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6 Reasons to Get a Golf Membership As Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year from everyone at Royal Ashburn Golf Club. Whatever your resolutions we hope they last beyond the month! To help you tee the year off we present you with six reasons why getting a golf membership should be on your list of resolutions – if it isn’t already.

Maintain Healthy Living

The top resolution worldwide is to get healthy (or stay healthy) and playing golf regularly is right on track to doing so. It offers plenty of physical and mental health benefits. Swing into this year with one of our memberships to build muscle and strengthen your core, while also improving your handicap and learning to master a sport.

Socialize and Network

Both on the course and at one of our many celebrations and events you will be sure to interact with like-minded people. Whether you simply want to add more friends to your circle or widen your business network, the golf club is the perfect place to do either – both on the course and at the clubhouse. Joining one of our leagues is another way to bring lasting relationships and more fun into your year.

Learn New Skills

This is a pretty common item on that resolution list. And, what better skill to acquire than a game that not only improves conditioning and coordination, but that also adds years to your life? Our memberships help seasoned golfers improve their game by offering access to coaches and pros. It also enables newcomers to get started and fast-track their learning of this beautiful sport.


There is nothing more calming than being outdoors, and golf is a wonderful way to do that. The game itself is also highly conducive to a meditative experience: by focusing on the ball, hole-by-hole and stroke-by-stroke, you may put your mind at ease, and calm and centre yourself, making way for the answer to that problem you’re having at home or the office…

Get Access to Amenities

As a member of the club, you get priority access to our amenities – exclusive access in some cases. For instance, you have:

  • Unlimited access to practice facilities, 
  • Unlimited access to the Pro Shop, 
  • Priority tee times, 
  • A Golf Canada Gold Membership, 
  • Three guest passes, which allow your friends to play at VIP rates, and 
  • A variety of exclusive perks.

Save Money

Membership comes with a range of great savings, including the following: 

  • 20 % off all regular priced soft goods at the Pro Shop, 
  • 10 % discount on food and drink,
  • 10 % discount at Butlers Pub and Grill, and 
  • 10 % discount on the members’ playing rates.

This means you pay far less to play the game than you would as a visiting non-member.

A membership at Royal Ashburn is a worthwhile investment. Contact us today to find out more about our cheap golf memberships and the value they offer.

Why Buy Custom Golf Clubs?

Investing in custom golf clubs is a great idea if you are focused on improving your game and maximizing your experience on the golf course. However, there are numerous advantages that come with custom-fit golf clubs that go much further than simply enhancing your performance. We highlight three of these advantages below.

Custom Golf Clubs Feel ‘Right’ 

Did you know that the professional who handles your golf club fitting pays attention to your height, swing and unique playing style not only to ensure that your golf clubs feel ‘right’ but also to allow you to manoeuvre the ball with a greater sense of precision and ease? The clubs have been specially tailored for you. So, of course, they are going to feel a hundred times better than any regular golf clubs that you can buy at a store. 

Custom Golf Clubs Could Save You Money 

The chances of having to buy more than one set of golf clubs when buying them at a golfing store are quite high. This is because you will not know how they are going to adapt to your game until you try them. Finding a good set that works for you could involve trial and error, and this might even end up costing you more than investing in a set of custom golf clubs from the start. You are already planning on buying a set of clubs, so why not make sure that you are making a wise, long-lasting and fool-proof investment?

Custom Golf Clubs Will Help You Feel More Confident 

Knowing that you are approaching a game with a set of clubs made especially for you is certain to give you a hearty confidence boost, which could further help to boost your performance. 

Keen to get your own set of custom golf clubs? Contact Royal Ashburn Golf Club today to organize your custom golf club fitting with one of our experts!

How to Plan a Christmas Winter Wonderland Wedding

It is the ‘sparkle’ season and the perfect opportunity to say ‘I do’ surrounded by stunning, snowy scenery. If you are planning a winter wonderland wedding, you will undoubtedly be wondering how to make it as special and memorable as it can possibly be. You will be investigating various Whitby wedding venues, thinking about colour schemes, and dreaming about the occasion. Here are three tips to keep in mind to ensure that your winter wedding is everything you hope it to be and more. 

The Colour Scheme 

Most brides who opt to have their wedding during winter will opt for a classic ice blue and white or silver colour scheme. Others who are combining their special day with the Christmas season may opt for more Christmas-y colours, like red, green and gold. However, it is your big day, so do not let traditions force you into selecting a colour scheme that you are not happy with. You can make anything work if you put a bit of effort into it! 

