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7 Guidelines for Golf Course Etiquette

Golf might be the most unique sport in the world. First, unlike almost every other team or individual sport we can think of, there’s no set field of play, arena, stadium, court, track or layout in golf. In fact, no two courses could ever be exactly alike.

Second, in addition to the rules of golf, which are often applied in ways unique to each foursome, there are more ‘guidelines’ or ‘rules of etiquette’ in golf than in most other sports.

Finally, with the exception of its highest professional levels, there are no referees or judges in golf to make sure the game is played according to rules or guidelines. (Yes, the course marshals can keep things moving and address serious concerns, but there’s no one with a whistle to instantly call you out if you step outside the guidelines.)

Put it all together and it puts the onus for making sure that everyone can enjoy their round to its fullest squarely on every golfer.

As there are a few signs that the deep freeze of 2018 is thawing and anticipation of the first rounds of the year grows with each weather forecast, we thought it would be a good time to review some of the guidelines for golf course etiquette that every golfer should keep in mind.

1. Keep Pace

It would be great if we could all play at our own pace. But, unless you want to be alone on your own private course, you need to exercise some level of keeping pace to minimize delaying other golfers. No one should feel hurried while playing a round of golf, but no one should be so leisurely that it affects the groups behind you.

2. Respect the Course

It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain tees, fairways, bunkers, roughs and greens so that every golfer who uses the course can expect a consistent course. Fix ball marks with a ball mark repair tool or tee. Replace divots as best you can. Always rake a bunker after your shot and make sure to cover your tracks as you leave the bunker too. And definitely avoid damaging the course out of anger.

3. Silence is Golden

In addition to remaining quiet when someone is shooting, remember to stay ‘visually’ quiet by remaining still too. Also remember other foursomes around you. You might be between shots, but a nearby foursome may be teeing off. Except for warning golfers of an errant shot heading their way, there’s rarely a need to shout on a golf course. And please turn off or at least mute your cell phone.

4. Remember Golf Cart Etiquette Too

Carts leave tracks and tracks can affect the course and play. As much as possible, stick to cart paths, keep carts to the perimeters of the hole and don’t drive in single file with other carts.

5. Let Faster Golfers Play Through

It’s impossible for every group on a course to play at the same pace. If the group behind is constantly waiting for your group to play, consider letting them play through. If nothing else, it takes the pressure of you to make shots under the impatient glare waiting golfers.

6. Take Your Tee with You

Even if it’s broken, be sure to pick up your tee after your shot.

7. Don’t Walk on the Path of a Ball

Even your own. Especially when greens are wet, every step you take leaves an indent in the turf that can affect the travel of the ball after a putt.

It’s really not a lot to ask. And when you think of all things that can bother you during a round, if we all practice better etiquette, we’ll all enjoy a better round.

5 Ideas for Golf Tournament Games

As the new golf season approaches, you might be in charge of planning and managing a golf tournament for your company, organization or even for yourself and your friends. While just about anything related to golf is fun and enjoyable, tournament planning can get as complicated and involved as it is for planning any other event.

While we have given you tips for planning a corporate golf tournament to help you better manage everything involved, there’s one aspect that, while still involving a certain amount of decision making, might be more fun than others.

Golf Tournament Games

While most sports have variations of ways to play, like 3-on-3 for hockey, golf has seems to have more than any other sport. The good news is that means you can come up with lots of ways to add new levels of challenge and fun to a tournament. The bad news is you have a lot of tournament games to consider. Here are just a few:

1. Shotgun Start

If you have a lot of golfers in your tournament, a shotgun start is a great way to avoid having anyone wait around to begin play. In a shotgun start, all groups begin their round simultaneously by teeing off from different holes on the course. Their tee-off hole becomes the first hole in the round for the foursome. If you have a day-long tournament, the shotgun format means you can host the tournament for 120 or more golfers

2. Modified Shotgun

If you have fewer players, even not enough to start a group at every hole, but you still want to minimize waiting times and the overall time it takes to run the tournament, a modified shotgun format is the answer. Just like a shotgun start, all your groups will start and end the tournament at the same time, but there will be additional public and member golfer play surrounding your event. Your golfers must also maintain a certain pace of play so as not to interfere with the surrounding golfers.

