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Small but Spectacular Weddings!

Does a spectacular wedding have to be BIG to be amazing? Do I need to invite my Dads, brothers, cousins, nephews barber? During these uncertain times, we are staying positive and hopeful that things will be back to normal sooner than later. Unfortunately, there is always that voice in the back of our heads that tries to reason with the unknown. But that’s just it, we just don’t know. We can only prepare with the information we have in front of us right now. Our hope is that other venues continue to work with their couples, like we at Royal Ashburn Golf Club have been doing, to provide the best solutions without compromising our couples overall wedding vision.


One of the most challenging and most debated items on the wedding to-do list is the dreaded guest list. “Well if we invite Aunt Jill we have to invite cousin Marge.” “But, if we invite Aunt Jill and cousin Marge then we have to invite Uncle Alex, Aunt Bess and their kids.” Sound familiar? We’ve heard these conversations and most of us have lived them. We’ve heard the concerns of our couples and we’ve been working towards an alternative solution to try and relieve some stress. If a big wedding isn’t for you, and analyzing every grand detail just isn’t your style, that’s ok! For couples looking for a more intimate, unique, economical and adventurous wedding experience, we are proud to introduce the Ready-Set Wedding Package, smaller guest count, but mighty beautiful.


To provide an answer to the posed question above, does a wedding have to be BIG to be spectacular? Definitely not. The trend in smaller sized weddings such as Pop-Up Weddings and Micro-Weddings isn’t something new. It means more in the budget for celebrating your wedding day with the people who are closest to you. Or maybe using some of those savings towards a new house, a snazzier honeymoon, extra savings for well, saving! The point is, you’ll be saving money and celebrating what truly matters, love united. More intimacy, less planning and more time to enjoy your wedding celebration. When the time is right and you have worked with your wedding venue to coordinate all the details that bring your vision to life, it will be, what it should be, the most beautiful day of your lives.

Furthermore, we’d love the opportunity to work with you on creating a wedding day that speaks directly to who you are as a couple. For more information on our Ready-Set Wedding Package or any of our wedding packages, please reach out to our events team here at Royal Ashburn Golf Club. It would be our pleasure to help you create a truly magical wedding day, that you and your guests will remember always.



How to Plan a Christmas Winter Wonderland Wedding

It is the ‘sparkle’ season and the perfect opportunity to say ‘I do’ surrounded by stunning, snowy scenery. If you are planning a winter wonderland wedding, you will undoubtedly be wondering how to make it as special and memorable as it can possibly be. You will be investigating various Whitby wedding venues, thinking about colour schemes, and dreaming about the occasion. Here are three tips to keep in mind to ensure that your winter wedding is everything you hope it to be and more. 

The Colour Scheme 

Most brides who opt to have their wedding during winter will opt for a classic ice blue and white or silver colour scheme. Others who are combining their special day with the Christmas season may opt for more Christmas-y colours, like red, green and gold. However, it is your big day, so do not let traditions force you into selecting a colour scheme that you are not happy with. You can make anything work if you put a bit of effort into it! 

The Dress 

If you will be conducting your winter wedding outdoors, you will need to choose a wedding dress that provides extra warmth. One with sleeves is obviously a better selection than a sleeveless princess dress! Also, remember to pay attention to the fabrics used to make the dress. Silk mikado, faille, gabardine, brocade, moire and velvet are much warmer options to consider. 

The Wedding Venue

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a wedding venue for a winter wedding. Having said that, one of the best-loved Whitby wedding venues is that of the Royal Ashburn Golf Club. A Royal Ashburn wedding offers you the chance to maximize on the beautiful winter scenery, along with providing an indoor function venue for you to get the party started after you have exchanged rings and said ‘I do’. We offer winter wedding packages that cost as little as $99 per person, and we are able to accommodate up to 240 guests. 

Would you like to learn more about a golf course wedding at one of the finest Whitby wedding venues? Then get in touch with Royal Ashburn Golf Club today!

8 Tips for a Special Maid of Honor Speech for Sisters

Your sister’s wedding is a happy moment that’ll only happen once in your life. But, if you’re also your sister’s maid of honour, you have double duty. First, as the sister of the bride, you’re a natural choice to support the bride and groom in every way you can. But as maid of honour, you have more ‘official’ duties too. And a special maid of honour speech for sisters may be one of the most important.  

8 Tips for a Maid of Honour Speech For Your Sister’s Wedding

First, trust in yourself. A great speech comes from the heart and you’re uniquely qualified to do so for your sister. Here are some things to consider for a great wedding speech.