The Dress 

If you will be conducting your winter wedding outdoors, you will need to choose a wedding dress that provides extra warmth. One with sleeves is obviously a better selection than a sleeveless princess dress! Also, remember to pay attention to the fabrics used to make the dress. Silk mikado, faille, gabardine, brocade, moire and velvet are much warmer options to consider. 

The Wedding Venue

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a wedding venue for a winter wedding. Having said that, one of the best-loved Whitby wedding venues is that of the Royal Ashburn Golf Club. A Royal Ashburn wedding offers you the chance to maximize on the beautiful winter scenery, along with providing an indoor function venue for you to get the party started after you have exchanged rings and said ‘I do’. We offer winter wedding packages that cost as little as $99 per person, and we are able to accommodate up to 240 guests. 

Would you like to learn more about a golf course wedding at one of the finest Whitby wedding venues? Then get in touch with Royal Ashburn Golf Club today!

Why Golf Lessons Are the Perfect Christmas Present for Mom and Dad

What to buy the people who have everything? Christmas is coming and you’re struggling to think of ideas for what to get Mom and Dad. Why not consider a gift certificate for golf lessons?

Whether your parents are already golf enthusiasts who would love to improve their game or have never swung a club in their lives, getting them involved in the golf scene and helping them to learn the game can be a gift that will keep on giving. 

Regardless of how old your parents are – middle-aged and still working or retired seniors – golf would be an excellent activity for them to get involved in. It has proven benefits for mental and physical health. It’s also a great social activity and can introduce them to new friends, as well as being a great stress reliever. 

Golf is a unique activity in that it is relatively easy to learn but virtually impossible to master. This means that you can acquire the basics in a few lessons and then spend the rest of your life trying to master the game’s intricacies and challenges, tweak your technique, correct your swing and lower your handicap. That’s the fun of it – the constant improving and exploration, the revelations of your strengths and weaknesses. This may frustrate some people but if you just relax into it, it’s the source of the game’s true joy.

If your parents are already dabbling in the golfing world, then a few golf lessons will help them focus and improve their game and bring major improvements in a relatively short time.

Golf is fun and healthy, and lessons would make a great gift for your parents. Royal Ashburn Golf Club offers lessons. Buy a gift certificate for them to start learning from one of our certified instructors – your parents will definitely thank you for it.

6 Great Themes for a Milestone Birthday Party

Are you planning a major milestone birthday party? It can be difficult at times to create an event that stands out from any other, but when it comes to birthdays that mark the passage of important eras in our lives, it’s worth staging something unforgettable. Here are six themes to help stimulate your creativity. Each one has lots of room for variation and ideas of your own and, hopefully, opportunities to steer clear of the well-trodden path.

World Travellers

We’ve all been to Paris and New York-themed parties. They have been done to death, and they’re not what we mean here. There are thousands of other destinations that can serve as the basis for a fresh, fun and interesting theme. Why not Moscow, Cairo or Tahiti? Every place presents opportunities for inventive costume, decor and activity ideas. Pick one location that appeals to you, and then pull out all the stops to recreate it. You could even generate some variety and invite guests to represent their favourite travel destinations.

Festive Cosplay

This one’s for the movie, book or gaming nerds. Science-fiction, horror, anime and fantasy – film, television, gaming and literature. They’re hardly new ideas for parties…  But, how would you personally execute them? Choose something that really appeals to you. Instead of a basic cosplay, ask guests to come as characters from your favourite novel or movie. If your guests are all of the same minds, you could even turn it into a role-playing party, with each guest playing their character in a scenario you devise. 

Golden Era

‘Roaring 20s’ or ‘80s’ parties have perhaps become a cliché. But, you can always choose another era – perhaps one you’re particularly interested in. Why not play at jousting (a safe recreation of it of course) and feasting in a recreation of the age of chivalry? Or have people don coats and wigs as they get into the spirit of the Age of Enlightenment, complete with Mozart and Haydn accompaniments and minuet lessons? Think big and do your research – you can come up with something unforgettable. 

Celebrating Your Cause

Is there a cause or charity that’s close to your heart? Why not make your party all about that? Go green with a lamp-lit, electricity-free party – either indoors or under the stars. Ask guests to substitute gifts with donations to your favourite charity. Turn your cause into a celebration rather than a struggle.