3. First Tee Start

Like the name implies, groups in a first tee start tournament tee off in from the first tee one after the other. This is a great format for smaller groups whose golfers may be more familiar with each other as it allows more time for socializing and even a bit of friendly banter at the end of the round when golfers can cheer each other on from behind the 18th

4. Nine Hole Event

One of the main reasons many companies and organizations avoid staging golf tournaments, despite the game’s popularity within the organization, is the amount of time it can take to play a round of golf. Try as they might, perhaps the biggest logistical goal of any tournament is to find a common time when all your invitees can spare the amount of time it takes to play a full round of 18 holes, and take part in any pre- and post-tournament festivities.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits that come from hosting a corporate or community golf tournament, but you want to minimize the time commitment needed to participate, a nine-hole event gives you the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking for more great ideas to make your tournament more enjoyable, get in touch with us here at Royal Ashburn.

The Buzz on Tiger Woods

From just about the moment he joined the PGA Tour. (he turned pro in August 1996 and go his first PGA Tour victory at the Las Vegas Invitational in October 1996) Tiger Wood’s career unfolded in an unerringly forward path. Of increasingly more wins, higher earnings and even greater speculation about whether he is the best golfer ever.

Unfortunately for Tiger, for the PGA, for golf’s popularity, for golf fans everywhere and, well, for just about anything to do with golf. Once that career started hitting some bumps, starting with injuries Woods suffered in 2008, the trajectory has almost completely reversed. With the exception of a couple good seasons in 2012 and 2013, Woods has been off the leaderboards, inconsistent in his play and, generally, uninspiring. Couple that with the almost simultaneous unraveling of his personal life. Today instead of wondering if he’s the best-ever, you can’t be blamed for wondering what else can go wrong.

But, if you’re a real fan of the game, both as a player and watching a great match on TV, you probably wonder something else too. Actually, it’s more of a hope rather than a wonder. You remember all of the edge-of-your-seat moments Tiger gave us, the seemingly impossible approaches landing in eagle range, the putts that seemed to carry for hours, over hill and dale, never knowing it was going to sink until it did. (OK – we gotta bring up the fact that perhaps Tiger’s most amazing approach shot was right here in the GTA at the 2000 Bell Canadian Open at Glen Abbey. If you haven’t seen what he did after landing in a fairway bunker on the 18th hole, over 200 yards, and a water hazard, from the pin, check it out here.

Those memories are what give you hope. Hope that you can once again live moments like those. And it all comes down to the question “will Tiger be able to compete, at least in a couple tournaments, like he did before and show us glimpses of his brilliance as a golfer?

Is This the Year of the Tiger?

Early in January, the golf news was abuzz once again with the news that Tiger is back from yet another surgery. But we’ve heard it all before. Like last year when Wood’s hoped-for return was once again sidelined with more back surgery, his fourth since 2014.

With the approach of the Farmers Insurance Open, which ran from January 24 to 28 at Torrey Pines, (where Tiger won the 2008 U.S. Open after a 19-hole playoff against Rocco Mediate), media speculation was running wild about Woods’ chances for yet another comeback, this time after back-fusion surgery last April.

If you managed to catch any of the tournament on TV, the first thing you would have noticed is that Woods hasn’t lost any of his ability to attract a crowd. Never in the history of golf have so many been so interested in a player so low in the rankings. Before the tournament, Woods’ world ranking was 668, which is up from 1,199 after his performance in December’s Hero World Challenge. A performance that fueled much of the pre-tournament buzz around Tiger.

So, how’d he do?

On paper, not bad, as Tiger Woods’ comebacks go. Tiger finished the tournament at -3, tied for 23rd, one shot ahead of Canadian Corey Conners. Woods might have even been a shot better if not for an enthusiastic fan who shouted ‘get in the hole’ in the middle of Tiger’s back swing for a birdie putt.

Following the tournament, the media pundits seem to agree that there’s more reason for optimism in this return of the Tiger than the previous comeback tries. While there were signs of the wince-inducing struggles he’s faced in recent years, there were at least as many signs of the sheer brilliance, confidence and power (with at least one wind-aided shot approaching the 350 mark) that was almost enough to make you feel nostalgic

No one knows if Tiger will finally return to some form similar to what we all remember. But, so far so good, and that means it’ll be a lot more fun to watch any early-season tournaments that Tiger enters. They could be historic.

