Why a “Club Fitting” Could be Just What Your Game Needs

Whether you are part of a men’s or ladies golf league or whether you have just begun playing the incredible game of golf, you may want to consider “club fitting” if you are keen to enhance your swing and accuracy. While many people worry that the process may be costly, there is no doubt that it is certain to make a massive difference to your game in the short and the long run. 

What Is “Club Fitting”?

Club fitting takes place when a person trained in this ‘art’ creates a set of clubs that is perfectly matched to your swing. When club fitting, the person responsible will look at every single part of the golf club and tailor it to suit you, including the head, lie angle and more. 

The Benefits

So, aside from being able to brag to your friends about your new personalized set of golf clubs, is “club fitting” really worth it? And, what exactly are the benefits? 

The answer is yes. Club fitting is definitely worth it – just as long as you think of yourself as a serious golfer who is going to enjoy and play the sport for a while to come. 

Ultimately, club fitting makes it easier for you to play at your best. Not only will you have a better grip and have a set of clubs perfectly suited to your height and swing, but you will also notice that the clubs ‘feel’ right in terms of their weight and how you are able to manoeuvre the ball. There is no denying that if the clubs that you are using have been specially customized to suit your needs and playing style, your game will improve!

Looking for more information about men’s and ladies golf leagues? And, do you want to know more about custom club fitting, such as where the best place to get fitted for golf clubs is? Perhaps you would like more details about the Royal Ashburn Golf Club’s golf deals and memberships? Whatever your query, do not hesitate to contact our team today! 


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