Field of Play

Sports parties are not uncommon, however, you don’t see quite as many of them as some other themes. You can stage your party around a local, national or international sporting event taking place around the same time, be it a major clash between your favourite hockey team and their biggest rival, the FIFA World Cup or the PGA Tour. You could even just ask guests to represent their favourite sports teams. There’s plenty to play with here.

The Month of my Birth

Why not commemorate your birth by celebrating the month and year in which it took place? Do some research about the month you were born. What were people wearing? What music was in the charts? What was happening in the world? Who was the Prime Minister? Who was the President? What movies and TV shows were on? It could be great fun to recreate that era at your milestone party, to see how far both you and the world have come.

Need a venue for your incredible theme party? The Royal Ashburn Golf Club has several to choose from. Contact us to find out which one of our event halls will be best suited to your celebration.

Plan Your Own Party at a Stunning Banquet Hall

Looking for a banquet hall in the Durham region? The Royal Ashburn Golf Club is one of the leading Whitby venues. With many events that warrant a party, be sure to book your spot with us so that we can help you host the most memorable party of the year.

How Many Guests Can You Invite?

Our rooms offer the flexibility to seat any number of guests, from small intimate groups up to 240 in any required seating arrangement.

Special Event Packages

Our special event packages include a professional event coordinator, uniformed staff, emergency generators, floor-length white table linens, choice of coloured overlays and napkins, Royal Doulton china and sparkling stemware, microphone and podium, and more.

Our elegant rooms include the following:

  • The Compton Room: 
    {seating capacity 240} 
    Completely devoted to entertaining, The Compton Room on the upper level features an adjacent sundeck, glassed-in terrace and walk-out patio – all providing a spectacular view of the golf course. 
  • The Ashburn Room: 
    {seating capacity 160} 
    The Ashburn Room has sweeping banks of French doors that lead you to the solarium, where the large fireplace and the view from the windows overlooking your private outdoor terrace make this room the perfect place to host your pre-dinner reception. 
  • The Butler’s Pub & Grill: 
    {seating capacity up to 115} 
    Excellent for entertaining, the Butler’s Pub & Grill is an ideal location for your next social event. With private seating available for up to 115 guests, allow our events team to assist you with planning your next corporate function, birthday party, anniversary dinner, shower or milestone celebration.

New Year’s even is just around the corner – why not host your party here? We also have a spacious and comfortable clubhouse with many amenities, which is the perfect setting to leave interruptions behind and welcome the New Year. Contact us if you want to book a banquet hall in the Durham region today.

5 Reasons to Choose a World-Class Golf Club for Your Wedding Day

Golf clubs aren’t only great for hosting corporate golf days or playing a round of golf with your friends – they also make a great wedding venue. Here are five reasons why you should consider a golf club if you are looking to get married in Whitby, Ontario:

  1. The Setting
    Most people want an upmarket setting for their weddings. And, a golf club usually has the white linen, crystal glasses and banquet room to meet this need. If you want a venue that has a luxurious and exclusive feel to it, the Royal Ashburn Golf Club is it.
  2. Avoid A Busy Atmosphere on Your Big Day
    The last thing most bridal parties want is to run into each other in the hallways or bathroom. With multiple spaces and ballrooms, you can rest assured that your wedding party will have its own dedicated space on your big day. 
  3. Perfect Pictures
    The long, rolling fairways, beautiful flowers and trees that you will find at a golf club make for the best wedding photos.
  4. You Don’t Need to Be a Member
    At Royal Ashburn, you don’t need to be a golf club member to host your wedding at the venue. 
  5. Culinary Feasts
    With expert chefs and a whole culinary staff, your menu can be tailored and perfected for your wedding day.

If you’re looking for wedding venues in the Durham region, look no further than Royal Ashburn. Our most popular wedding packages include a professional wedding coordinator, uniformed staff, cake, gifts, bridal gardens for photography, LCD projectors and screen, microphone and podium, complimentary menu and wine tasting for the bride and groom, and more. Contact us for more information now.

These Are the Best Golf Courses in the Durham Region

Whether you are in search of the best golf lessons Durham has to offer or you are simply looking for the best golf courses in the Durham region to play a few rounds with your friends, you are likely on the hunt for a golf course that offers a challenge, has beautiful scenery and that is also close to home. With all of this in mind, we have put together a list of the best golf courses that are definitely worth a visit. 