How to Start Getting Ready for the Golf Season Right Now

Now that we’re through the holidays and well into 2018, it’s only a matter of time until the start of golf season. That means, even if we’re suffering through record freezing temperatures outside, it’s time to start getting ready for golf season. If you’ve never taken some off-season steps to keep in golf shape before, you’ll be surprised at the difference doing so just a few times a week will make in how quickly you get back to your peak game.

But, short of going to the golf dome or planning a trip down south (though their weather seems a little on the cold side too), how can you keep in shape on a day-to-day basis?

First, just about anything you do will help, so the most important thing is simply to do something. Try to set up a regular schedule which will help you keep on track.

Once you’re doing something, don’t overdo anything. Very often people will get into a routine of activity, fall in love with it and think that more is better. But there is an optimal point of activity that’s different for everyone. Not only will going past it end up in diminishing returns for your extra effort, but you run the risk of doing more damage than good and starting the season on the sideline.

While there are many ways to keep in great golf shape in the off-season, we make the following suggestions because of how easy they are to do, the fact that they involve little or no cost and that, together, they will help keep all or most parts of your game in shape.

1. Putt Everywhere

Whether you use a proper putting cup, which we recommend because they’re not expensive and most closely imitate the action of the ball around the hole, or a coffee cup, use them whenever possible on a carpet to practice your putting.

Mix it up by trying different locations and shot lengths around the house. Give yourself a challenge by setting up a mini-putt course, including obstacles like having to shoot through the legs of a chair.

You can also put towels under area rugs to create changes in elevation. In any case, try to practice your putting a few times a week.

2. Do Some Strength Training

You should always consult a doctor or trainer before getting into any kind of strength-training routine. But look for exercises that strengthen your core, arms, and legs – or just about every part of your body!

3. Take 100 Swings a Day

Like Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours, Hank Haney believes that the best way to build a great base for improvement is to make 100 practice swings with an iron every day. Yes, this might mean heading out in the cold, but you can handle that, can’t you? Especially if it’s in the name of improving your game. You don’t need a ball, and if you have a high enough ceiling, you don’t even have to go outside.

In addition to building muscle memory for your swing, you’ll also get a great golf-based workout that improves your strength and flexibility. It will also keep your hands tough to reduce the chance of blistering in the spring.

4. Try Some Yoga

If/when you get into yoga, you’ll swear it was created just for golf. Interestingly, golf and yoga are very similar, involving movement of the body through three planes of motion, side to side, front to back and rotational. That means that most yoga poses help some part o your game, while also improving your balance, core strength, breathing, and focus.

If nothing else, setting up a regular program of some or all the activities listed above will improve your overall conditioning and leave you in better shape.

A Small Golf-Club Buying Guide for Beginners

Even if you finally got the driver of your dreams for Christmas, hopefully, the wonderful person who gave it to you knew that you had gone through all the proper steps before choosing it.

Beginner golfers and more advanced golfers alike are not always experts on choosing the right clubs for their game. But, a golf swing is such a complex thing and the intricacies of each one can mean significant differences in scores depending on the club used.

Very often, the cost of a club is the main determinant of its suitability for your game. While less expensive clubs, bought from a non-golf retailer can save you money, you might not learn the game properly or gain the confidence you need due to a higher rate of duffed shots. And, no matter how good you are, your swing may not suit the stiffer shafts of some of the more expensive drivers.

Without further ado, here are just a few tips for better golf-club buying, for both beginners and experienced golfers.

1. Buy from a Golf Specialist

It’s easy to think that, because you’re just starting, it’s a waste of money to get clubs that are more expensive. But, on the contrary, it might be a waste of money if you don’t buy clubs that give you the highest chance of successfully picking up the game. Specialized golf stores and pro shops at golf clubs are the best places to buy clubs because they understand what beginners need, they know how to assess your swing (even if it isn’t fully developed), and they understand a range of clubs so they can make the right choice for your particular game.

2. Try Them Yourself

One of the things a specialty pro shop can help you with is giving you the opportunity to try different clubs. The best pro shop will suggest options, but the rest is up to you. You’ll need to take a few swings and determine for yourself which club is the best one.

