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When Should You Take Lessons Versus Get A Golf Club Fitting

After being golf fitted, the result is clubs that are sized correctly and perform in such a way that they control a golf balls flight. Whether it’s to manage various missed shots or in order to alter launch, trajectory, and control spin, a golf club fitting identifies your needs and the most appropriate equipment is recommended to achieve the desired result.

A golf club fitting is a process that attempts to make the best out of the swing you currently have, while lessons set out to improve your swing. Both are valid strategies for playing better golf.

This is most effective when a golfer has a somewhat repeatable golf swing (not necessarily a perfect one) and a consistent miss or ball fight. Golfers with a two-way miss or erratic club delivery may benefit more from lessons in order to groove in a more consistent swing. There are few things more frustrating or penalizing than a golfer thinking a shot will go in one direction but having it end up flying in the total opposite one.

If you think you’d benefit from a gold club fitting, give us a call and we’ll make an appointment for you to make the most of your game!

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