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These Are the Best Golf Courses in the Durham Region


Whether you are in search of the best golf lessons Durham has to offer or you are simply looking for the best golf courses in the Durham region to play a few rounds with your friends, you are likely on the hunt for a golf course that offers a challenge, has beautiful scenery and that is also close to home. With all of this in mind, we have put together a list of the best golf courses that are definitely worth a visit. 

Royal Ashburn Golf Course

The Royal Ashburn Golf Course is undoubtedly one of the best-loved golf courses in the Durham region. The golf course was originally created by Canadian Golf Professionals, Wilson Paterson and Bill Ogle. These two golfers aspired to design and build a world-class golf club in the Toronto area that would provide golfers of all experience levels and ages a world-class experience. In 1959, they purchased 225 acres of the most picturesque farmland in the Durham Region and started to build and develop immediately. In the spring of 1962, The Royal Ashburn Golf Club opened as an 18-hole facility, and has since developed into a top-notch facility, ranked among the Top 50 public golf courses in all of Canada, never mind just in Durham!

The Royal Ashburn Golf Club has not always been known by this name. It was originally opened as the Whitby Golf Club before becoming the Thunderbird Golf Club shortly thereafter. The golf club was finally dubbed the Royal Ashburn Golf Club in the spring of 2000 to commemorate the visit from His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, in September of 1999. The re-naming also tied the club to the community of Ashburn, who in the year 2000, were celebrating their 150th anniversary. Hence the name, The Royal Ashburn Golf Club, which is much more suitable to the first-class facility that they are today. To further reflect their history and contributions to the game of golf, The Royal Ashburn Golf Club was granted Armorial Bearings (coat of Arms) on September 15, 2006, granted to us by the authority vested in the Governor General to exercise the prerogative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada.

Oakridge Golf Club 

Oakridge Golf Club is celebrated for its pristine views and perfectly manicured lawns. The course offers 18 holes’ worth of challenging play for experienced golfers, as well as a sizeable driving range. It boasts a number of beautiful water features which also add an element of difficulty to the gameplay, along with a variety of deep and strategically-placed bunkers. 

Lakeridge Golf Club

The well-kept Lakeridge Golf Club offers access to two different golf courses, both with varying levels of difficulty. The first course, known as Lakeridge Links, boasts manicured surroundings and a natural setting for relaxing play. Its exceptional design features 18 championship holes spanning 6775 yards on 160 acres of natural rolling terrain. Since opening in 1989, Lakeridge links has continued to build its reputation around its diverse mix of challenging holes and universal appeal. It presents an enjoyable and demanding test of golf for all levels.

The second course at Lakeridge Golf Club is mid-size golf course called Whispering Ridge. It was first opened in 1996 and is well-designed to accommodate novice and advanced players alike. Bent grass tees and sculptured fairways, combined with picturesque views and virgin roughs, are the notable qualities that generate the increasing popularity of Whispering Ridge’s brisk 18-hole challenge.

Kedron Dells Golf Club

The Kedron Dells Golf Club is 155 acres of gorgeous green space and is a favorite among beginners and advanced golfers due to its balanced design. The golfing facility is dedicated to providing a quality golf course and Events Facility at affordable cost. In order to meet that commitment, the owners of the course strive to meet the principles of CANI (Constant And Never Ending Improvement).

Mill Run Golf Club 

Mill Run Golf Club is one of the largest golf and banquet facilities in Durham Region. It is a semi-private golf club set in the rolling hills of Uxbridge Township. Its members and clientele are drawn from Durham and York Regions and Metropolitan Toronto.

Deer Creek Golf and Banquet

The Deer Creek golf course is made up of two wonderful golf courses, namely the North Course and the South Course:

  • The Deer Creek North golf course is often referred to as “The Jewel” of Durham Region. The 27-hole signature design is considered to be among Ontario’s elite public golf courses. 
  • The South Course, on the other hand, is just as impressive. It boasts well-manicured tees and fairways, bent grass greens and several water hazards to offer a challenging game of play for the more experienced golfer. You can be sure to enjoy an enjoyable golf experience and plenty of visual delights as you play. 

The Oshawa Golf and Curling Club

The golf department at the Oshawa Golf and Curling Club is a full-service operation that allows members and guests to enjoy a complete and enjoyable golf experience. All who are lucky enough to play this century golf gem will not be disappointed. Not only does the golf course offer gorgeous views, but the club’s staff is also always on hand and fully conversant in the latest golf techniques and equipment if you have any questions. The course also features a full range of practice facilities – driving range, chipping areas and putting greens – along with lessons by knowledgeable professionals. 

The Oshawa Golf and Curling Club is also home to a golf club pro shop where you can buy all of your golfing equipment and attire. Members and guests are welcome to visit and purchase items from the pro shop. 

Wooden Sticks Golf Club

Wooden Sticks Golf Club is located in Uxbridge and has been a firm favorite among local golfers for 20 years. The Wooden Sticks golf course was designed by architect Ron Garl and features holes inspired by some of the most famous golf holes from around the world, offering all players a thrilling round of golf no matter their experience level. In fact, 12 of the 18 holes at Wooden Sticks were each inspired by a different famous golf hole from the PGA. Together with the balance of the course, they present a challenging and unforgettable golf experience. During your round, you will envision yourself playing off a road in Scotland, across a famous creek in Georgia, onto an island in Florida, and through pine forests in New Jersey.

Watson’s Glen Golf Club

The Watson’s Glen Golf Club golf course was designed by Kevin Holmes. It provides the more experienced golfer with a host of challenging greens and superior conditions – making for a top choice for an enjoyable round played with friends and family. Watson’s Glen Golf Club golf course is essentially a links-style course featuring bent grass tees, fairways and greens. Water comes into play on 11 holes and 90 well-placed bunkers add even further to the challenge.

What Makes a Great Golf Course?

When scouting out the best golf courses in the Durham region, it pays to know what to look out for and what really makes a great golf course stand out:

Conditioning: The first thing to look at when checking out a new golf course is how well maintained the greens and the facilities are. This alone will give you a decent idea as to whether or not the course is right for you.

Routing: Routing is one of the most important design features of a golf course. Take note of things like which direction the holes play. Has the course designer taken the prevailing wind direction into consideration? If not, this could make your game a lot more challenging and less enjoyable. 

For more information about the best golf courses in the Durham region, be sure to get in touch with us today.

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