3. Consider a Half Set of Clubs

Most beginners just need to keep swinging and try to make good contact to get their game into shape. Having every iron available can be a waste. The differences in the shot between consecutive irons is so subtle, it can be difficult for beginners to appreciate. Opting for a half, or at least smaller set of clubs can save you money while giving you more time on each club so you can better appreciate the differences when you begin using other clubs later on.

4. Try Perimeter-Weighted Club Heads

Golf club heads are usually weighted closer to the ‘sweet spot’, or the center of gravity of the club, to maximize driving distance. But beginners can have a more difficult time hitting that sweet spot, which can affect your swing in two ways. First, hitting outside the sweet spot will reduce your driving distance. Second, it will also increase the amount of vertical twist the club might go through due to an off-center hit, which will further reduce driving distance.

Like the name suggests, perimeter-weighted clubs distribute the weight of the club head around the perimeter of the club face, thereby greatly increasing the size of the sweet spot and reducing the incidence of club rotation due to off-center hits.

There are lots more ways of choosing the right clubs for your game, but many of them depend on your swing. The Pro Shop at the Royal Ashburn Golf Club is open throughout the winter, so you can take your time in finding the perfect clubs to optimize your game.


Start Planning Your 2018 Golf Calendar

First and foremost, we hope that all our members, guests, staff, and colleagues enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year 2018.

Even though it seems like summer didn’t arrive until late August in Durham Region, 2017 was a fantastic year here at Royal Ashburn. From when we opened the course this year on April 12th, right though Halloween (we squeezed out every day possible!), it was a memorable year on and off the course.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

1. The Rock & Royal Invitational Tournament presented by 94.9 The Rock

We were happy to work with the great people at 94.9 The Rock, including morning show hosts Craig Venn and Lucky, on this year’s The Rock & Royal Invitational that was played on June 20th.

2. 2017 CCAA National Golf Championships

We were proud to be the host course for the 2017 PING Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Golf National Championships on October 17 to Oct. 20th. It was a great weekend of golf and we really enjoyed working with all the good people associated with the Championship, including the host school Durham College and the Durham Lords team.

3. Justin’s First Hole-In-One

Just because you’re a golf pro, it doesn’t mean that holes-in-one come easily. Royal Ashburn’s head golf pro, Justin Hawe shot his first-ever hole-in-one on the 164-yard 7th hole on October 26th.

4. Personal Celebrations

We pride ourselves on being a great host and venue for any event, large or small. 2017 was as busy a year as any of our catering staff and venue managers. While the events were too many to mention, we enjoyed hosting Braydon’s 7th birthday party, Carol’s retirement party and Rishi and Dimple’s wedding.

We wish we could relive all the great memories we enjoyed in 2017, but we just don’t have the bandwidth!!

But looking back on 2017 filled us full of anticipation for 2018. And then we realized, even as the holiday season and New Year’s celebrations are upon us, maybe all the other golfers out there who are chomping at the bit too.

If you’re one of them, there’s no time like the present to start planning your golf calendar for 2018. While we’re still finalizing events and dates for 2018, there are golf-related activities that you can start thinking about and planning to make your 2018 golfing season the best ever.

Again, there are too many things you can do get more enjoyment from golf to list here, but these should get the ideas flowing.

1. A Different Golf Vacation Destination

Of course, visiting the southern U.S. during the winter for a golf vacation is always a good idea. But have you ever thought of taking it up a notch?

While you might not want to be on their links in the middle of January, you can golf on some courses year-round in the UK. It’s a great place to get a jump on the season because their courses are usually in full swing by March.

If you like the warmer southern destinations, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa are all becoming increasingly popular golf destinations.

Once summer rolls around, you shouldn’t forget the great Canadian golf destinations we have, including Vancouver Island, the Rockies, the Laurentians, PEI and Cape Breton – and right here in Southern Ontario!

2. Plan Your Own Tournament

Again, it’s great to golf a round with your friends and colleagues, even have a bigger group teeing off one after the other. But it’s much easier and less expensive than you think to host your very own tournament. Whether you just want to get every golfer you know in one place for an enjoyable day on the Links, or you have a favourite cause that you would like to support, not only will your own tournament help you get there, it’ll create a cherished golf memory that you and all your guests will never forget.

