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A Club Fitting Is An Investment Into Your Clubs

As much as golf clubs are an investment in your game, a club fitting is an investment into your clubs. Countless golfers are playing clubs that aren’t designed for them and are quite possibly the cause of poor golf shots on the course. A good swing with a bad club can be a recipe for disaster and undue stress.

With modern golf clubs being priced as they are, a proper club fitting assures that you are getting the most value for your money, as well as a product that best suits your swing. Fitted clubs are sized correctly for you and have various characteristics that help you hit the shot shape you desire and can lead to increased distance, accuracy, and consistency.

What we Track?

Here at The Royal Ashburn Golf Club we use the Trackman radar system to measure your club and ball data  accurately and efficiently choose the correct equipment for you. Trackman measures how the club and ball are interacting at impact and then tracks the golf ball for its entire flight. This gives us immediate and precise feedback that clearly shows how one club is performing when compared to another. Trackman allows both the fitter and customer to see why and how come one product performs differently then another and why we choose the equipment we do.

Fittings are performed with the entire product line-ups from Titleist, PING, Callaway, and TaylorMade. Whether you are specific in what equipment you choose to play or would like to try out multiple offerings for multiple manufacturers; we have all the options you desire.

Our goal is to provide you a 1-on-1 personal experience with the highest quality equipment and a superior level of service and customer care.

Pricing for fitting sessions:

$100+hst for woods or iron sets

$200+hst for an entire bag (Woods, Irons, and Wedges)

Those looking to book an appointment or have any questions about the service, please feel free to email our Head Club Fitter Rob at

Proudly serving Oshawa, Whitby, Port Perry, Pickering, Ajax, Clarington and the GTA

The Benefits of Junior Golf Camps for Young Golfers

If there is one big benefit of enrolling your budding golf pros in junior golf camps. It is that it gets them out of your hair for at least a week in the summer.

If that isn’t reason enough for you, then consider all the benefits of learning the game from an early age.

Unique in all of sport, golf combines the physical health benefits of the extended outdoor activity. With the challenges of playing ‘against’ oneself. If you didn’t start to play golf until you were somewhat older. Then think of how good your game would be if you started sooner. So why not give your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews the opportunity you would have loved and enrolled them in a junior golf camp.

Benefits of Junior Golf Camps

Here are just some of the other benefits they can enjoy in a junior golf camp.

1. Learn the Game Properly from the Start

Unless you took lessons from the moment you started playing golf, you know how damaging bad habits can be to your game. Imagine how much more enjoyment your children will get from golf throughout their lives when they know how to play the game properly from the start.

2. Improve Focus & Concentration

In an online, digital world of instant information and short attention spans, golf can help improve a player’s powers of concentration and focus across hours of play.

3. Benefits for a Future in Business

Who knows what your children will do for a living, but the golf course is well known as a place to foster business relationships.

4. Sharpen Socialization Skills

Golf helps young people learn more about etiquette, fair play and simply communicating with others.

5. Develop Tools to Deal with Adversity

If you play against yourself in golf, sometimes you make a bad shot. How you handle those times are as important to your game as making a good shot. And the same skills can be used elsewhere in life.

If you would like to learn more about the Junior Camps and/or Junior League here at Royal Ashburn Golf Club, contact us today.

4 Warm-Up Stretches to Do Before You Tee Off

Whether you do or you don’t, warming up, or improving your warm up, before a round of golf can have a bottom-line benefit on your scorecard.

Even if you visit the driving range before a round to get your swing in gear, warming up can speed up the process and get your swing into mid-round form even on the early holes.

Warming up also helps minimize aggravating any soreness or minor injuries too. You should definitely warm-up if you have any sensitivity in your shoulders, knees or just about anywhere because golf is truly a full-body sport.

To get a better idea of what stretches to do before golfing, think of every part of your body that you use in a golf swing from the ground up. Now stretch each part. ( NOTE: If you feel any pain, twinges or sensations while warming up, stop immediately.)

1. Legs & Lower Body

Squats and lunges are great for your legs, hips and lower back.

A. Squats

A good squat starts with your legs shoulder-width apart. Keeping your back straight, bend at the hips, pushing your butt backward. Lower your hips to the ground. Do not let your knees move forward past the ends of your toes.

