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Foster Young Talent at a Leading Junior Golf Academy

Is your child showing a keen interest in sport? Perhaps he or she spends the afternoon watching The British Open or the PGA Championship with granddad over the weekend? Maybe you are looking for a way in which to encourage him or her to spend more time outdoors rather than perched in front of the gaming console? Either way, there is no better consideration than letting your child join a junior golf academy – just like the one at Royal Ashburn Golf Club!

What is a Junior Golf Academy? 

A junior golf academy is essentially a program that is focused on teaching young kids how to play the incredible game of golf. Not only does it introduce them to the basics (like how to swing, the different types of clubs, and so on), but it also encourages a life-long love for this unique sport – as well as for the great outdoors in general. In a day and age where technology and smart devices are everywhere you look and it is difficult to get your kids to make the most of the simplicity of their childhood, this opportunity is every parent’s dream. 

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Junior Golf Academy? 

The benefits of letting your child join a junior golf academy are practically endless. But, we highlight a few of the main ones below: 

It Offers the Opportunity to Make New Friends 

This is especially true for children who really love sports. Joining a junior golf academy provides them with the chance to meet other kids with similar interests and build lasting friendships. What could be better than finding a close friend with whom you can enjoy a game of golf whenever you want to? Who knows? Friendships like these could last a lifetime! 

It Allows Them to Bond with Family 

Most junior golf programs revolve around a child being coached by a professional and playing together with their peers. However, if the rest of the family is also made up of a few other keen golfers, teaching your child to play the game could lead to a number of new opportunities to bond and play together outside of their coaching sessions. Just think of all the hours of refreshing family fun spent out on the golf course working on your swing together!  

It Ensures That Kids Spend More Time Outdoors

The great outdoors is so underrated these days! Fresh air and a good dose of Vitamin D can work wonders for one’s health and mood. Plus, it is an important part of childhood. It encourages healthier habits and gets the kids away from the lure of technology – at least for a couple of hours at a time! 

It Teaches a Host of Skills 

Many people think that junior golf programs will only teach a child how to play golf, but the truth is that these programs do so much more than that. When learning how to play the game, your child is likely to pick up a variety of other useful skills along the way. For example, they will get better at working with numbers and will constantly be employing and improving their problem-solving skills. Never mind the fact that, as they practice and see a noticeable improvement in their game, their confidence and self-esteem are sure to get a hearty boost too!

Everyone Is Welcome 

Many other sports out there come with an air of exclusivity. Golf, on the other hand, is known to be a fun-filled sport that anyone can take part in. It is a top choice for men, women and children alike, and is played in countries all over the globe. Thanks to the diversity that can be seen within the golfing realm, your child is likely to develop a broader and more open-minded view of the world and all its people. It also obviously teaches the important lesson of ‘practice makes perfect’. 

It Encourages Self-Improvement 

Golf is an individual game, not a team sport. Many parents place a lot of emphasis on team sports so that their child can learn to work well together with their peers. While this is indeed important, we often forget just how essential it is to teach our kids to continue on a journey of improving themselves and their own unique skills. When playing golf, children will learn how to analyze their performance, picking out what they have done well and where they can do better. In doing this, they will also gradually develop helpful self-analysis skills, learn how to receive and deal with constructive criticism and ask for help and advice when they feel they need it. 

It Teaches Good Values 

Golf is traditionally a ‘gentleman’s’ sport. In other words, proper etiquette and values are the keys to playing a good game. Because of this fact, allowing your child to join a junior golf academy will open them up to lessons on how to treat others, as well as how to develop good sportsmanship, determination and patience. 

Golf Boosts Health and Wellness

Fresh air, plenty of exercise and lots of sunshine (do not forget the sunscreen!) – there are many reasons as to why golf is such a healthy part of a child’s lifestyle. While it may not be as intense on the body as some other sports, it is certain to improve a child’s core strength, posture and spinal support, as well as their overall flexibility and fitness. 