  1. Share Memories – Especially funny memories from when you were children, but also stories from school or when you socialized together.
  2. Tell How Your Sister Inspires You – Whether you’re a younger sister or older, mention ways and times that your sister got your admiration and appreciation for setting a good example.
  3. Reveal a Secret You Kept Together – It could be something you hid from your parents, or a secret nickname you had for each other.
  4. Include the Groom – Maybe with a funny story or say when you knew the groom was the right partner for your sister.

Other Bridesmaid Speech Tips

  1. Don’t Make it Too Long – In addition to needing to leaving time for other speeches, you don’t want your speech to be longer than the bride’s speech. Try to keep it to five minutes or less.
  2. Write a Good Introduction – Introduce yourself. Don’t presume everyone knows that you are the bride’s sister. Thank the bride for giving you the privilege of being the maid of honour. Also consider thanking the bridal party, and the families of the bride and groom.
  3. Avoid Embarrassing Stories – Even if it’s a funny memory you share with your sister, avoid telling a story that could embarrass her.
  4. End on a High Note – Make it a happy or upbeat story; offer best wishes for a life together to your sister and new ‘brother-in-law’, and toast the bride.

It’s natural to be nervous about making a speech as a bridesmaid for your sister’s wedding. One way to help calm them is to visit the wedding venue in Durham Region with your sister beforehand to familiarize yourself with the room and staff who are there to help you.

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3 Creative DIY Bridesmaid Gifts

Like you need one more item on your list of things to do before your wedding day. But some things are more important than others. Showing your wedding crew some special love is one of them, and these DIY bridesmaid gifts will help you do that in a very personal way.

Try these DIY Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

A gift is a great way to show your appreciation and commemorate your wedding day. A DIY gift makes it so much more personal and meaningful.

  1. A Personalized Makeup Bag – The can use this one for the big day, and forever after. Pack the bag with items you know they’ll use, or that you would like them to have. You can take it to whatever level you want, including items like skincare products, a monogrammed necklace or a handful of chocolates.

    You can just label the bag “Bridesmaid”, but if you want to make it totally personal, use calligraphy to write their name on the bag.

    If the makeup bag doesn’t work, you can try the same idea with a personalized jewelry box.

  2. Handcrafted Mugs – This one works well if you want to keep it quick and simple, yet give your ladies something you created just for them. Get a variety of plain white coffee mugs and some metallic sharpies. Use the sharpies to turn each mug into a personalized work of art for each member of the wedding party. It can be something as simple as polka dots, or you can take it wherever your imagination takes you.

  3. Glitter Champagne – If you want to give something decadent and different, this one will do the job nicely. All you need are some miniature bottle of champagne (or keep it sober with cider), spray glue and glitter. You can add to it as you like with a decorative straw and gift ribbons.

Want to check one more thing off your to-do list? Get in touch with us here at Royal Ashburn Golf Club and let us show you the most beautiful wedding venue in Durham Region!
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How To Make DIY Wedding Bouquets

Every bride and groom want to make their wedding extra special and unique. One of the best, least expensive and most affordable ways to do that is to make your own wedding bouquets.

Not only does it add a uniquely personal touch, but it can help you save money for other parts of your celebration.   

6 Steps to Creating Your Own Wedding Bouquets

First, they are your bouquets and you can do anything you like. The following step by step guide will help you learn a bit about flower arranging and how to put together a well designed bridal bouquet that will stay intact throughout the day.

  1. Get Your Flowers Together – If you have a favourite florist, or local grocery store, or even someone you know with a green thumb and a garden in bloom, they all can be sources for the flowers in your bouquet. Seasonal flowers can add even more unique character to the bouquet. You can choose colours to match your wedding colours or even the setting of the wedding (like if you choose a golf course wedding venue!).
  2. Organize a Work Space – Your kitchen is a great place, especially if you have lots of counter space. You’ll need clippers, floral tape, bouquet pins, a bouquet wrap (unlike the floral tape, this is seen by everyone, so it should look good and match your colours – ribbon always works), paper towels and a bucket or two of water.
  3. Prep the Flowers – Remove all the leaves from the stems, dethorn your roses and make sure to cut the stems to about the same length, you can adjust them later as needed.
  4. Start Arranging the Flowers – The first step is to think of a focal point as a base for the bouquet and choose two to four flowers to play the part. Warp together the stems off the base flowers of the bouquet with floral tape, leaving four or five inches of stem visible below the tape.
  5. Fill Out the Bouquet – Starting adding flowers around the base. Think about mixing and matching colours and textures. Be careful not to make the bouquet too big. Use floral tape to attach the flowers you add to the base, always wrapping the tape around the bouquet at about the same point.
  6. Wrap the Bouquet With Tape and Ribbon – When you finish adding all the flowers you want, wrap the bouquet one last time with floral tape. The bouquet should be quite sturdy by this point. Finally, wrap the exposed floral tape with your ribbon, pinning the ribbon to the tape as you go.