Royal Ashburn Golf Course

The Royal Ashburn Golf Course is undoubtedly one of the best-loved golf courses in the Durham region. The golf course was originally created by Canadian Golf Professionals, Wilson Paterson and Bill Ogle. These two golfers aspired to design and build a world-class golf club in the Toronto area that would provide golfers of all experience levels and ages a world-class experience. In 1959, they purchased 225 acres of the most picturesque farmland in the Durham Region and started to build and develop immediately. In the spring of 1962, The Royal Ashburn Golf Club opened as an 18-hole facility, and has since developed into a top-notch facility, ranked among the Top 50 public golf courses in all of Canada, never mind just in Durham!

The Royal Ashburn Golf Club has not always been known by this name. It was originally opened as the Whitby Golf Club before becoming the Thunderbird Golf Club shortly thereafter. The golf club was finally dubbed the Royal Ashburn Golf Club in the spring of 2000 to commemorate the visit from His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, in September of 1999. The re-naming also tied the club to the community of Ashburn, who in the year 2000, were celebrating their 150th anniversary. Hence the name, The Royal Ashburn Golf Club, which is much more suitable to the first-class facility that they are today. To further reflect their history and contributions to the game of golf, The Royal Ashburn Golf Club was granted Armorial Bearings (coat of Arms) on September 15, 2006, granted to us by the authority vested in the Governor General to exercise the prerogative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada.

Oakridge Golf Club 

Oakridge Golf Club is celebrated for its pristine views and perfectly manicured lawns. The course offers 18 holes’ worth of challenging play for experienced golfers, as well as a sizeable driving range. It boasts a number of beautiful water features which also add an element of difficulty to the gameplay, along with a variety of deep and strategically-placed bunkers. 

Lakeridge Golf Club

The well-kept Lakeridge Golf Club offers access to two different golf courses, both with varying levels of difficulty. The first course, known as Lakeridge Links, boasts manicured surroundings and a natural setting for relaxing play. Its exceptional design features 18 championship holes spanning 6775 yards on 160 acres of natural rolling terrain. Since opening in 1989, Lakeridge links has continued to build its reputation around its diverse mix of challenging holes and universal appeal. It presents an enjoyable and demanding test of golf for all levels.

The second course at Lakeridge Golf Club is mid-size golf course called Whispering Ridge. It was first opened in 1996 and is well-designed to accommodate novice and advanced players alike. Bent grass tees and sculptured fairways, combined with picturesque views and virgin roughs, are the notable qualities that generate the increasing popularity of Whispering Ridge’s brisk 18-hole challenge.

Kedron Dells Golf Club

The Kedron Dells Golf Club is 155 acres of gorgeous green space and is a favorite among beginners and advanced golfers due to its balanced design. The golfing facility is dedicated to providing a quality golf course and Events Facility at affordable cost. In order to meet that commitment, the owners of the course strive to meet the principles of CANI (Constant And Never Ending Improvement).

Mill Run Golf Club 

Mill Run Golf Club is one of the largest golf and banquet facilities in Durham Region. It is a semi-private golf club set in the rolling hills of Uxbridge Township. Its members and clientele are drawn from Durham and York Regions and Metropolitan Toronto.

Deer Creek Golf and Banquet

The Deer Creek golf course is made up of two wonderful golf courses, namely the North Course and the South Course:

  • The Deer Creek North golf course is often referred to as “The Jewel” of Durham Region. The 27-hole signature design is considered to be among Ontario’s elite public golf courses. 
  • The South Course, on the other hand, is just as impressive. It boasts well-manicured tees and fairways, bent grass greens and several water hazards to offer a challenging game of play for the more experienced golfer. You can be sure to enjoy an enjoyable golf experience and plenty of visual delights as you play. 

The Oshawa Golf and Curling Club

The golf department at the Oshawa Golf and Curling Club is a full-service operation that allows members and guests to enjoy a complete and enjoyable golf experience. All who are lucky enough to play this century golf gem will not be disappointed. Not only does the golf course offer gorgeous views, but the club’s staff is also always on hand and fully conversant in the latest golf techniques and equipment if you have any questions. The course also features a full range of practice facilities – driving range, chipping areas and putting greens – along with lessons by knowledgeable professionals. 

The Oshawa Golf and Curling Club is also home to a golf club pro shop where you can buy all of your golfing equipment and attire. Members and guests are welcome to visit and purchase items from the pro shop. 