3. Keep Your Game in Tune

If you’re wondering hat we mean, we didn’t want to say ‘golf lessons’ because we know they are not always top of the list of things to do for experienced golfers. But every golfer, from Dustin Johnson on down, can improve their game and keep it in top form with regular lessons.

If you’re thinking of doing more golf-related activities in 2018, now’s the time to start planning your golf calendar. Give a call here at Royal Ashburn, we’ll be glad to help.

What’s The First Step in Planning Your Wedding?

If you can’t find a checklist for planning your wedding online, your internet must be down. Once you manage get one that seems to make sense for your wedding, you’ll probably notice that ‘choose/decide/reserve your venue’ is well down the list, behind items like ‘set budget’, ‘start guest list’ and ‘pick your wedding party’.

Of course, every step in planning your wedding is very important in having the day unfold as you would like it to. But we would suggest at least one reason why you might want to move “venue”, including the setting for the ceremony, up to the top spot on your list.

Your can have many different reasons for choosing a particular place for your ceremony and/or reception. You might choose them because of location, price, services offered, the beauty or other attraction of the setting, or simply because its available on the date you want.

Regardless of why you chose a particular place, we suggest you think about if differently. Again, we suggest this for both the nuptials and the reception.

Planning your Wedding is all About the Experience

Yes, who you invite is important, and so are the floral arrangements, and the entertainment too. But it’s not about any one of those things alone. If there is one, single focus for your entire wedding, it is the experience that you create for yourself and your guests.

At once, your wedding is a very personal, once-in-a-lifetime experience between you and your partner and, at the same time, it’s a shared experience of celebrating the union with your family and friends.

While you might feel that setting a budget is your first step, we suggest that you should decide on the experience you want to have, and that you want your guests to have, before finalizing anything.

Of course, if you want a far off tropical destination and Katy Perry performing at the reception on a 400-foot yacht, that might stretch your budget just a touch. But the idea is to find a setting and venue that’ll deliver a unique, lasting experience, but that is realistic for the average budget.

If, after looking at all the numbers, the setting and venue are pushing things a bit, then maybe you can look at some of the other costs to make the experience happen.

Create the Right Experience for Your Wedding

‘Experience’ isn’t only about settings and the right touches. It can get right into the small details. Here are just a few things to consider for having a wedding that is uniquely you.

1. The Wedding Ceremony

If you’ve always wanted a traditional or religious ceremony, then a house of worship might be the best setting. If you’re looking for something a little different, but still befitting the significance of the moment, an outdoor ceremony, in a beautiful garden setting designed specifically for weddings is an option.

2. The Wedding Reception

Yes, a beautiful room, floral arrangements and place settings are a must. But you and your guests will also appreciate culinary creations prepared by professional chefs and a level of service that makes everything feel extra special.

3. Locations

This is one of those details that many people don’t consider. Yes, the day is yours, and if you choose a to have a ceremony downtown, and a reception in the country, that’s great. But, again, thinking of the experience you want you and your guests to enjoy, consider having the ceremony and reception in the same place. That way no one has to travel or try to find ways to pass the time between the ceremony and reception.

4. Advice & Assistance

Creating a memorable wedding experience can be difficult considering you don’t do it every day. Wedding planners can help you make everything unfold as it should. But they aren’t your only option. If you find a venue with professional wedding coordinators who will help you every step of the way, from the first one you take down the aisle to the last one as you leave to begin your life together.

Start Planning Now!

That’s really your first step. The sooner you reserve the right setting for your wedding, the less chance you’ll have of being disappointed that you had to make a compromise. Call us here at The Royal Ashburn Golf Club. We’ve been creating memorable wedding experiences in the most beautiful setting for over 40 years.


4 Unique Gift Ideas for Golfers on Your Christmas List

If you’re a golfer, or there’s one in your life, you know that the game is always ‘front-of-mind’, even in the middle of winter. While that can be a problem if you’re chomping at the bit throughout the cold months, it’s a bonus if there’s someone like this on you gift list. You sure don’t have to think too long about what to get them for Christmas. Here are some Great Gift Ideas for Golfers!

Maybe you just need a stocking stuffer, like a new pair of gloves, or you’re really in love and you want to get that driver that he or she’s been hinting about, but too cheap to buy for themselves. In any case, a golf gift will always be a hole-in-one under the tree.

