Thanksgiving Dinner at Royal Ashburn

Join us for Thanksgiving Dinner Service

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and what better way to spend quality time with family and friends than
over a delicious meal. Even better when it’s one you don’t have to prepare yourself!
The culinary masterminds at Royal Ashburn have put together a mouth-watering menu for you to enjoy, solo
or with loved ones, right here in Butler’s Pub & Grill. 

Friday, October 6th

Saturday, October 7th
Sunday, October 8th

Seatings are available each day after 4PM.

Reservations are required. To make a reservation, please email
with your name, preferred date and time, number of guests, and phone number.

We look forward to hosting you!

Weddings, To Postpone or Not Postpone?

That is the question couples who have been engaged during the pandemic have been asking themselves. There is a tremendous amount of stress on couples, their families, and the entire events industry. No one planned for a pandemic. It’s not something you think of during your planning process, “OK but also, what do we do if there’s a pandemic?” When couples are engaged they live in that moment of exhilaration and bask in all the emotions of spending their future with this amazing person they love wholeheartedly. So what happens now?


Up and Down and All Around

It’s now 2021 and you have been engaged for over a year. Possibly only a couple of months or maybe just recently! You may have also updated your guest count – well, more times than you can count or wish to recall. There’s no doubt that it has been an emotional journey and although your plans may have changed (many times) it’s important to hold on to the feelings from that moment you said “YES!” Remember, this day is still YOUR day! Whether you want to postpone it or say “LET’S JUST DO IT” it will be the most epic day of your lives. If it’s most important to stay true to your vision, then you should stick with your gut feeling. Don’t forget to find a venue that has been accommodating and developing creative ways for couples to tie the knot. Things change quickly. You want to find a location that will be accommodating to these changes.


At Royal Ashburn Golf Club we have been working with our couples throughout this pandemic
to make their wedding dreams come true.


That’s Trendy

If you’re wondering how couples have been choosing to celebrate their wedding day, we can tell you! We have seen no shortage of unique and extremely beautiful celebrations. From backyard ceremonies, to venues hosting wed-now and party-later options, to live action combo weddings with immediate family onsite and the rest of the guests present virtually. Your best bet is to speak with a wedding or events manager. Get all the details on all the possibilities with current restrictions in place. They will be your best guide to make your wedding day not only finally come to fruition, but be truly spectacular no matter the circumstances. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that dreams really can come true when you have the right people by your side.


Royal Ashburn Golf Club – Outdoor Wedding & Events Space

Royal Ashburn Golf Club has been busy building opportunities to continue celebrations safely and comfortably with a new large outdoor events space. This event space was created to provide a way to continue supporting celebrations by creating an outdoor environment and event space where guests feel safe, comfortable and can really enjoy the celebration. The 40’ x 80’ outdoor tent is 3200′ of spectacular outdoor covered space that can accommodate weddings and special events of up to 250 guests (100 socially distanced with a dance floor). Surrounded by beautiful gardens this outdoor space makes the perfect location for outdoor bridal showers, ceremonies and wedding receptions.


Building opportunities for Outdoor Celebrations.
Outdoor Wedding & Special Events Space at Royal Ashburn Golf Club.



More about Royal Ashburn Golf Club and our  Wedding Packages can be found on our website. We’d be happy to answer any questions regarding this post or any questions or concerns you may have in regards to wedding planning during the pandemic. Take care!


Being Engaged During a Pandemic


2020 was quite a year for engagements, wedding ceremonies and receptions. As an event venue, we found it extra special and endearing to listen to our couples engagement stories and what it’s like being engaged during a pandemic. The more they spoke about their experiences, the deeper in love we fell as their stories brought with them hope and light during darker times.

The pandemic has had us all re-evaluate how to run our businesses safely and successfully during these uncertain times. In an effort to ensure the safety of the public and help curve the spread of COVID-19, government authorities insisted all banquet halls and event venues restrict the number of guests for events, forcing venues to develop creative ways to preserve their livelihood.


Many event venues shifted their efforts into the development of outdoor spaces, smaller event spaces and focused on micro style weddings and mini ceremonies. The basic thought process here was, what can we do to help our couples move forward with their wedding dates without compromising their overall wedding vision and experience? After all, this was (is) one of the most important days for any couple. It’s the beginning of the rest of their lives together and that is something to be celebrated. 


We at Royal Ashburn Golf Club created wedding packages to suit the needs and wants of our couples




So as newly engaged couples, where do you start? First we say, start by enjoying it. Couples often forget to stop and enjoy their engagement before diving into the wedding planning process. By all means, share your announcement through virtual experiences! Share your love and excitement with the world through social media platforms, we could all use more positivity and we will definitely be celebrating along with you, but don’t forget to share special moments together and celebrate with each other. Talk to each other over dinner, take some time think about being engaged, think about what that means to you both and live in that amazing feeling before hitting up that to do list.


When you’re both ready to begin planning, we recommend starting with the guest-list. Decide the number of people you want celebrating this beautiful day with you, that will help set the stage for future decisions including timing and venue choices. Notice we said want? Not how many you can have. Times have changed due to unprecedented circumstances but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise your wedding vision to adhere to someone else’s plan or standards but most of all, don’t stress the things you can’t control and focus on the things you can.


If you’re working with a wedding planner or a wedding venue, make sure to voice your concerns, wants and must haves from the get-go and find out if your venue is willing to be flexible with all things considered. Remember this is your day and you get to decide as a couple what is most important. Is it the amount of people that celebrate this day with you? Is it the intimate experience of marrying your best friend surrounded by close family? Perhaps an elopement at your nearest chapel or a quick trip to City Hall? It is during these most uncertain times that positive direction is most desired and that love truly does conquer all. So whatever direction you happen to deem right for your wedding day, make sure you enjoy every minute of it! 




More about Royal Ashburn Golf Club and our  Wedding Packages can be found on our website. We’d be happy to answer any questions regarding this post or any questions or concerns you may have in regards to wedding planning during the pandemic. Take care!


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