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How To Make DIY Wedding Bouquets

Every bride and groom want to make their wedding extra special and unique. One of the best, least expensive and most affordable ways to do that is to make your own wedding bouquets.

Not only does it add a uniquely personal touch, but it can help you save money for other parts of your celebration.   

6 Steps to Creating Your Own Wedding Bouquets

First, they are your bouquets and you can do anything you like. The following step by step guide will help you learn a bit about flower arranging and how to put together a well designed bridal bouquet that will stay intact throughout the day.

  1. Get Your Flowers Together – If you have a favourite florist, or local grocery store, or even someone you know with a green thumb and a garden in bloom, they all can be sources for the flowers in your bouquet. Seasonal flowers can add even more unique character to the bouquet. You can choose colours to match your wedding colours or even the setting of the wedding (like if you choose a golf course wedding venue!).
  2. Organize a Work Space – Your kitchen is a great place, especially if you have lots of counter space. You’ll need clippers, floral tape, bouquet pins, a bouquet wrap (unlike the floral tape, this is seen by everyone, so it should look good and match your colours – ribbon always works), paper towels and a bucket or two of water.
  3. Prep the Flowers – Remove all the leaves from the stems, dethorn your roses and make sure to cut the stems to about the same length, you can adjust them later as needed.
  4. Start Arranging the Flowers – The first step is to think of a focal point as a base for the bouquet and choose two to four flowers to play the part. Warp together the stems off the base flowers of the bouquet with floral tape, leaving four or five inches of stem visible below the tape.
  5. Fill Out the Bouquet – Starting adding flowers around the base. Think about mixing and matching colours and textures. Be careful not to make the bouquet too big. Use floral tape to attach the flowers you add to the base, always wrapping the tape around the bouquet at about the same point.
  6. Wrap the Bouquet With Tape and Ribbon – When you finish adding all the flowers you want, wrap the bouquet one last time with floral tape. The bouquet should be quite sturdy by this point. Finally, wrap the exposed floral tape with your ribbon, pinning the ribbon to the tape as you go.

That’s it! Your very own bridal bouquets are all done.
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4 Simple Tips for Better Golf from Jason Day

Jason Day has an impressive resume in professional golf. A former World Number 1 with 12 PGA Tour wins, a PGA Championship and a Players Championship under his belt, he also set the record for the lowest score in a major, 20 shots under par, in his first major win at the 2015 PGA Championship. Along with Tiger Woods and Geoff Ogilvy, he is one of only three players who are multiple winners of the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship.

So when a golfer of his calibre offers tips for better golf, we should all listen carefully.

Jason Day’s Tips for Better Golf

With the idea of simplifying the execution of main shots, so you can concentrate on your game, not just your swing, Day offers the following three keys to better golf.

  1. Position Yourself for a Good Drive – We all want to walk up to the tee and crush the ball with all everything we have. To improve your chances of doing exactly that,  Day stresses the importance of three elements of your positioning and swing before you actually hit the ball.

    First, use a good solid stance, including even weight distribution between both legs and your toes and heels. Second, position the ball so it’s not too far back or too far forward. Third, use a slow takeaway which helps you be more aggressive through the ball.

  2. Be Consistent with Your Irons – “No matter what iron I’m swinging, my process stays the same,” says Day. First, his set up is neutral, including his grip on the golf club. Then, to hit down on the ball with the centre of the club, Day uses a shorter three-quarter swing. Finally, you should finish in the classic post-swing wraparound position, which is a sign of a good swing tempo and rhythm.

  3. Go Big with Your Short Game – Again, Day recommends consistency in your shots, saying “no matter what iron I’m swinging, my process stays the same.” Focus on a spot in front of the ball for a clean hit. Minimize wrist action for easier contact and a square clubface. Use your big muscles, or whole body, to power your shot, instead of mostly your arms and hands.

  4. Putt Sensibly – “My process on the greens has helped me become one of the best putters in the game. This is one area where the right type of practice will allow you to focus on line and speed when you play,” advises Day.

    Eye and hand positioning are key when you address the ball. Focus on the projected path of the ball and the face of the club, ensuring it is square to the path. Overestimate the distance to the hole before you swing.

Now that you’re stoked with tips from one of the top professionals in the game, why not book a round at the top golf course in Durham Region!

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3 Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas That’ll Have Them Screaming I DO!

You just got an unforgettable marriage proposal from your favourite person in the world. Now it’s time to start planning for the big day, including your golf course wedding venue! But first, you need to make some very important proposals of your own.

