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What’s The First Step in Planning Your Wedding?

If you can’t find a checklist for planning your wedding online, your internet must be down. Once you manage get one that seems to make sense for your wedding, you’ll probably notice that ‘choose/decide/reserve your venue’ is well down the list, behind items like ‘set budget’, ‘start guest list’ and ‘pick your wedding party’.

Of course, every step in planning your wedding is very important in having the day unfold as you would like it to. But we would suggest at least one reason why you might want to move “venue”, including the setting for the ceremony, up to the top spot on your list.

Your can have many different reasons for choosing a particular place for your ceremony and/or reception. You might choose them because of location, price, services offered, the beauty or other attraction of the setting, or simply because its available on the date you want.

Regardless of why you chose a particular place, we suggest you think about if differently. Again, we suggest this for both the nuptials and the reception.

Planning your Wedding is all About the Experience

Yes, who you invite is important, and so are the floral arrangements, and the entertainment too. But it’s not about any one of those things alone. If there is one, single focus for your entire wedding, it is the experience that you create for yourself and your guests.

At once, your wedding is a very personal, once-in-a-lifetime experience between you and your partner and, at the same time, it’s a shared experience of celebrating the union with your family and friends.

While you might feel that setting a budget is your first step, we suggest that you should decide on the experience you want to have, and that you want your guests to have, before finalizing anything.

Of course, if you want a far off tropical destination and Katy Perry performing at the reception on a 400-foot yacht, that might stretch your budget just a touch. But the idea is to find a setting and venue that’ll deliver a unique, lasting experience, but that is realistic for the average budget.

If, after looking at all the numbers, the setting and venue are pushing things a bit, then maybe you can look at some of the other costs to make the experience happen.

Create the Right Experience for Your Wedding

‘Experience’ isn’t only about settings and the right touches. It can get right into the small details. Here are just a few things to consider for having a wedding that is uniquely you.

1. The Wedding Ceremony

If you’ve always wanted a traditional or religious ceremony, then a house of worship might be the best setting. If you’re looking for something a little different, but still befitting the significance of the moment, an outdoor ceremony, in a beautiful garden setting designed specifically for weddings is an option.

2. The Wedding Reception

Yes, a beautiful room, floral arrangements and place settings are a must. But you and your guests will also appreciate culinary creations prepared by professional chefs and a level of service that makes everything feel extra special.

3. Locations

This is one of those details that many people don’t consider. Yes, the day is yours, and if you choose a to have a ceremony downtown, and a reception in the country, that’s great. But, again, thinking of the experience you want you and your guests to enjoy, consider having the ceremony and reception in the same place. That way no one has to travel or try to find ways to pass the time between the ceremony and reception.

4. Advice & Assistance

Creating a memorable wedding experience can be difficult considering you don’t do it every day. Wedding planners can help you make everything unfold as it should. But they aren’t your only option. If you find a venue with professional wedding coordinators who will help you every step of the way, from the first one you take down the aisle to the last one as you leave to begin your life together.

Start Planning Now!

That’s really your first step. The sooner you reserve the right setting for your wedding, the less chance you’ll have of being disappointed that you had to make a compromise. Call us here at The Royal Ashburn Golf Club. We’ve been creating memorable wedding experiences in the most beautiful setting for over 40 years.


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