B. Lunges

Keep your upper body vertically straight, hold your shoulders back and your chin up while staring at a point straight in front of you. Step forward with one leg, and lower your body until both knees, are at about a 90-degree angle. Don’t let your lower knee touch the floor. Push back up to a standing position and repeat the lunge with your other leg. Try 10 reps to start.

2. Core

While just about every warmup you do will engage your core, you need to stretch it too. A few side bends will do the trick. With your legs shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips, bend at the waist, first to the left, then to the right. Repeat 10 to 15 times. You can try the side bends while holding a club across your shoulders with both arms.

3. Arms & Shoulders

Standing straight, legs shoulder-width apart, hold your swing arm straight across your body, towards your other arm, parallel to the ground. Using your other arm, pull your extended swing arm close to your body. You can add a turn at the waist to the direction your swing arm is pointing. Do the same for the other arm. Repeat three to five times.

4. Neck

Neck rolls are always a good way to stretch your neck. Facing forward, slowly rotate your head in a circular, clockwise direction. Repeat the full rotation three times, then do the same for a counter-clockwise rotation.

Every little bit helps in golf and warming up can make a big difference. Why not reserve a tee time here at Royal Ashburn Golf Club so you can practice your new warm-up routine!

8 Gorgeous Golf Course Weddings at Royal Ashburn

Spring and summer aren’t just golf season, they’re golf course wedding season too. Many people are surprised to learn that for three generations the Royal Ashburn Golf Club has helped brides and grooms celebrate their love and union in the unique beauty of a golf course setting.

And the setting is just the first feature of a wedding at Royal Ashburn. From your choice of landscaped bridal gardens for an outdoor ceremony, to beautifully appointed reception rooms and complete catering services for weddings of all sizes, everything you need for a dream wedding is right here at Royal Ashburn.

Here are just a few gorgeous weddings and receptions held here at Royal Ashburn to give you an idea of how you can celebrate your nuptials.

Montana & Lucas

Spring time golf course weddings | Royal ashburn golf course

When your engagement photos were shot at a conservation area. The setting of your wedding better turn it up a notch on the natural setting. Our beautiful Cedars Garden provided the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

Jaycé & Brady

 Winter golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

Not all weddings can happen in warm months. But a snow-covered setting can be be just as beautiful. You can schedule your wedding year-round at Royal Ashburn.

Jake & Laura 

Golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

The rain held off for Jake and Laura’s outdoor wedding ceremony at Royal Ashburn. The clouds and pink blooms made for a dramatic backdrop for photos on our beautifully manicured grounds.

Gerry & Monica 

Golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

June has been the preferred month for weddings since Roman times. A little more recently, Gerry and Monica enjoyed a perfect June day. For the outdoor wedding ceremony and indoor reception at Royal Ashburn.

Sarah & Mike 

 Outdoor golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

We talked about enjoying year-round wedding celebrations at Royal Ashburn and September is no exception. Just ask Sarah and Mike.

Valene & Kyle 

Beautiful chapel for golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

A picturesque setting for your wedding is just one benefit of holding your ceremony and reception at Royal Ashburn. Having everything in one place, from a wedding garden. To stunning settings for your wedding photography and well-appointed reception rooms. This gives you more time to enjoy your special moment, instead of travelling all over town.

Camille & Rob 

Golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

The colour green was present throughout this beautiful ceremony. From the beautiful green bridesmaids dresses, set against the natural greenery of a golf course, to the colour scheme for the reception.

Brian & Jacqueline 

Sunset golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

Imagine celebrating your union with your family and friends among the trees, flowers and beautifully maintained grounds here at Royal Ashburn. Brian and Jacqueline did, and then they made it happen.

If you would like to learn more about enjoying your special day in the special setting of a golf course wedding ceremony here at Royal Ashburn, get in touch with us today.


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How the Weather Affects Your Golf Game

We sure have had some wacky weather this winter and spring here in Whitby and the Toronto area. It started with people being able to enjoy rounds of golf into November last year, went to a minus 20 degree Celsius deep freeze at the start of the year and now spring time seems to have stalled.

