf clubs will offer a variety of options for room sizes to accommodate every weeding, from the most intimate to the grandest.

3. Complete Meals and Refreshments Packages

Golf clubs have top-notch chefs and servers already in place to serve their club members. That means you get a choice of meals, bar services and extras to make your wedding reception everything you want it to be.

4. Wedding Planning

If you prefer, on-site personnel can help you with everything for the perfect wedding, from finding an officiant to booking the band, and everything in between.

5. Lots of Space

Unlike having your ceremony in a crowded hotel, golf clubs offer the space that helps your ceremony feel more relaxed and enjoyable. And there’s lots of on-site parking for all your guests.

The Royal Ashburn Golf Club has served as the beautiful setting for unforgettable weddings for over three generations. We are one of the few golf clubs in the area with dedicated, custom-built bridal gardens, all meticulously designed and maintained to be the perfect backdrop for your ceremony and reception. Get in touch with us today and get your wedding planning off to a great start and learn more about Royal Ashburn Golf Course weddings.


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