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The Benefits of Junior Golf Camps for Young Golfers

If there is one big benefit of enrolling your budding golf pros in junior golf camps. It is that it gets them out of your hair for at least a week in the summer.

If that isn’t reason enough for you, then consider all the benefits of learning the game from an early age.

Unique in all of sport, golf combines the physical health benefits of the extended outdoor activity. With the challenges of playing ‘against’ oneself. If you didn’t start to play golf until you were somewhat older. Then think of how good your game would be if you started sooner. So why not give your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews the opportunity you would have loved and enrolled them in a junior golf camp.

Benefits of Junior Golf Camps

Here are just some of the other benefits they can enjoy in a junior golf camp.

1. Learn the Game Properly from the Start

Unless you took lessons from the moment you started playing golf, you know how damaging bad habits can be to your game. Imagine how much more enjoyment your children will get from golf throughout their lives when they know how to play the game properly from the start.

2. Improve Focus & Concentration

In an online, digital world of instant information and short attention spans, golf can help improve a player’s powers of concentration and focus across hours of play.

3. Benefits for a Future in Business

Who knows what your children will do for a living, but the golf course is well known as a place to foster business relationships.

4. Sharpen Socialization Skills

Golf helps young people learn more about etiquette, fair play and simply communicating with others.

5. Develop Tools to Deal with Adversity

If you play against yourself in golf, sometimes you make a bad shot. How you handle those times are as important to your game as making a good shot. And the same skills can be used elsewhere in life.

If you would like to learn more about the Junior Camps and/or Junior League here at Royal Ashburn Golf Club, contact us today.

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3 Responses to “The Benefits of Junior Golf Camps for Young Golfers

  • Thanks for explaining some benefits of junior golf camps. It’s good to know that the camps could help a player improve their concentration because of the hours of play they do. It seems like a good way to develop concentration skills, especially if the children can practice golfing every day for a long while.

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