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4 Unique Gift Ideas for Golfers on Your Christmas List

If you’re a golfer, or there’s one in your life, you know that the game is always ‘front-of-mind’, even in the middle of winter. While that can be a problem if you’re chomping at the bit throughout the cold months, it’s a bonus if there’s someone like this on you gift list. You sure don’t have to think too long about what to get them for Christmas. Here are some Great Gift Ideas for Golfers!

Maybe you just need a stocking stuffer, like a new pair of gloves, or you’re really in love and you want to get that driver that he or she’s been hinting about, but too cheap to buy for themselves. In any case, a golf gift will always be a hole-in-one under the tree.

If you want to make a real impression this year, here are just a few ideas for the golfers on your list that are a little different than the usual club covers or shoes.

1. Their Own Golf Tournament

How cool is it when you get invited to a golf tournament? It’s a chance to play for some real bragging rights, meet new people and, well, yet another great excuse to enjoy a round of golf.

So why not give a golfer his or her own tournament? You can set one up for groups as small as 12. Invite close friends, or golf companions, or work colleagues, or have a family tournament, or any other circle of people you can think of.

Maybe your golfer is reaching a certain milestone in their personal lives or career that’s worth celebrating in a way like no other event can. If there’s a charity or cause that the golfer supports, then you can use that as the theme for the tourney and help to raise money and/or awareness.

2. Golf & Dine

On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you want a more intimate way to celebrate and enjoy the game with just you two, or a group of close friends. A golf and dine package makes for a perfect day of a great round of golf followed by a delicious meal.

If you reserve a golf and dine day here at Royal Ashburn, not only do you get to enjoy our meticulously maintained course and all its amenities, you can savour the cuisine of our Executive Chef, Brent Hockley, whose culinary creations use only the finest, freshest ingredients, locally-sourced whenever possible and perfectly prepared in our kitchens.

3. Golf Lessons

More than just perfecting your swing, great golf instruction involves a more holistic approach to improving your entire game and enjoyment of it. This means incorporating a variety of learning techniques like classroom instruction, golf-specific physical fitness routines and video swing analysis.

You can choose lessons that are specific to the golfer, including whether they are a beginner, novice or experienced; man, woman or junior; and/or just if they want to improve a particular part of their game, like chipping, pitching and bunker play.

4. A Golf Club Membership

Having a membership at a leading golf club raises the level of play and enjoyment of the game to new heights. Available for all skill levels and ages, memberships give the golfer the opportunity to enjoy the game in club events and leagues, in addition to reduced rates on their regular rounds.

Other member privileges include advanced tee-time bookings, reduced rates for family and friends and discounts in the pro shop. And with a wide variety of memberships available, from unlimited playing privileges any time, to reduced rates at certain times, there’s a membership package that’s right for every golfer and budget.

If you would like to get more gift ideas for the golfers in your life – or find one for yourself that you can start hinting about – get in touch with us here at the Royal Ashburn Golf Club, we’ve got lots of them!

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