If you want to make a real impression this year, here are just a few ideas for the golfers on your list that are a little different than the usual club covers or shoes.

1. Their Own Golf Tournament

How cool is it when you get invited to a golf tournament? It’s a chance to play for some real bragging rights, meet new people and, well, yet another great excuse to enjoy a round of golf.

So why not give a golfer his or her own tournament? You can set one up for groups as small as 12. Invite close friends, or golf companions, or work colleagues, or have a family tournament, or any other circle of people you can think of.

Maybe your golfer is reaching a certain milestone in their personal lives or career that’s worth celebrating in a way like no other event can. If there’s a charity or cause that the golfer supports, then you can use that as the theme for the tourney and help to raise money and/or awareness.

2. Golf & Dine

On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you want a more intimate way to celebrate and enjoy the game with just you two, or a group of close friends. A golf and dine package makes for a perfect day of a great round of golf followed by a delicious meal.

If you reserve a golf and dine day here at Royal Ashburn, not only do you get to enjoy our meticulously maintained course and all its amenities, you can savour the cuisine of our Executive Chef, Brent Hockley, whose culinary creations use only the finest, freshest ingredients, locally-sourced whenever possible and perfectly prepared in our kitchens.

3. Golf Lessons

More than just perfecting your swing, great golf instruction involves a more holistic approach to improving your entire game and enjoyment of it. This means incorporating a variety of learning techniques like classroom instruction, golf-specific physical fitness routines and video swing analysis.

You can choose lessons that are specific to the golfer, including whether they are a beginner, novice or experienced; man, woman or junior; and/or just if they want to improve a particular part of their game, like chipping, pitching and bunker play.

4. A Golf Club Membership

Having a membership at a leading golf club raises the level of play and enjoyment of the game to new heights. Available for all skill levels and ages, memberships give the golfer the opportunity to enjoy the game in club events and leagues, in addition to reduced rates on their regular rounds.

Other member privileges include advanced tee-time bookings, reduced rates for family and friends and discounts in the pro shop. And with a wide variety of memberships available, from unlimited playing privileges any time, to reduced rates at certain times, there’s a membership package that’s right for every golfer and budget.

If you would like to get more gift ideas for the golfers in your life – or find one for yourself that you can start hinting about – get in touch with us here at the Royal Ashburn Golf Club, we’ve got lots of them!

5 Tips for Planning a Corporate Holiday Party Your Staff Will Love

If there’s one break that corporate event planners and human resources teams catch from the calendar. It is that you get lots of warning about the approaching holiday season. Once Thanksgiving is over, there’s nothing until the year-end holidays.

Still, despite the massive lead time, the ‘company party’ seems to always turn into logistical hornet’s nest of solving questions like “where do we have it?”, “when will we get the best turn out?” and “what different dietary requirements do we need to cover?”.

The downside of all those logistics, the costs involved and the fact that many staff either can’t attend or choose not to, is that many companies have decided to not throw holiday parties.

It’s a shame. The company holiday party is usually the only time of year when everyone gets together in a social setting to share a meal and talk about something other than work. And the benefits of that shouldn’t be underestimated.

It Shows Gratitude

The best leadership comes through example. While a holiday bonus and extra time off are great ways to show your appreciation for everything your team does throughout the year, a holiday party adds a level of gratitude with a personal touch.

It’s Great for Morale

As job roles carry more and more responsibility and time pressures, businesses can lose sight of the ‘fun factor’ and the benefits it has for overall productivity. A holiday party is an opportunity for everyone to relax and enjoy each other’s company without the pressures of a deadline.

It’s Builds Teamwork

When your staff experiences a fun and exciting social event, it increases their familiarity with each other familiarity and the common experiences they share. That shared experience helps bring people closer and breaks down some of the barriers that can get in the way of working well together.

Considering all the benefits to be enjoyed, it makes sense for businesses to overcome the hurdles of having a company party and focus on hosting a year-end celebration that staff will not only want to attend, but one that will maximize the benefits.

Tips for planning a successful corporate holiday party

With that in mind, here are a few tips for making this year’s corporate holiday celebration the best ever.