That’s it! Your very own bridal bouquets are all done.
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3 Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas That’ll Have Them Screaming I DO!

You just got an unforgettable marriage proposal from your favourite person in the world. Now it’s time to start planning for the big day, including your golf course wedding venue! But first, you need to make some very important proposals of your own.

Make sure your besties are by your side to support you on your wedding day with these perfect bridesmaid proposal ideas.

Check Out These Creative Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids

Yes, your bridal party is an important part of your special day. But when you ‘pop the question’ to your future bridesmaids in a special way, you show them how important they are to you too.

  1. Give a Gift Box – Bridesmaid proposal boxes are a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for them taking part in your celebration. Pack personalized gift boxes filled with wedding-themed items like nail polish, hair ties and maybe a sweet treat. Top it off with a personal, handwritten note from you asking them the big question.
  2. Have a Wine Night – You’ve shared lots of good times, so why not make proposal night another great memory with just you and your crew. It can be drunk at your place or take it up a notch with a wine tasting event. In any case, after the ‘openers’, you can present each of your ladies with a custom-labelled wine bottle asking them to be part of the wedding party.
  3. Go for One-on-One Coffee Dates – You might want to do this for your maid of honour in any case. But you can make everyone in your party feel special by taking each of out for a quiet coffee date to ask the question. If you want to make it extra special, get custom made mugs or ask the barista beforehand to add your personal message to the cup.

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Do I Need A Wedding Planner?

Many engaged couples look forward to planning their wedding day. At least they do until they realize everything involved in the planning process. Still, many brides and grooms don’t consider hiring a wedding planner, even after they start butting heads on all the decision making. But if you’re falling behind in your planning, or you feel some professional tips would help, the answers to the following little questions will help you answer the big question of “do I need a wedding planner?”

How to Decide if You Need a Wedding Planner

Hiring a professional full-service planner can actually save you a lot of time, money and make the whole process more stress-free. If you still need convincing, the answers to the following questions might help.

  1. Do You Already Have a Venue? Reserving a venue for your ceremony and reception should be the first thing you do after your engagement. If you haven’t done so and time is ticking, a planner can help.
  2. Do You Have Family Members and/or Friends to Help You? If not, prepare yourself for more decisions and planning than you ever thought possible.
  3. Do You and Your Future Spouse Both Work Full-Time? That will put lots of pressure on your weekends and may even make it impossible to meet with some vendors who are only available on weekdays.
  4. Are You Planning a Destination Wedding? Planning a local wedding is much less complicated than remote planning for a far-away destination.
  5. Do You Know People Who Can Recommend Various Wedding Services? From photographers to limousine services, it’s a chore to find reliable sources without recommendations.

Royal Ashburn Golf Club is not only the premier golf course wedding venue in Durham Region, you also get the services of our professional wedding planner who will help you plan your big day from the moment you call to when you drive away on your honeymoon.

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DIY Wedding Favour Ideas for 2019

If your wedding day is coming up in 2019, we hope your plans are well underway. Of course, some of the things on your ‘to-do list’ are a priority, like finding a wedding venue in Durham Region.

But showing your friends and family how much you appreciate them is important too. Wedding favors are a great way to do just that. To send your guests home with fond memories of the big day, in a budget-friendly way, check out the DIY wedding favour ideas we’ve assembled for you.

4 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas for 2019

Not only are DIY wedding favors more affordable, but your wedding guests will love something you made just for them. They are also something the bride and groom can do together as they get ready for the special day.

  1. Infused Oil – This is one of the easiest and most unique DIY wedding favours. You’ll need to buy some mini bottles and olive oil in bulk. Fill the bottles with the olive oil and infuse them with the herb of your choice, like chilli peppers, rosemary or thyme. Finally, add your personal labels.
  2. Naughty Hot Chocolate – This one is a sweet treat that can help your guest stay warm at a winter wedding. Add some hot chocolate powder and marshmallows to a mason jar and attach a miniature bottle of your favourite drink.
  3. Homemade Jam – Who doesn’t love jam?! Even if you’ve never done it before, it’s relatively easy to make jam in bulk. Just put the jam in small jars, add your special label and you’re done.
  4. Seed Packets – This is the wedding favour that keeps on growing. Use your imagination to decorate small paper bags or envelopes to hold the seeds. Don’t forget to include the growing instructions!

