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Do I Need A Wedding Planner?

Many engaged couples look forward to planning their wedding day. At least they do until they realize everything involved in the planning process. Still, many brides and grooms don’t consider hiring a wedding planner, even after they start butting heads on all the decision making. But if you’re falling behind in your planning, or you feel some professional tips would help, the answers to the following little questions will help you answer the big question of “do I need a wedding planner?”

How to Decide if You Need a Wedding Planner

Hiring a professional full-service planner can actually save you a lot of time, money and make the whole process more stress-free. If you still need convincing, the answers to the following questions might help.

  1. Do You Already Have a Venue? Reserving a venue for your ceremony and reception should be the first thing you do after your engagement. If you haven’t done so and time is ticking, a planner can help.
  2. Do You Have Family Members and/or Friends to Help You? If not, prepare yourself for more decisions and planning than you ever thought possible.
  3. Do You and Your Future Spouse Both Work Full-Time? That will put lots of pressure on your weekends and may even make it impossible to meet with some vendors who are only available on weekdays.
  4. Are You Planning a Destination Wedding? Planning a local wedding is much less complicated than remote planning for a far-away destination.
  5. Do You Know People Who Can Recommend Various Wedding Services? From photographers to limousine services, it’s a chore to find reliable sources without recommendations.

Royal Ashburn Golf Club is not only the premier golf course wedding venue in Durham Region, you also get the services of our professional wedding planner who will help you plan your big day from the moment you call to when you drive away on your honeymoon.

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