1. Location, Location, Location

The basis for any great event is its setting. Creating the right vibe by choosing a location that people want to visit, one with the right facilities, amenities and services, is your first step in having a successful gathering. And the sooner you book the venue, the better.

2. Food & Refreshments

Whether you choose a full-service meal or a buffet. You need to cater to your guest’s tastes and every dietary need. Finding a venue that can do that for you is an added bonus. And while you want everyone to enjoy themselves, remember to encourage them to do so responsibly.

3. Engage Employees

Consider ways to get all your staff involved even before the event. From planning a fun awards ceremony to getting playlist submissions for the entertainment, the more input everyone has, the more likely they are to attend and enjoy themselves.

4. Get Social

In addition to printed and emailed invitations. Create an Event on Facebook for the party, set up a #HolidayParty hashtag. Use images from past events to build a buzz on social media.

5. Extras

Think of ways to really set your event apart. Things like providing transportation to and from the event. Having a photo booth, a friendly “Our Company’s Got Talent” competition and gift bags. Use your creativity; there are lots of ways to make the year-end celebration truly fun, exciting and memorable.

Get the Help You Need – It’s not easy to plan such an important gathering on your own. When you are choosing venues, look for those that can offer ideas and the help you need to make them happen.

Check out the Royal Ashburn Golf Club Events page to learn more about planning a successful holiday party and experience.

The Unforgettable Beauty of a Golf Course Wedding

Think about all the great modern conveniences that help make life easier. From being able to do your banking without ever having to stand in line at a bank, to starting your car without a key, new technologies seem to come along daily to help us do things faster and/or easier.

So when will someone make it easier to plan a wedding?

Anyone who’s been involved with wedding planning knows. That with the sheer number of options available today for every aspect of the wedding. The job of choosing the best ones for you seems more difficult today than it ever was.

Before, when you were ready to go ahead with your wedding, you had an engagement party and sent out invitations. Today, you need a website, Facebook page, Save-the-Date announcements, #hashtags – and still send the invitations and plan a party. And then the real work starts.

Finding the Right Setting

One of the major tasks of any wedding planning is choosing the setting for the nuptials and reception. If you’re planning a more religious ceremony, you’ll likely exchange vows in a house of worship. But many couples are choosing options like garden weddings, or ‘destination’ weddings in exotic locales, where the ceremony and reception happen in the same place.

The combination of the natural setting and reception facilities on-site is an attractive option that transforms the ceremony and reception into a single, continuous celebration.

The beauty of a golf course in the spring

The Beauty of a Golf Course Wedding

The first thing most couples need to know about planning their ceremony and/or reception at a golf course is that it doesn’t have to have anything to do with golfing. A beautifully groomed golf course (like the one we have here at Royal Ashburn!) gives you a stunning, natural setting for your ceremony all year round.

In addition to the beautiful surroundings, there are many more advantages to choosing a golf-course wedding. And some of them are exclusive to Royal Ashburn!

1. Bridal Gardens

If you prefer a garden wedding ceremony, Royal Ashburn gives you the option of two gardens designed and built specifically for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The Cedar Garden features a custom-built pavilion nestled in a grove of trees. Entrance to the Woodland Garden starts under a unique. Covered entryway to a winding path that all make ideal backdrops for wedding photographs.

2. The Right Rooms

Larger golf clubs will offer a variety of options for room sizes to accommodate every weeding, from the most intimate to the grandest.

3. Complete Meals and Refreshments Packages

Golf clubs have top-notch chefs and servers already in place to serve their club members. That means you get a choice of meals, bar services and extras to make your wedding reception everything you want it to be.

4. Wedding Planning

If you prefer, on-site personnel can help you with everything for the perfect wedding, from finding an officiant to booking the band, and everything in between.

5. Lots of Space

Unlike having your ceremony in a crowded hotel, golf clubs offer the space that helps your ceremony feel more relaxed and enjoyable. And there’s lots of on-site parking for all your guests.

The Royal Ashburn Golf Club has served as the beautiful setting for unforgettable weddings for over three generations. We are one of the few golf clubs in the area with dedicated, custom-built bridal gardens, all meticulously designed and maintained to be the perfect backdrop for your ceremony and reception. Get in touch with us today and get your wedding planning off to a great start and learn more about Royal Ashburn Golf Course weddings.

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