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Buying New Golf Clubs? Why It’s More Important to Get the Right Equipment Rather Than the Newest:

At this time of year, many manufacturers launch their new lines. While it’s exciting to get new equipment, it’s important that you get equipment that is right for you and not simply the newest. Here are a few tips from a golf fitting centre to make sure you get the golf clubs that are right for you:

The Price

Consider how much money you are prepared to spend on changing your irons and what you are hoping to gain from buying new irons. Questions to ask yourself include:  

  • Am I hoping to gain more distance and is the money going to make a difference? 
  • Would I be better off spending that money on a series of golf lessons? Many times, people set out on a journey to upgrade their equipment when they could have improved their game through training.

The Type Of Equipment

The equipment people play should depend on the capability of the golfer. Golfers new to the game or who would classify themselves as an intermediate or novice golfer should consider looking at game improvement irons. Game improvement irons typically have a lower center of gravity and are perimeter weighted to help the golf ball fly higher and allow for off centre hits to fly farther and straighter. Golfers who would classify themselves as intermediate to advanced may prefer to play irons that have more feel and allow the golfer to better shape shots into the green. Nowadays, there are plenty of clubs designed for both playability as well as feel and consulting an expert can help narrow the decision making process.


While everyone wants to hit the golf ball farther, there may be a trade-off between the feel and workability of the golf club and how far the ball will carry. Instead of focusing so much on distance, focus on the dispersion of golf shots into the green. Having the right combination of both shaft and iron head can allow you to not only hit the ball farther but also hit it closer to the hole. Once again, a proper club fitting can get you into the sweet spot and allow you to lower scores, which is far more important.

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