Make sure your besties are by your side to support you on your wedding day with these perfect bridesmaid proposal ideas.

Check Out These Creative Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids

Yes, your bridal party is an important part of your special day. But when you ‘pop the question’ to your future bridesmaids in a special way, you show them how important they are to you too.

  1. Give a Gift Box – Bridesmaid proposal boxes are a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for them taking part in your celebration. Pack personalized gift boxes filled with wedding-themed items like nail polish, hair ties and maybe a sweet treat. Top it off with a personal, handwritten note from you asking them the big question.
  2. Have a Wine Night – You’ve shared lots of good times, so why not make proposal night another great memory with just you and your crew. It can be drunk at your place or take it up a notch with a wine tasting event. In any case, after the ‘openers’, you can present each of your ladies with a custom-labelled wine bottle asking them to be part of the wedding party.
  3. Go for One-on-One Coffee Dates – You might want to do this for your maid of honour in any case. But you can make everyone in your party feel special by taking each of out for a quiet coffee date to ask the question. If you want to make it extra special, get custom made mugs or ask the barista beforehand to add your personal message to the cup.

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How To Organize A Charity Golf Tournament

We all like to support our favourite charity. And we all love golf. If you want to combine the two, all you need to do is learn how to organize a charity golf tournament.

Whether its a charity event, for business purposes or just a friendly challenge, running a golf tournament takes time and planning. But the following tips will help make your charity golf event a rousing success on all fronts.

Tips for Organizing a Charity Tournament

The most important part of planning your tournament is to give yourself enough time to do so properly. There will always be complications, but you’ll be better prepared for them with time on your side.

  1. Set Up a Planning Committee – Start by appointing a tournament director responsible for overall tournament coordination. Then, depending on the size and scope of your tourney, you may need to put individuals in charge of one or more of the responsibilities listed below.
  2. Pick Date and a Golf Course – These two go hand in hand because you can’t pick one without knowing that the other is possible. To give yourself the time advantage mentioned above, the tournament should be scheduled at least six months in advance. Look for golf clubs that are well located for your anticipated participants, like our Durham Region golf course which is convenient for everyone in the GTA!  The course should also offer help with planning your tournament, organizing tee times, reserving golf carts, arranging for food and beverage services and the “day of” logistics of your golf outing.
  3. Determine a Budget – You can plan the greatest tournament ever, but if the costs erode the amount you raise for your charity, it defeats the purpose. You may need a budget for promoting the tournament, greens fees and trophies among other elements of your event.
  4. Find Sponsors – Not only are you and your attendees interested in supporting a worthy cause, but many businesses like to have their name connected with charity events too. You can look for straight forward financial support, but also companies who want to donate prizes or gift certificates.
  5. Decide on a Tournament Format – You want to get as many golfers involved as possible, playing in a format that suits their abilities. The regular shotgun format, where each group of golfers starts their round on a different hole, is popular for tournaments. But it can be unfair if you have a significant number of inexperienced golfers. In that case, a Scramble of Best Ball tournament can level the playing field and make the event more enjoyable for everyone.
  6. Have Separate Contests Throughout the Day – Extra contests beyond just winning the tournament adds yet another level of enjoyment to the event. On the course, closest-to-the-hole and longest drive competitions are popular. But even before and after the round of golf, events like silent auctions and raffle tickets. And don’t forget an awards ceremony to cap off the day.
  7. Promote Your Event – With all the other elements in place, you’re ready to promote your event. If the charity you support maintains an email list, that can be a good, inexpensive place to start. Social media (#YourEvent) can also help spread the word for little or no cost.
  8. Get Ready for the Day of the Tournament – No amount of planning will help if you’re not fully prepared to run the tournament when it actually takes place. Again, your host golf course should help you with this and it wouldn’t hurt to assign this responsibility to someone on your committee.

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How To Increase Your Club Head Speed In A Golf Swing

Some golfers want to know how to increase club head speed in their golf swing because they feel it will be the solution to all that ails their golf game. It isn’t.

Increasing clubhead speed isn’t about swinging hard, it’s about generating controlled and well-timed clubhead velocity to improve the distance of your shots without sacrificing accuracy.

3 Tips for Optimizing Your Club Head Speed

The average amateur male golfer’s swing speed is between 130 and 145 km/h. That means just a small percentage increase in the maximum speed of your swing can add significantly to the kinetic energy that helps the ball travel further.