It all got us thinking about how the weather can affect your round of golf. In addition to the overall effect weather trends can have on delaying or extending the golf season, and the ever-present influence of the wind, or the lack of it, weather conditions on any given day can be a factor in the distance you get from the tee and on the fairway.


Warm air rises because it is not as dense as cold air. That produces three major effects on your golf game.
First, the thinner air reduces drag on the golf ball, which increases driving distance. Second, there is less lift from less dense air, so the ball won’t get the same loft. Finally, the lower trajectory reduces slices and hooks.

Barometric Pressure

If you never pay attention to the barometer readings on weather reports, you should if you’re heading to the golf course. Lower barometer readings mean lighter air which produces the same effects on your shots as warmer air.


When the weather person talks about ‘relative humidity’, start listening. The humidity reading is a reflection of the moisture content of the air. Drier air is denser, which creates more drag on the ball and reduces the distance it travels.

Don’t expect these weather conditions to change your golf game drastically. For example, testing using a swing machine showed an increase of 1.3 yards for every 12 degrees C increase in temperatures. But when you include other variables like the wind, the effects can be amplified.

Trackman Radar Tracking

It has arrived! Our Trackman radar tracking is here!

We have recently taken delivery of our Trackman radar system, and have partnered with Titleist to become a regional fitting center for the Durham area. We would like to introduce Robert, our new Head Club Fitter here at Royal Ashburn. He has recently been visiting the Titleist National Fitting Centre at Eagle’s Nest and has been trained by Titleist staff to deliver the highest quality fittings to our valued customers. That combined with his Trackman training has provided him with the tools needed to find the right equipment to fit your swing.

Anyone who is playing off the rack clubs, or even in some instances, hasn’t been fit recently enough is potentially leaving strokes on the course. Whether its consistency you’re after or you are simply looking to gain some distance, a proper club fitting is the fastest and easiest way to make a noticeable change in your game. We invite you to come see our new fitting facility at Royal Ashburn where our helpful staff can help you improve your game and lower your scores.
If you are interested in a fitting please visit our website and fill out our assessment questionnaire

6 Tips for a First-Time Golfer

The biggest mistake anyone who wants to learn the game of golf can make is to avoid taking up the sport because of concerns about being a ‘first-time golfer’. Everyone on every golf course was a first-time golfer at some point.

Maybe you’re really interested in learning the game, or it would be a good career move, or you want to share yet another activity with your partner, family or friends. But whatever the reason, you owe it to yourself to learn the game properly and start to enjoy all the fun, healthy activity and companionship that golf has to offer.

To help you get into the swing of things (forgive us for that one!), here are a few tips to remember when you’re just starting out in golf.

1.Don’t Buy New Clubs Right Away

From the moment you start to golf, your game will constantly improve as long as you play regularly. Golf clubs can be a big investment. Good quality clubs are designed to help experienced golfers make better and/or more consistent shots. But their benefits will not help a first-time golfer learn to play any faster or better. And you have no way of knowing which are the best clubs for you until you learn more about the game and your style of play.

Instead, borrow a set of clubs or buy a used set to learn with. Then wait until you know more about the game and how you play it before investing in a new set of clubs.

2.Take Lessons

Hitting a golf ball properly means developing a good swing, and a good golf swing comes from developing good mechanics. If you start on your own, you can adopt bad mechanics that will be difficult to correct later on. Making the investment in lessons from professional instructors as soon as you begin to play the game will pay off in boosting your confidence, avoiding mistakes and learning the game faster and better.

3.Learn the Rules of the Game

If you think ‘hitting a birdie’ means you injured one of our fine feathered friends, well, you should brush up on the rules of the game. The more you know about the game and how it’s played, the more you will understand what you need to do and why you need to do it. And the more fun you will have.

4.Watch Golf on TV

There’s no better way to learn about the rules, how to swing and other parts of the game, like club selection, than by watching the best players in the world. They make it all look easy. But after you start to play, you will appreciate their level of skill and get a better idea of the direction you need to go with your own game.


Like anything you do, practice makes perfect. Take every opportunity you get to swing a club, whether it’s on the course or on the driving range. Especially if you invest in golf lessons, practicing helps you put into play everything you learn.

