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How To Make DIY Wedding Bouquets

Every bride and groom want to make their wedding extra special and unique. One of the best, least expensive and most affordable ways to do that is to make your own wedding bouquets.

Not only does it add a uniquely personal touch, but it can help you save money for other parts of your celebration.   

6 Steps to Creating Your Own Wedding Bouquets

First, they are your bouquets and you can do anything you like. The following step by step guide will help you learn a bit about flower arranging and how to put together a well designed bridal bouquet that will stay intact throughout the day.

  1. Get Your Flowers Together – If you have a favourite florist, or local grocery store, or even someone you know with a green thumb and a garden in bloom, they all can be sources for the flowers in your bouquet. Seasonal flowers can add even more unique character to the bouquet. You can choose colours to match your wedding colours or even the setting of the wedding (like if you choose a golf course wedding venue!).
  2. Organize a Work Space – Your kitchen is a great place, especially if you have lots of counter space. You’ll need clippers, floral tape, bouquet pins, a bouquet wrap (unlike the floral tape, this is seen by everyone, so it should look good and match your colours – ribbon always works), paper towels and a bucket or two of water.
  3. Prep the Flowers – Remove all the leaves from the stems, dethorn your roses and make sure to cut the stems to about the same length, you can adjust them later as needed.
  4. Start Arranging the Flowers – The first step is to think of a focal point as a base for the bouquet and choose two to four flowers to play the part. Warp together the stems off the base flowers of the bouquet with floral tape, leaving four or five inches of stem visible below the tape.
  5. Fill Out the Bouquet – Starting adding flowers around the base. Think about mixing and matching colours and textures. Be careful not to make the bouquet too big. Use floral tape to attach the flowers you add to the base, always wrapping the tape around the bouquet at about the same point.
  6. Wrap the Bouquet With Tape and Ribbon – When you finish adding all the flowers you want, wrap the bouquet one last time with floral tape. The bouquet should be quite sturdy by this point. Finally, wrap the exposed floral tape with your ribbon, pinning the ribbon to the tape as you go.

That’s it! Your very own bridal bouquets are all done.
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