Try all these tips now so your swing will be up to “speed” when golf season starts.

  1. Listen to Your Swing – Did you pick up on the “well-timed” qualifier of swing speed we mentioned earlier? It means you only need maximum speed at the moment of impact with the ball. However, many golfers start swinging as hard as they can from the top of the backswing and all the way into their follow through. That wastes a lot of energy, control, and accuracy.
    Instead, they should time the maximum velocity to happen at the bottom of their swing. One way to practice this is to hold a driver or an iron upside down, gripping the shaft just above the club head. In a stance that you would use to make a shot, start swinging the club back and forth, increasing the speed gradually with each swing. Eventually, you’ll notice a “whooshing” sound created by the club travelling through the air. Practice making that whooshing sound loudest at the bottom of your swing, versus hearing it throughout your swing.
  2. Get a Good Grip – The grip of the club is far more important for correcting slices, hooks and club speed than most golfers give it credit for. While it’s never easy to change your grip, try to develop one that releases the club through impact to let the club head achieve maximum velocity and the perfect moment.
  3. Workout – Being in better shape will help your entire golf game. For club head speed, you need exercises that focus on your torso to increase hip and upper body strength for more twisting power and flexibility. Also, try swinging a weighted golf club to improve your swing-related muscles.

When you’re ready, putting your swing to the test on our premier Durham Region golf course is the only way to find out if your work has paid off.

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Do I Need A Wedding Planner?

Many engaged couples look forward to planning their wedding day. At least they do until they realize everything involved in the planning process. Still, many brides and grooms don’t consider hiring a wedding planner, even after they start butting heads on all the decision making. But if you’re falling behind in your planning, or you feel some professional tips would help, the answers to the following little questions will help you answer the big question of “do I need a wedding planner?”

How to Decide if You Need a Wedding Planner

Hiring a professional full-service planner can actually save you a lot of time, money and make the whole process more stress-free. If you still need convincing, the answers to the following questions might help.

  1. Do You Already Have a Venue? Reserving a venue for your ceremony and reception should be the first thing you do after your engagement. If you haven’t done so and time is ticking, a planner can help.
  2. Do You Have Family Members and/or Friends to Help You? If not, prepare yourself for more decisions and planning than you ever thought possible.
  3. Do You and Your Future Spouse Both Work Full-Time? That will put lots of pressure on your weekends and may even make it impossible to meet with some vendors who are only available on weekdays.
  4. Are You Planning a Destination Wedding? Planning a local wedding is much less complicated than remote planning for a far-away destination.
  5. Do You Know People Who Can Recommend Various Wedding Services? From photographers to limousine services, it’s a chore to find reliable sources without recommendations.

Royal Ashburn Golf Club is not only the premier golf course wedding venue in Durham Region, you also get the services of our professional wedding planner who will help you plan your big day from the moment you call to when you drive away on your honeymoon.

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What Is Match Play In Golf?

They say you play golf against yourself. The idea is, to win at golf, you need to focus on making your shots, versus reacting to and trying to outperform your opponents.

But, if you like the idea of playing against someone else, you’re in luck. You can try match play scoring rules. And if you’re wondering just what is match play golf, read on.

How Match Play Scoring Works

If you like direct competition, you’ll love match play because the golfer who wins the most holes wins the match. Unlike regular golf scoring, your total number of strokes for the entire round is irrelevant. Here’s how it works.

  1. One Opponent – Whether you play single-player or team match play, you play against only one opponent. Match play does not work for three or more individuals or teams.
  2. The Object – The basic object is to have more holes won than your opponent at the end of the match. You do that by trying to win each individual hole outright.
  3. Winning a Hole – The player or team with the lowest score wins the hole. It doesn’t matter if the score is above or below par, as long as it is better than the opponent’s score. When you win a hole, you are said to be “1 up” and your opponent is “1 down”. A tie means no one wins the hole.
  4. You’re Allowed to Concede a Hole – If on a given hole you are two shots down when your opponent putts out, you may concede the hole because there’s no way for you to win the hole. You can also give your opponent a ‘gimme’ on shots that you know they will make. But, depending on the score, you may want to be careful with your gimmes.

While match play doesn’t happen often on the PGA tour, there are many international tournaments, like the Ryder Cup, and match play is a popular option here at our Whitby golf club.
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Valentine’s Day Ideas the Two of You Will Love!