6.Let it Happen

Golf is a game in which you compete against yourself. Everyone learns to play at a different pace. If you feel you haven’t improved after your first few rounds, try not to be frustrated or discouraged. Regardless of what happened the last time you played, focus on having a better round next time.

If you would like to take private or semi-private lessons from the trained and certified golf instructors here at Royal Ashburn, get in touch with us today.

Golf Club Membership is More Than Joining a Club

If you’ve been considering a golf club membership as the next stage of your enjoyment of the game, your thoughts have probably revolved weighing the costs versus what you get from membership.

Of course, membership fees are a very important consideration. Golf club memberships aren’t like joining the local gym. Maintaining a golf course and facilities means an ongoing investment. Needless-to-say, you wouldn’t want to be a member at a course that didn’t make that investment.

But the importance of membership fees as part of your overall consideration of joining a club means you owe it to yourself to also consider everything that you’ll get from your investment. Without thinking about all of the benefits that come from membership, you may be robbing yourself of a level of participation and enjoyment of the game you love so much.

The Benefits of Golf Club Membership

When thinking about joining a club, many golfers consider the savings they get on greens fees and other golf club privileges against the cost of their golf club membership.

As important as they are, savings on greens fees and other club features are just the start of the benefits membership can bring. Here are just some of the other benefits, privileges and advantages of becoming a member here at the Royal Ashburn Golf Club:

Choose Your Membership Option

Different golfers may want different things from their golf club membership. At Royal Ashburn, we have recognized this by offering a broad range of membership options based on how much you want to play, when you want to play, and even membership packages for youth and seniors.

Take Advantage of Pro Shop Discounts

Every membership includes a 20% discount of all regularly-priced soft goods at the Royal Ashburn Pro Shop. The Shop is open year-round (so you can start using your discount right away) and carries a wide variety of top-quality equipment and apparel as well as specializing in tournament and corporate gifting.

Get Into Tournaments and Leagues

All our members are welcome to play in the Monday League and they don’t have to pay the entry fee for the annual Club Championship (excluding Monday and Summer members). Most golfers have enjoyed tournament play at some point in time. But club tournaments and leagues take that enjoyment to a new level of friendly rivalries and competition.

Become a Member of Golf Ontario

Indulging in your favourite pastime means more than just getting on the course. Your membership at Royal Ashburn includes membership in Golf Ontario. With a history dating back over 80 years, Golf Ontario helps build and promote the game of golf across the province and, in partnership with other provincial golf associations, across Canada.

Bring Your Family & Friends

As a member of Royal Ashburn you will make many new connections with people who also love the game. But that doesn’t mean you can’t include your family and friends.
First, every member is welcome to host family and friends at the Club any day of the week after 4:37 p.m. for discounted greens fee of $33 + hst. Second, every member receives three guest passes that allows them to play the course any time for the VIP member rate.

From advanced tee-time bookings that gives members access to tee-times before the public, to other golf-related and social events throughout the year, there are many more advantages to membership at Royal Ashburn. If you are considering joining our Club, you owe it to yourself to learn more about everything that membership brings. Please contact us we will be happy to answer your questions and even show you around.

7 Guidelines for Golf Course Etiquette

Golf might be the most unique sport in the world. First, unlike almost every other team or individual sport we can think of, there’s no set field of play, arena, stadium, court, track or layout in golf. In fact, no two courses could ever be exactly alike.

Second, in addition to the rules of golf, which are often applied in ways unique to each foursome, there are more ‘guidelines’ or ‘rules of etiquette’ in golf than in most other sports.

Finally, with the exception of its highest professional levels, there are no referees or judges in golf to make sure the game is played according to rules or guidelines. (Yes, the course marshals can keep things moving and address serious concerns, but there’s no one with a whistle to instantly call you out if you step outside the guidelines.)

Put it all together and it puts the onus for making sure that everyone can enjoy their round to its fullest squarely on every golfer.

As there are a few signs that the deep freeze of 2018 is thawing and anticipation of the first rounds of the year grows with each weather forecast, we thought it would be a good time to review some of the guidelines for golf course etiquette that every golfer should keep in mind.

