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How To Organize A Charity Golf Tournament – Part 1

We all like to support our favourite charity. And we all love golf. If you want to combine the two, all you need to do is learn how to organize a charity golf tournament. Whether its a charity event, business purposes or just a friendly challenge, running a golf tournament takes time and planning. But the following tips will help make your charity golf event a rousing success on all fronts.

Tips for Organizing a Charity Tournament

The most important part of planning your tournament is to give yourself enough time to do so properly. There will always be complications, but you’ll be better prepared for them with time on your side.

  1. Set Up a Planning Committee – Start by appointing a tournament director responsible for overall tournament coordination. Then, depending on the size and scope of your tourney, you may need to put individuals in charge of one or more of the responsibilities listed below.
  2. Pick Date and a Golf Course – These two go hand in hand because you can’t pick one without knowing that the other is possible. To give yourself the time advantage mentioned above, the tournament should be scheduled at least six months in advance. Look for golf clubs that are well located for your anticipated participants, like our Durham Region golf course which is convenient for everyone in the GTA!  and that offer help with planning your tournament, organizing tee times, reserving golf carts, arranging for food and beverage services and the “day of” logistics of your golf outing.
  3. Determine a Budget – You can plan the greatest tournament ever, but if the costs erode the amount you raise for your charity, it defeats the purpose. You may need a budget for promoting the tournament, greens fees and trophies among other elements of your event.

Check out How To Organize A Charity Golf Tournament – Part 2 for five more tips to make sure you have a successful event.

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