Choosing A Set of Golf Clubs: Hybrid, Fairway Wood, Or Utility?


There are many different considerations when choosing the makeup of a set of golf clubs. With so many options on the market, it can feel overwhelming. These days more and more golfers are moving away from the standard set makeup of a driver, one or two fairway woods, maybe a hybrid, then their iron set. Instead, golfers are picking equipment that suits their swing type and playing preferences.

Some may choose to have only one fairway wood or even none at all. Instead, they may elect to use a hybrid or a low lofted utility iron because of their increased playability or flight characteristics. For some it’s a preference, for others it’s because they simply have a harder time hitting one club over another.

As a rule of thumb, a player with a steeper angle of attack may find that a hybrid or long iron is a better option for them, while a shallower player (or sweeper) may find it easier to hit fairway woods. Whatever your swing; your set should be chosen to enhance your game and limit your frustration.

The pros at Royal Ashburn’s Pro Shop can help walk you through the differences and even schedule a golf club fitting to measure your swing and recommend the perfect clubs to optimize your game.

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