1. Keep Pace

It would be great if we could all play at our own pace. But, unless you want to be alone on your own private course, you need to exercise some level of keeping pace to minimize delaying other golfers. No one should feel hurried while playing a round of golf, but no one should be so leisurely that it affects the groups behind you.

2. Respect the Course

It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain tees, fairways, bunkers, roughs and greens so that every golfer who uses the course can expect a consistent course. Fix ball marks with a ball mark repair tool or tee. Replace divots as best you can. Always rake a bunker after your shot and make sure to cover your tracks as you leave the bunker too. And definitely avoid damaging the course out of anger.

3. Silence is Golden

In addition to remaining quiet when someone is shooting, remember to stay ‘visually’ quiet by remaining still too. Also remember other foursomes around you. You might be between shots, but a nearby foursome may be teeing off. Except for warning golfers of an errant shot heading their way, there’s rarely a need to shout on a golf course. And please turn off or at least mute your cell phone.

4. Remember Golf Cart Etiquette Too

Carts leave tracks and tracks can affect the course and play. As much as possible, stick to cart paths, keep carts to the perimeters of the hole and don’t drive in single file with other carts.

5. Let Faster Golfers Play Through

It’s impossible for every group on a course to play at the same pace. If the group behind is constantly waiting for your group to play, consider letting them play through. If nothing else, it takes the pressure of you to make shots under the impatient glare waiting golfers.

6. Take Your Tee with You

Even if it’s broken, be sure to pick up your tee after your shot.

7. Don’t Walk on the Path of a Ball

Even your own. Especially when greens are wet, every step you take leaves an indent in the turf that can affect the travel of the ball after a putt.

It’s really not a lot to ask. And when you think of all things that can bother you during a round, if we all practice better etiquette, we’ll all enjoy a better round.

5 Ideas for Golf Tournament Games

As the new golf season approaches, you might be in charge of planning and managing a golf tournament for your company, organization or even for yourself and your friends. While just about anything related to golf is fun and enjoyable, tournament planning can get as complicated and involved as it is for planning any other event.

While we have given you tips for planning a corporate golf tournament to help you better manage everything involved, there’s one aspect that, while still involving a certain amount of decision making, might be more fun than others.

Golf Tournament Games

While most sports have variations of ways to play, like 3-on-3 for hockey, golf has seems to have more than any other sport. The good news is that means you can come up with lots of ways to add new levels of challenge and fun to a tournament. The bad news is you have a lot of tournament games to consider. Here are just a few:

1. Shotgun Start

If you have a lot of golfers in your tournament, a shotgun start is a great way to avoid having anyone wait around to begin play. In a shotgun start, all groups begin their round simultaneously by teeing off from different holes on the course. Their tee-off hole becomes the first hole in the round for the foursome. If you have a day-long tournament, the shotgun format means you can host the tournament for 120 or more golfers

2. Modified Shotgun

If you have fewer players, even not enough to start a group at every hole, but you still want to minimize waiting times and the overall time it takes to run the tournament, a modified shotgun format is the answer. Just like a shotgun start, all your groups will start and end the tournament at the same time, but there will be additional public and member golfer play surrounding your event. Your golfers must also maintain a certain pace of play so as not to interfere with the surrounding golfers.

3. First Tee Start

Like the name implies, groups in a first tee start tournament tee off in from the first tee one after the other. This is a great format for smaller groups whose golfers may be more familiar with each other as it allows more time for socializing and even a bit of friendly banter at the end of the round when golfers can cheer each other on from behind the 18th

4. Nine Hole Event

One of the main reasons many companies and organizations avoid staging golf tournaments, despite the game’s popularity within the organization, is the amount of time it can take to play a round of golf. Try as they might, perhaps the biggest logistical goal of any tournament is to find a common time when all your invitees can spare the amount of time it takes to play a full round of 18 holes, and take part in any pre- and post-tournament festivities.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits that come from hosting a corporate or community golf tournament, but you want to minimize the time commitment needed to participate, a nine-hole event gives you the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking for more great ideas to make your tournament more enjoyable, get in touch with us here at Royal Ashburn.

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