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The Royal Ashburn Golf Club welcomes you to our facility. We have put procedures in place to ensure the safety of our golfers and our staff. Prior to arrival, it is important that all visitors read below and familiarize themselves with our current safety plan. These safety measures have been put into place to protect yourself and each other. We are in this together. Lets enjoy the beauty of the game in a safe and positive environment.



It is mandatory that all tee-times be booked in advance either online or by phone (no walk-ins). We encourage one person to pay in advance for the booked tee-time, that would be greatly appreciated. Once you have booked your tee-time online, a pro-shop attendant will reach out to you for payment. This is part of our effort to enforce physical distancing.




Park and play. We ask that you please arrive no earlier than 20 minutes prior to your tee time booking which will allow us to easily monitor physical distancing and ensure a safe and positive environment for all our golfers. Upon arrival, you will be greeted from a safe distance by a friendly staff member who will direct you to staged areas (see below), provide you more information and answer any questions you may have.




As per Durham Region Health, as of Friday, July 10th face coverings/masks will be mandatory in Durham in commercial establishments — including retail and convenience stores; malls; enclosed farmers’ markets; libraries and community centres; and business offices open to the public. If you are entering our building, a face covering will be mandatory for or you will not be permitted to enter. Please remember, this only applies to inside our building which is why we encourage paying for your booked tee-time in advance. Outdoors, physically distancing rules and procedures still apply however masks/face coverings are not mandatory. 


In an effort to ensure golfers keep a safe distance from one another, you will be directed to our large putting green (#1) where you can warm up until you are instructed to proceed to the next area. At that time, you will move to the smaller putting green (#2) while you await to be directed to the forward tees (#3) on hole number one and get ready to tee off!


You can purchase pro shop merchandise through our online store to be picked up in our pro shop at a scheduled time, or leave us a note during the check out process if you would like your items ready prior to your tee time. Delivery to your home is also available for any items that are purchased from our online pro shop at an additional cost. Get all your golf needs in one place at great prices and be golf ready for this season.




Golf carts will be available (single rider), one golf cart per golfer at this time on a first come, first served basis for the purposes of physical distancing and sanitation. We have been mandated to only allow single riders out on golf carts. Therefore, a $5 surcharge has been applied to our regular cart rate which was based on double occupancy. Pull carts will also be availble to our golfers. All golf carts and pull carts are fully sanitized before and after each round to ensure cleanliness. We ask that you please remove any trash from your cart after your round to better help us maintain a sanitary environment for all.


Food and beverage will be available for purchase at our BBQ Hut located on our Patio just beside the first tee. Physical distancing will apply and areas for your safety will be outlined. We will also have beverage cart service available out on the course. Please ensure you keep the required physical distance from our staff if utilizing this service.






Your safety and the safety of our staff is our number one priority. Please keep in mind your own safety as well as the safety of others at all times. While out on the course, please make sure you maintain a safe distance (6 feet) from all playing partners and players.

We have pin lifters on all holes making it easy and safe to retrieve your ball using your putter after it goes into the hole. We have also removed all rakes from bunkers and all ball washers.


You will have access to our clubhouse where you can use our washroom facilities safely. Our on-course washrooms are also open and are cleaned and sanitized regularly as well. Please be aware to follow directional signage to ensure physical distancing from others while in our clubhouse.



Hand sanitizer stations will be available around our facility. We maintain the cleanliness of our facility regularly. Golf Carts and Pull Carts are fully sanitized before and after each round to ensure cleanliness. We ask that you please remove any trash from your cart after your round to better help us maintain a sanitary and healthy environment for all.


Same sanitation guidelines and measures are taken in our cabins as they are in our clubhouse. The following measures are taken before and after each cabin rental/stay:

  • Curbside Check-in
  • All hard surfaces are sanitized and sprayed with a disinfectant.
  • All sheets, towels and duvet covers are replaced after each use regardless of being used or not.
  • All bathroom surfaces, faucets, vanities, toilets etc. and floors are cleaned and sanitized.
  • Soft furniture is sprayed for stays shorter than 72 hours and cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Meal selections will be delivered to your cabin from menu provided.


Golf will raise our spirits and bring joy when we need it most. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated during these difficult times. We are excited to have you all back for another amazing golf season and look forward to a safe and enjoyable experience for all our golfers and our staff.




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