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golf lessons

Why Golf Lessons Are the Perfect Christmas Present for Mom and Dad

What to buy the people who have everything? Christmas is coming and you’re struggling to think of ideas for what...

party venue special events durham region

6 Great Themes for a Milestone Birthday Party

Are you planning a milestone birthday party? Have you considered a themed party?! It can be difficult at times to...

Plan Your Own Party at a Stunning Banquet Hall

Plan Your Own Party at a Stunning Banquet Hall

Looking for the perfect banquet hall to host your party? The Royal Ashburn Golf Club is one of the leading...

Wedding couple in a beautiful garden

5 Reasons to Choose a World-Class Golf Club for Your Wedding Day

Golf & country clubs aren’t just for hosting golf tournaments or playing a round of golf with your friends. They...

Golf courses

These Are the Best Golf Courses in the Durham Region

Whether you are in search of the best golf lessons Durham has to offer or you are simply looking for...

Buying golf clubs

Buying New Golf Clubs? Why It’s More Important to Get the Right Equipment Rather Than the Newest:

At this time of year, many manufacturers launch their new lines. While it’s exciting to get new equipment, it’s important...

Start Planning Corporate and Charity Golf Events for 2020!

Start Planning Corporate and Charity Golf Events for 2020!

The new year is around the corner. If you want to make sure that your organization hosts a few great...

Why Have a Golf Club Fitting?

Why Have a Golf Club Fitting?

Whether you are relatively new to the game of golf or whether you have been teeing off at Durham golf...


Why Golfing is Great for Your Health

Feeling the pull of Durham golf courses and keen to open yourself up to something new? If you are looking...

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