6 Reasons to Get a Golf Membership As Your New Year’s Resolution


Happy New Year from everyone at Royal Ashburn Golf Club. Whatever your resolutions, we hope they last beyond the month! To help you tee the year off we present you with six reasons why getting a golf membership should be on your list of resolutions – if it isn’t already.

Maintain Healthy Living

The top resolution worldwide is to get healthy (or stay healthy) and playing golf regularly is right on track to doing so. It offers plenty of physical and mental health benefits. Swing into this year with one of our memberships to build muscle and strengthen your core, while also improving your handicap and learning to master a sport.

Socialize and Network

Both on the course and at one of our many celebrations and events you will be sure to interact with like-minded people. Whether you simply want to add more friends to your circle or widen your business network, the golf club is the perfect place to do either – both on the course and at the clubhouse. Joining one of our leagues is another way to bring lasting relationships and more fun into your year.

Learn New Skills

This is a pretty common item on that resolution list. And, what better skill to acquire than a game that not only improves conditioning and coordination, but that also adds years to your life? Our memberships help seasoned golfers improve their game by offering access to coaches and pros. It also enables newcomers to get started and fast-track their learning of this beautiful sport.


There is nothing more calming than being outdoors, and golf is a wonderful way to do that. The game itself is also highly conducive to a meditative experience: by focusing on the ball, hole-by-hole and stroke-by-stroke, you may put your mind at ease, and calm and centre yourself, making way for the answer to that problem you’re having at home or the office…

Get Access to Amenities

As a member of the club, you get priority access to our amenities – exclusive access in some cases. For instance, you have:

  • Unlimited access to practice facilities, 
  • Unlimited access to the Pro Shop, 
  • Priority tee times, 
  • A Golf Canada Gold Membership
  • Three guest passes, which allow your friends to play at VIP rates, and 
  • A variety of exclusive perks.

Save Money

Membership comes with a range of great savings, including the following: 

  • 20 % off all regular priced soft goods at the Pro Shop, 
  • 10 % discount on food and drink,
  • 10 % discount at Butlers Pub and Grill, and 
  • 10 % discount on the members’ playing rates.

This means you pay far less to play the game than you would as a visiting non-member.

A golf membership at Royal Ashburn is a worthwhile investment. Contact us today to find out more about our golf memberships and the value they offer.

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