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How To Organize A Charity Golf Tournament – Part 2

In How To Organize A Charity Golf Tournament – Part 1, we told you about setting up a planning committee for your charity golf event, picking a date and golf course, and determining a budget.

Here are five more tips for running a golf tournament to support your favourite charity.

  1. Find Sponsors – Not only are you and your attendees interested in supporting a worthy cause, but many businesses like to have their name connected with charity events too. You can look for straight forward financial support, but also companies who want to donate prizes or gift certificates.
  2. Decide on a Tournament Format – You want to get as many golfers involved as possible, playing in a format that suits their abilities. The regular shotgun format, where each group of golfers starts their round on a different hole, is popular for tournaments. But it can be unfair if you have a significant number of inexperienced golfers. In that case, a Scramble of Best Ball tournament can level the playing field and make the event more enjoyable for everyone.
  3. Have Separate Contests Throughout the Day – Extra contests beyond just winning the tournament adds yet another level of enjoyment to the event. On the course, closest-to-the-hole and longest drive competitions are popular. But even before and after the the round of golf, events like silent auctions and raffle tickets. And don’t forget an awards ceremony to cap off the day.
  4. Promote Your Event – With all the other elements in place, you’re ready to promote your event. If the charity you support maintains an email list, that can be a good, inexpensive place to start. Social media (#YourEvent) can also help spread the word for little or no cost.
  5. Get Ready for the Day of the Tournament – No amount of planning will help if you’re not fully prepared to run the tournament when it actually takes place. Again, your host golf course should help you with this and it wouldn’t hurt to assign this responsibility to someone on your committee.

The Royal Ashburn Golf Club in Whitby is ideally located, equipped and prepared to make your charity golf event a rousing success.

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