It seems like the year-end holidays were just here, but now February the 14th is just around the corner. And that means time to come up with a Valentine’s day gift for your special someone. This year, instead of the regular gift ideas, we thought we’d help you out with some Valentine’s Day ideas that go beyond chocolates in a heart-shaped box.

3 Valentine’s Date Ideas

We don’t want anyone thinking that there’s anything wrong with the usual gifts. After all, it’s the thought that counts. But your relationship is unique and putting some thought into something a little more special this year can help reflect and celebrate that.

  1. Write a Love Letter – Considering that you probably text and email each other many times a day, the idea of writing something might not seem so unusual. But taking the time to express your feelings in a handwritten letter, on romantic stationery, is not as common as it once was and will surely be appreciated by your partner.
  2. Plan a Unique Date Night  – You’ve been to the movies. You’ve been to restaurants. You’ve been to the clubs. This Valentine’s Day, it’s time for a date like you’ve never had before. Your personal tastes can be your guide, but there are options like ‘paint & sip’ classes where you enjoy a glass of wine while you learn to create your first masterpiece. Or you could try indoor rock climbing or visit a comedy club.
  3. Have Dinner at Your Favourite Whitby Golf Club – If you just love going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day dates, then why not make it extra special by joining us here at Royal Ashburn? You can even visit our Events page to choose what you’d like from our delicious Valentine’s menu. Don’t forget to RSVP!

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How to Win a Golf Match

You’ve had your golf swing analyzed. You’ve taken lessons. You’ve invested in good golf clubs. You try to get out on the course regularly. But, no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to figure out how to win a golf match.

First, there’s a greater difference between match play competitions and regular stroke play than many golfers realize. But, fortunately or not, like everything else relating to golf, the differences are largely in your mental approach to the game and the strategies you use on each hole.

5 Tips for Winning a Golf Match

The following tips should help you make the adjustment to match play tournaments and improve your chances of actually winning them.

  1. Practice Properly – Match play is more about consistency and winning each hole. On the driving range, work on the accuracy of your drives. On the practice green, take mostly long or short putts, they are the ones that can make you lose, or gain, the most strokes. While conceded putts might be part of match play, always assume you’ll have to hole out on every green.
  2. Don’t Try to Impress on the First Hole – Even if you’re a low-handicap golfer, save the intimidation factor for later. The risk of going for the jugular off the first tee is that, if you at all misplay it, it could affect your game for many holes to come.
  3. Be Ready to Change Your Strategy Quickly – The more aggressively you play, the higher the chance of misplaying a shot. If your opponent is playing well, you’ll have to stay aggressive. But, even if you start a hole in aggressive mode, be ready switch gears if your opponent gets into trouble. Continuing to be aggressive when you don’t have to can backfire.
  4. Treat it Like It’s a Normal Round – While you play the course with your match-play strategies in mind, over-thinking it and getting too involved in the ‘match’ thing can destabilize your game.
  5. Get to Know the Golf Course – If you’ve never played the course on which your match will take place, try to get in a round before the match. And if you’re looking for an excellent Durham Region golf course to set up a match-play tournament, look no further than Royal Ashburn.

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DIY Wedding Favour Ideas for 2019

If your wedding day is coming up in 2019, we hope your plans are well underway. Of course, some of the things on your ‘to-do list’ are a priority, like finding a wedding venue in Durham Region.

But showing your friends and family how much you appreciate them is important too. Wedding favors are a great way to do just that. To send your guests home with fond memories of the big day, in a budget-friendly way, check out the DIY wedding favour ideas we’ve assembled for you.

4 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas for 2019

Not only are DIY wedding favors more affordable, but your wedding guests will love something you made just for them. They are also something the bride and groom can do together as they get ready for the special day.

  1. Infused Oil – This is one of the easiest and most unique DIY wedding favours. You’ll need to buy some mini bottles and olive oil in bulk. Fill the bottles with the olive oil and infuse them with the herb of your choice, like chilli peppers, rosemary or thyme. Finally, add your personal labels.
  2. Naughty Hot Chocolate – This one is a sweet treat that can help your guest stay warm at a winter wedding. Add some hot chocolate powder and marshmallows to a mason jar and attach a miniature bottle of your favourite drink.
  3. Homemade Jam – Who doesn’t love jam?! Even if you’ve never done it before, it’s relatively easy to make jam in bulk. Just put the jam in small jars, add your special label and you’re done.
  4. Seed Packets – This is the wedding favour that keeps on growing. Use your imagination to decorate small paper bags or envelopes to hold the seeds. Don’t forget to include the growing instructions!

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