Why Golfing is Great for Your Health


Feeling the pull of Durham golf courses and keen to open yourself up to something new? If you are looking for a sport that can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace (by anyone, regardless of age), yet is also still great for your health, then you simply cannot go wrong with golf! Below, we examine a few reasons why this age-old game of skill fits so well into a healthy lifestyle as well as why you should definitely consider taking it up as a new hobby! 

It Gets You Outdoors

One of the main reasons why golf is such a great health booster is the fact that it gets you outdoors, into the sunshine while ensuring plenty of fresh air. Did you know that sunshine and a good dose of Vitamin D are proven to improve your mood? Plus, there is nothing better for a hearty endorphin release than sinking that difficult putt! 

It Is Decent Exercise

Walking 18 holes (or even half that amount) equates to some pretty impressive exercise. Better yet, you will be enjoying playing the game so much, you probably will not even notice that you are starting to break a sweat. The best type of exercise is the exercise that does not feel like exercising at all! 

It Improves Muscle Tone

If it is your goal to get fit, strong and perhaps shed a few extra pounds in the process, golf is the way to go. Golfing is known to improve muscle tone and endurance. When played in conjunction with an otherwise healthy lifestyle (in other words eating in moderation, getting plenty of sleep, and so on), it is also known to boost weight loss over time. 

So, which Durham golf courses should you be visiting if you want to take up the game? The Royal Ashburn Golf Club is the place to be! For more information on learning how to play, custom club fitting, memberships and more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us

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