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3 Tips for Planning a Better Golf Course Wedding

Rule number one when planning a golf course wedding, or any wedding, is to start as soon as possible. We are always so disappointed to get calls from anxious brides and grooms who are trying to plan the wedding of their dreams, but they didn’t start early enough.

But there are many parts of planning a golf course wedding that you may not have to consider for a normal wedding. The good news is that they are not necessarily added responsibilities. The following are just some ways to take advantage of a beautiful golf course setting and the amenities the golf club has to offer.

1. Plan Your Photography

If you’re in the midst of planning a wedding right now, you are probably all consumed by it. And you will be until you say “I do!” But when it’s all over, what will you have left? The memories and the photographs.

Golf courses offer stunning backdrops for all your wedding photography, including the ceremony, after the ceremony and at the reception. It can help your photographer get even better shots by being able to see the venue before your wedding day. Better yet, and one way to strike one thing off your wedding planning ‘to do’ list is to ask the golf course to recommend photographers who have taken wedding pictures at the course before.

2. Think About Your Guests

First, pick a golf course that doesn’t take forever to get to. And you can fine-tune your golf course wedding to your guests in lots of other ways too.

Are there golfers on your invitation list? One way to make your day extra special is including the option to play a round of golf on the course where you hold your wedding.

3. Find a Course that Specializes in Weddings

You can arrange to get married at almost any golf course. But some courses have outdoor chapel-like settings specifically for wedding ceremonies. And if you want to check a whole bunch of items off the to-do list, choose a golf course that offers a dedicated wedding planner. You won’t regret it.

Royal Ashburn has been helping couples  celebrate their marriage for over 30 years, Checkout this stunning photograph on Instagram from a recent ceremony. Then contact us to start planning your beautiful wedding ceremony and reception.

8 Gorgeous Golf Course Weddings at Royal Ashburn

Spring and summer aren’t just golf season, they’re golf course wedding season too. Many people are surprised to learn that for three generations the Royal Ashburn Golf Club has helped brides and grooms celebrate their love and union in the unique beauty of a golf course setting.

And the setting is just the first feature of a wedding at Royal Ashburn. From your choice of landscaped bridal gardens for an outdoor ceremony, to beautifully appointed reception rooms and complete catering services for weddings of all sizes, everything you need for a dream wedding is right here at Royal Ashburn.

Here are just a few gorgeous weddings and receptions held here at Royal Ashburn to give you an idea of how you can celebrate your nuptials.

Montana & Lucas

Spring time golf course weddings | Royal ashburn golf course

When your engagement photos were shot at a conservation area. The setting of your wedding better turn it up a notch on the natural setting. Our beautiful Cedars Garden provided the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

Jaycé & Brady

 Winter golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

Not all weddings can happen in warm months. But a snow-covered setting can be be just as beautiful. You can schedule your wedding year-round at Royal Ashburn.

Jake & Laura 

Golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

The rain held off for Jake and Laura’s outdoor wedding ceremony at Royal Ashburn. The clouds and pink blooms made for a dramatic backdrop for photos on our beautifully manicured grounds.

Gerry & Monica 

Golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

June has been the preferred month for weddings since Roman times. A little more recently, Gerry and Monica enjoyed a perfect June day. For the outdoor wedding ceremony and indoor reception at Royal Ashburn.

Sarah & Mike 

 Outdoor golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

We talked about enjoying year-round wedding celebrations at Royal Ashburn and September is no exception. Just ask Sarah and Mike.

Valene & Kyle 

Beautiful chapel for golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

A picturesque setting for your wedding is just one benefit of holding your ceremony and reception at Royal Ashburn. Having everything in one place, from a wedding garden. To stunning settings for your wedding photography and well-appointed reception rooms. This gives you more time to enjoy your special moment, instead of travelling all over town.

Camille & Rob 

Golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

The colour green was present throughout this beautiful ceremony. From the beautiful green bridesmaids dresses, set against the natural greenery of a golf course, to the colour scheme for the reception.

Brian & Jacqueline 

Sunset golf course weddings | Royal Ashburn golf club

Imagine celebrating your union with your family and friends among the trees, flowers and beautifully maintained grounds here at Royal Ashburn. Brian and Jacqueline did, and then they made it happen.

If you would like to learn more about enjoying your special day in the special setting of a golf course wedding ceremony here at Royal Ashburn, get in touch with us today.


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