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How To Increase Your Club Head Speed In A Golf Swing


Some golfers want to know how to increase club head speed in their golf swing because they feel it will be the solution to all that ails their golf game. It isn’t.

Increasing clubhead speed isn’t about swinging hard, it’s about generating controlled and well-timed clubhead velocity to improve the distance of your shots without sacrificing accuracy.

3 Tips for Optimizing Your Club Head Speed

The average amateur male golfer’s swing speed is between 130 and 145 km/h. That means just a small percentage increase in the maximum speed of your swing can add significantly to the kinetic energy that helps the ball travel further.

Try all these tips now so your swing will be up to “speed” when golf season starts.

  1. Listen to Your Swing – Did you pick up on the “well-timed” qualifier of swing speed we mentioned earlier? It means you only need maximum speed at the moment of impact with the ball. However, many golfers start swinging as hard as they can from the top of the backswing and all the way into their follow through. That wastes a lot of energy, control, and accuracy.
    Instead, they should time the maximum velocity to happen at the bottom of their swing. One way to practice this is to hold a driver or an iron upside down, gripping the shaft just above the club head. In a stance that you would use to make a shot, start swinging the club back and forth, increasing the speed gradually with each swing. Eventually, you’ll notice a “whooshing” sound created by the club travelling through the air. Practice making that whooshing sound loudest at the bottom of your swing, versus hearing it throughout your swing.
  2. Get a Good Grip – The grip of the club is far more important for correcting slices, hooks and club speed than most golfers give it credit for. While it’s never easy to change your grip, try to develop one that releases the club through impact to let the club head achieve maximum velocity and the perfect moment.
  3. Workout – Being in better shape will help your entire golf game. For club head speed, you need exercises that focus on your torso to increase hip and upper body strength for more twisting power and flexibility. Also, try swinging a weighted golf club to improve your swing-related muscles.

When you’re ready, putting your swing to the test on our premier Durham Region golf course is the only way to find out if your work has paid off.

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