Golf Teaches Kids How to Handle Their Emotions

There is no denying that golf can be frustrating at times. When you miss that all-important putt despite focusing to the best of your ability, or when you hit an inaccurate shot, it can lead to a massive influx of difficult emotions. However, golfers learn how to cope with these emotions and handle them in a healthy way. In junior golf programs, kids will have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, deal with their ‘failures’ with grace, and use their challenges to their advantage in an effort to improve their game. All of this builds emotional intelligence and maturity which can be carried forth into their daily lives. 

Golf May Encourage Kids to Take Part in Other Healthy Activities

If your child starts to show potential on the golf course, they will undoubtedly grow into active intermediate golfers. This often includes adding a number of other healthy activities to their daily routine in an effort to further improve their golfing skills. These activities may include flexibility-enhancing Yoga, core-strengthening Pilates, general fitness and endurance in the form of walking, swimming or running, and strength training in the form of weightlifting.

It Helps with Weight Management

If your child is overweight and you are looking for a way in which to boost weight loss without putting a strain on his or her joints, then golf may be the answer. It offers a low-intensity workout and is so enjoyable it definitely will not even feel like a workout in the first place! Furthermore, golf is also known to teach kids about the importance of proper nutrition and this could lead to them making healthier meal and snack choices, especially as they get older and become more serious about their game. 

Golf is Safe 

Many parents flinch at the thought of their child getting a concussion when playing a rowdy football match, or breaking an arm or a leg in another type of rough-and-tumble sport. Much to their relief, golf is a non-contact sport that will hopefully never lead to a nasty injury. 

Golf is Fun 

Probably most importantly of all is the fact that your child is sure to have the time of their life when learning how to play golf! Our instructors really go the extra mile to make sure that all teaching sessions are fun, relaxed and memorable. 

Why the Royal Ashburn Golf Club Junior Golf Academy? 

The Royal Ashburn Golf Club junior golf academy is a great choice for kids of various ages. We offer junior camps, a junior league, as well as a junior intermediate program.

Junior Camps 

The junior camps are suitable for kids between the ages of 6 and 14 years. They cost $299 +HST and take place from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 12:00 pm over a three-week period. 

Junior League Golfing Program

The junior league is our ‘learn to play’ program and is reserved for children between 7 and 12 years old. It costs $299 +HST and takes place on Saturdays at 9:00 am and Thursdays at 5:30 pm. The program encompasses skill development around the game of golf as well as skills to develop the entire athlete including flexibility, hand-eye-coordination and nutrition. The 4 stage program allows juniors to learn, play and have fun with the game as they make their way through each stage. The program lasts six weeks and includes:

      • a weekly one-hour practice every Saturday at the Royal Ashburn Academy starting at 9 am
      • a weekly one-hour game night every Thursday at Royal Ashburn Golf Club starting at 5:30 pm

Junior Intermediate Golfing Program

Lastly, we also offer access to a junior intermediate golfing program. This program also lasts six weeks and has been specially designed for young golfers from 13 to 15 years old who already have experience on the golf course and want to further improve their game. It also costs $299 +HST and is designed and conducted by Dave Castellan, Director of Instruction, to provide structured coaching with a focus on core fundamentals. The six-week program includes:

      • Three 2-hour sessions on our range and short game area
      • Three 2-hour sessions on course instruction 
      • Full swing technique
      • Short game – putting, pitching, chipping and sand work
      • Video swing analysis
      • Fitness and nutrition
      • Golf course management and strategy
      • Illustrated teaching manual

There is a junior golf academy program at the Royal Ashburn Golf Club for everyone, whether your child is a total beginner or whether he or she has been playing for a while. Our goal is to transform passionate and dedicated young boys and girls into well-rounded golfers. 

Another reason to join the Royal Ashburn Golf Club junior golf academy programs is the fact that all instructors at the RA Golf Academy are trained and certified instructors and are PGA of Canada Golf Professionals.

Here at the Royal Ashburn Golf Club, we are passionate about golf. We believe that golf is a game that your children can play and enjoy for the rest of their lives – it certainly is not reserved for adults!  Not only does it promote a healthy and active lifestyle, but it also teaches core values such as honesty, integrity, patience, sportsmanship and more.

If you would like more information about the junior golf academy at the Royal Ashburn Golf Club or about junior golf camps in the Durham region, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Here is to healthier, happier children and growing gregarious little golfers! 

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