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at Royal Ashburn

Introducing the AIM Golf Academy at Royal Ashburn Golf Club. AIM has partnered with Royal Ashburn to provide beginner golfers to elite level players a home for all their coaching, instruction and club fitting needs.  The AIM Golf Academy is built on a foundation of health and wellness and provides every golfer a TRUE holistic approach to coaching and instruction.




Leading the Industry

PGA of Canada Professional, Brandon McLeod, AIM’s founder and Director of Instruction has partnered with Honsberger Physiotherapy, an industry leading sports physiotherapy clinic in Canada and with Lou Berkovits, a certified fitness, yoga and Pilates instructor and Lululemon Legacy Ambassador.  The AIM professional team will work together to help our members play the best golf of their life and become stronger, more flexible and reduce aches and pains.  Join our AIM community and bring out the athlete within you.


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Brandon McLeod, PGA of Canada Professional and founder of AIM Golf Academy. Learn more about Brandon’s personal journey and how the AIM Golf Academy at Royal Ashburn came to fruition.


Enhancing Your Overall Health

Our specialized AIM monthly plans begin with a Biomechanical assessment completed by the Honsberger physiotherapy team, followed by a swing analysis by our Director of Instruction.  The swing analysis utilizes the Trackman 4 system, V1 video analysis and the V1 pressure mat.  The AIM assessments provide an in depth understanding of the member’s swing and how their body contributes to the success or detriment of their swing.  Our team will provide a clear path for the golfer to develop the correct motor patterns and sequencing for the golf swing.  Members will learn the movements without a golf club to speed up the incorporation of the new movement in their golf swing. 

AIM monthly coaching and instructional programs are structured to provide a minimum of one lesson and one practice session with the Trackman system.  The practice time allows the member to work on monthly lesson concepts and drills.  All monthly programs include weekly AIM Movement classes.  Classes can be taken at Royal Ashburn with our trainers or at home by downloading each week’s movement practice.  Our holistic approach to teaching will help members gain accurate control of new motor patterns and own their swing.

Our AIM movement program is unique and one of a kind.  It was developed by our team specifically for the golfer.  It was designed to help beginner golfers and aspiring professionals or elite amateurs to maximize their skills and performance on the course!


The game that is bringing people together (from a safe distance) at a time when we need it most. If you’re looking to take up the game of golf for something to do, be warned – you may just fall in love with it, in fact, you probably will! Have a look at our golf lesson programs and see which best fits you. Not sure? We can help.

This is not yoga or pilates!

The AIM Movement program is a robust series of movement practices specifically designed to enhance the golfers performance, mobility skills and body awareness.  At the AIM Academy we believe that every golfer is an athlete and everyone is able to do athletic things.  What distinguishes one player from the other is their desire to excel to their highest level of performance.

AIM Movement is split into three main principles:


AIM movement programs are based on the ancient concepts of “yin and yang”, creating balance and harmony.  We strive to create exceptional golfers through specific and purposeful movements and actions, thoughtful golfers through rest and self reflection.

Drawing from various yoga and Pilates influences the AIM Movement sequencing programs are very unique and are intended to cultivate the body’s ultimate range of motion, body awareness and ultimately fine tuning the golfer’s mind-body connection.

We are excited to announce that for the 2021 season The Honsberger Physiotherapy team will be opening a satellite clinic onsite at Royal Ashburn.  This year you will be able to get your physiotherapy treatment at Royal Ashburn.  Having lower back issues, shoulder or knee pain?   Come see a Honsberger physiotherapist who is connected with your pro and will cater your therapy needs to the goal set in the AIM Assessment for your golf game.

The golf swing is a complex motor pattern, one that requires the time to allow the brain to create a strong neural pathway to the muscles for complete control of the movement.  One of the great benefits of the AIM Golf Academy at Royal Ashburn is that everything is under one roof.  Please join us at Royal Ashburn and train with an exceptional and passionate team of experts ready to create a customized program just for YOU!!


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