Wooden Sticks Golf Club

Wooden Sticks Golf Club is located in Uxbridge and has been a firm favorite among local golfers for 20 years. The Wooden Sticks golf course was designed by architect Ron Garl and features holes inspired by some of the most famous golf holes from around the world, offering all players a thrilling round of golf no matter their experience level. In fact, 12 of the 18 holes at Wooden Sticks were each inspired by a different famous golf hole from the PGA. Together with the balance of the course, they present a challenging and unforgettable golf experience. During your round, you will envision yourself playing off a road in Scotland, across a famous creek in Georgia, onto an island in Florida, and through pine forests in New Jersey.

Watson’s Glen Golf Club

The Watson’s Glen Golf Club golf course was designed by Kevin Holmes. It provides the more experienced golfer with a host of challenging greens and superior conditions – making for a top choice for an enjoyable round played with friends and family. Watson’s Glen Golf Club golf course is essentially a links-style course featuring bent grass tees, fairways and greens. Water comes into play on 11 holes and 90 well-placed bunkers add even further to the challenge.

What Makes a Great Golf Course?

When scouting out the best golf courses in the Durham region, it pays to know what to look out for and what really makes a great golf course stand out:

Conditioning: The first thing to look at when checking out a new golf course is how well maintained the greens and the facilities are. This alone will give you a decent idea as to whether or not the course is right for you.

Routing: Routing is one of the most important design features of a golf course. Take note of things like which direction the holes play. Has the course designer taken the prevailing wind direction into consideration? If not, this could make your game a lot more challenging and less enjoyable. 

For more information about the best golf courses in the Durham region, be sure to get in touch with us today.

Buying New Golf Clubs? Why It’s More Important to Get the Right Equipment Rather Than the Newest:

At this time of year, many manufacturers launch their new lines. While it’s exciting to get new equipment, it’s important that you get equipment that is right for you and not simply the newest. Here are a few tips from a golf fitting centre to make sure you get the golf clubs that are right for you:

The Price

Consider how much money you are prepared to spend on changing your irons and what you are hoping to gain from buying new irons. Questions to ask yourself include:  

  • Am I hoping to gain more distance and is the money going to make a difference? 
  • Would I be better off spending that money on a series of golf lessons? Many times, people set out on a journey to upgrade their equipment when they could have improved their game through training.

The Type Of Equipment

The equipment people play should depend on the capability of the golfer. Golfers new to the game or who would classify themselves as an intermediate or novice golfer should consider looking at game improvement irons. Game improvement irons typically have a lower center of gravity and are perimeter weighted to help the golf ball fly higher and allow for off centre hits to fly farther and straighter. Golfers who would classify themselves as intermediate to advanced may prefer to play irons that have more feel and allow the golfer to better shape shots into the green. Nowadays, there are plenty of clubs designed for both playability as well as feel and consulting an expert can help narrow the decision making process.


While everyone wants to hit the golf ball farther, there may be a trade-off between the feel and workability of the golf club and how far the ball will carry. Instead of focusing so much on distance, focus on the dispersion of golf shots into the green. Having the right combination of both shaft and iron head can allow you to not only hit the ball farther but also hit it closer to the hole. Once again, a proper club fitting can get you into the sweet spot and allow you to lower scores, which is far more important.

Looking for a golf club pro shop? Then visit the Royal Ashburn Golf Club today.

Why Have a Golf Club Fitting?

Whether you are relatively new to the game of golf or whether you have been teeing off at Durham golf courses for years already, there are many reasons as to why you may want to consider a professional golf club fitting.

What is a Golf Club Fitting

Essentially, a golf club fitting revolves around a professional customizing your golf clubs to suit you. This includes optimizing their length, weight, grip – basically, anything that can be adjusted will be. 

The Benefits of Getting Fitted for Golf Clubs

The vast majority of golfers will tell you that getting fitted for golf clubs is a must, especially if you are looking to see an improvement in your game. This is because golf clubs are literally fitted according to your swing. Another benefit is the fact there is plenty of amazing technology available in terms of golf club fitting that will provide you with the maximum advantage in the game. Never mind the fact that getting fitted for golf clubs at a golf club pro shop will provide you with a hearty confidence boost, and this is likely to improve your game quite drastically all on its own. 

Ultimately, getting a golf club fitting is worth it from a financial perspective as well. If you are already going to be investing in a brand-new set of golf clubs, you might as well make sure that your investment is of maximum value and that you will get the absolute most out of it! A golf club fitting will help to ensure that this is the case! 

Looking for the best place in Durham for a professional golf club fitting? Choose the Royal Ashburn Golf Club! For more information about the cost and the process, please be sure to get in touch with our team. 

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